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APRIL 20th

BOOK BLURB: A stunning story of Holy Week through the eyes of a Roman centurion

Watch the triumphal entry of the donkey-riding king through the eyes of Marcus Longinus, the centurion charged with keeping the streets from erupting into open rebellion.

Look behind the scenes at the political plotting of King Herod, known as the scheming Fox for his ruthless shrewdness.

Get a front-row seat to the confrontation between the Jewish high priest Caiaphas and the Roman governor Pontius Pilate.

Understand as never before the horror of the decision to save a brutal terrorist in order to condemn the peaceful Jew to death.

If you've heard the story of Passion Week so often it's become stale, now is the time to rediscover the terrible events leading from Jesus's humble ride into the city to his crucifixion. The Soldier Who Killed a King will stun you afresh with how completely Christ's resurrection changed history, one life at a time.

ABOUT AUTHOR: David Kitz is a Bible dramatist, an award-winning author, a convention speaker and a retired public school teacher. For over twenty-five years, he has served as an ordained minister with the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada.

David has a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies, in addition to Bachelor’s degrees in both Arts and Education. His love for drama and storytelling is evident to all who have seen his Bible-based performances. For several years now, he has toured across Canada and into the United States with a variety of one-man plays for both children and adults. Though born and raised in Saskatchewan, David now lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife Karen. They have two adult sons, Timothy and Joshua.



1. I went to a Maundy Thursday event this week. Hadn't been before. It was fascinating. How do you celebrate the last super Jesus had with his disciples?

2. Went to a Good Friday service last night. They had all the stations of the cross and things to remember. I haven't seen that before. What do you remember doing as a kid on Good Friday?

3. What was your favorite childhood vacation? What made it so special?

4. What is your favorite adult vacation? What made it your favorite?



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I remember stores being closed over the noon hour/afternoon so people could go to church. We had school off at least in the afternoon too. 

No need to throw my name in the hat for this book. I have a copy and am reading it.

Thanks for stopping by Anne! I'm glad you've had a chance to read this book!

My favorite adult vacation was when my husband and I took our HS sophomore daughter on a train trip across Canada, culminating in Nova Scotia and a full week in PEI researching all things Lucy Maud Montgomery. 

That sounds like so much fun San! It must have been very beautiful too!

We didn’t do anything special on Good Friday when I was growing up. My parents didn’t attend church. I caught a ride each Sunday with my next door neighbor. Today I reflect on what Christ went through physically and emotionally on that day and am so thankful that he loved me that much.

I didn't go to church regularly when I was growing up either. But my parents did go to church on Christmas and Easter.

Favorite adult vacation was a cross country trip that we took with our children. We spent three weeks and went from coast to coast together.

Oh, wow, Great fun and wonderful memories for sure!

Favorite adult vacation is when my husband and I went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We went to Cade’s Cove, and Dolly Wood, saw Trisha Yearwood in concert, went to Gatlinburg, explored some hiking trails. Tennessee is such a beautiful state. I hope we can go back one day.

That sounds like a wonderful time. My friend just went to Dolly Wood she said it was lots of fun!

My favourite adult vacation - we bought a very old RV and made a cross-country trip east to celebrate my mom's 80th birthday. The best part was, we had our 3 girls, two in their early teens and one preteen, with us, and they had a blast. We stopped a lot along the way, any time we saw something that looked interesting. We also stopped at my childhood home on an island on the north shore of Lake Huron. It was a wonderful trip that we all still remember with fondness and laughter.

Fun times! Thanks for sharing!


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