BACK COVER: She needs a place to hide—he needs a woman’s touch

Rand Stafford isn't looking for true love. He'd ridden that trail until his fiancée left him with a shattered heart. What he needs now is a wife to help him care for his orphan nieces. Desperate, he sends an advertisement to a Baltimore newspaper and hopes for the best.

Fleeing her former employer who would use her to further his unlawful acts, a newspaper advertisement reads like the perfect refuge to Carly Blair. The idea of escaping the city, the intrigue, and the danger to hide herself on a cattle ranch in Kansas is her best shot for freedom. 

But its sanctuary comes with a price—a husband. While marrying a man she doesn't know or love means sacrificing her dreams, it's better than being caught by the law.

ABOUT AUTHOR:  Scribbling in notebooks has been a habit of Cindy Regnier since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Born and raised in Kansas, she writes stories of historical Kansas, especially the Flint Hills area where she spent much of her childhood. Cindy is married to her husband of 36 years, has two grown sons, a son residing in heaven, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and a beautiful daughter-in-law-to-be.

A graduate of Kansas State University with a dual major in Agriculture and Business, Cindy works for her local school district as clerk of the board of education and is active in her church and community. Her experiences with the Flint Hills setting, her natural love for history, farming and animals, along with her interest in genealogical research give her the background and passion to write heart-fluttering historical romance.

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1. Tell a story about being pleasantly surprised. When you thought something was going to be awful, but it turned out to be a positive thing.

2. Name the strangest thing that ever happened to you? What made it so strange?

3. List the top three people you'd like to meet (alive or dead)? Why would you like to meet with them? What would you do?

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Abigail in the Bible. She is my hero.  

 Florence Nightingale, she was a pioneer in nursing. I would love to sit with her and compare notes. :)

Corrie ten Boom.  I want just a thimble full of her faith and wisdom. 

Hi Carrie. Wow, I don't know how you top a list like that. Wouldn't it be great to sit and talk with them? perhaps we will some day. Good luck in the drawing.

I know when we get to heaven we will want to worship God eternally, but I also can't wait to talk to some of the heroes of the faith.  Can you imagine?!?!

I can't say I thought it would be awful but I sure was nervous and afraid for the week I had to volunteer for a church trip. I'm an introvert and that is out of my comfort zone. It ended up being the most rewarding and fulfilling time of my life and has made me want to step out m ore often!

You and I get each other, Susan. No matter how wonderful that thing you gotta do is, if it's outside the comfort zone, nerves are sure to abound. And afterward, you're glad you did it but also kind of glad it's over - right? Thanks for sharing about it with us.

Yup! You nailed it. Always glad it is over (so I can recover), but happy it happened. :) 

I would like to meet a Pearl S Buck as she was related through my grandma on my dad’s side of the family, Mother Teresa to teach me how to more humble and kind, and Corrie Ten Boom to teach me how to be more content and more forgiving. 
Thank you for the chance.

Hi Lucy - wow, related to Pearl S. Buck? That's so cool. And who wouldn't want to chat with Mother Teresa or Corrie ten Boom. A wealth of wisdom in those two women. Good luck in the drawing.


Ummm these are my Top three for today.

Jesus Christ idk if i met Him already but in case I haven't well I have LOTS of questions.

Maya Angelou because she speaks so much faith and soul and truth.

Ellen Degenneres....I like she is so loving, caring and upbeat. I'd like to know how she is in person. If she's the same.

Wow, Sabrina! Going for the top and what an interesting combination! I sure hope you get your wish. No one more important than Jesus and He's got all the answers to those tough questions. Good luck in the drawing.

3. love to meet with classic authors from the past, steinbeck, hemmingway and not sure of another. i would love to just sit down and be among their circle as they discuss writing and learn how they wrote and what they wrote about.

Hi Julie! Wouldn't that be a great experience? How about J.R.R. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis for that third choice? That would be a conversation I wouldn't want to miss.


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