BACK COVER: She needs a place to hide—he needs a woman’s touch

Rand Stafford isn't looking for true love. He'd ridden that trail until his fiancée left him with a shattered heart. What he needs now is a wife to help him care for his orphan nieces. Desperate, he sends an advertisement to a Baltimore newspaper and hopes for the best.

Fleeing her former employer who would use her to further his unlawful acts, a newspaper advertisement reads like the perfect refuge to Carly Blair. The idea of escaping the city, the intrigue, and the danger to hide herself on a cattle ranch in Kansas is her best shot for freedom. 

But its sanctuary comes with a price—a husband. While marrying a man she doesn't know or love means sacrificing her dreams, it's better than being caught by the law.

ABOUT AUTHOR:  Scribbling in notebooks has been a habit of Cindy Regnier since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Born and raised in Kansas, she writes stories of historical Kansas, especially the Flint Hills area where she spent much of her childhood. Cindy is married to her husband of 36 years, has two grown sons, a son residing in heaven, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and a beautiful daughter-in-law-to-be.

A graduate of Kansas State University with a dual major in Agriculture and Business, Cindy works for her local school district as clerk of the board of education and is active in her church and community. Her experiences with the Flint Hills setting, her natural love for history, farming and animals, along with her interest in genealogical research give her the background and passion to write heart-fluttering historical romance.

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BLANKET DESCRIPTION : It is a white, full size fleece type blanket with the first few chapters of Mail-Order Refuge printed on it in light purple script.

1. What do you take most for granted in your life that you'd like to appreciate more?

2. If you have a long commute to work, what luxury would you give up to have a shorter one? 

3. Who do you think taught you to celebrate life when you were growing up, and how?

4. If we entered the space race where do you think we should go? (moon again, mars, somewhere else) Why?

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My mom was great about celebrating all the ordinary things in life and making them extraordinary. I want my kids to remember me that way too ...

Wow, Cheri - simple statement but so powerful! I also hope I can exemplify that to my kids, but it's so easy to fail. Carly, the heroine in Mail-Order Refuge wanted the same thing, but felt like she was failing. I am convinced God blesses our children through us as parents even when we don't quite measure up. How cool is that? I really enjoy your books and they bless me! Thanks a bunch!

My dad taught me at a young age to celebrate life. He had Parkinson's disease, and went downhill....still, he didn't complain....he kept going with us on family outings even if he knew it would be hard on him or he'd have to wait in the car. He didn't let the Parkinson's get in the way of living life to the fullest.

What a legacy your father exemplified to you! Hi Susan. Kind of inspires you to do the same, doesn't it? Disease and sickness can ravage our bodies but it cannot take away our spirit and joy unless we let it. So glad you had a dad like that in your life. Thank you for your support of Mail-Order Refuge!

3. I think my Mom taught me to look for the fun in life. Since her stroke took her words, she still celebrates life by giving hugs to everyone she knows and is a constant source of joy to those around her. Her favorite line when we were kids was, "No one should EVER be bored!" She taught us all that life is a joy!

I love that line! How much greater to have too much you want to do than be bored with not enough. Hi Pam. I'm glad Your mom influenced you in such a positive way. And how inspiring that she can still be joyful after suffering such a debilitation. Your mom sounds like a woman we could all learn some lessons from. Thanks for sharing about her and for your support of Mail-Order Refuge!

I take for granted where I have lived for all my life. There are many things to see and do yet we seem to always, out of habit and convenience, do the same things. It would be fun to explore our city more. Thank you for entering me into this contest. The book sounds like a great read!♡

Hi Janice. Agreed. There are places in the area I live that people from great distance come here to visit, yet I have never been there. That should be rectified! One of the areas near my home is the Kansas Flint Hills and I do visit there regularly. SO beautiful. I love it so much I made it the setting for my book Mail-Order Refuge. Thanks so much for your support and go explore!

1. I'd have to say my health - I don't have many issues at all and just go through my day dealing with my kiddos and homeschooling, etc. But I don't often think about how nice it is to be able to not have to think about my health because all is ok.  

You and me both, Susan. So many people have health issues, those of us relatively free from them are greatly blessed. Health is something we shouldn't take for granted but many do, including me sometimes. Hoping you continue with this blessing of good health and being thankful for it. Thank you so much for your support of Mail-Order Refuge!

I think sometimes I take my freedom for granted and then as I tune out of my busy world and into the real world I know we are unique, we are special and we are free in this country. And I hope to see that continue for my grandchildren and beyond. This country fought for freedom and then it became a comfort and after that just a way of life. A way that could go away. Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: Greater Expectations

Hi Jacqueline. True -that! My family runs a fireworks stand to fund a public fireworks show every year on Independence Day as a celebration of freedom. We are always sure to remind folks of the great blessing of freedom, but those of us who haven't endured the hardships of gaining that freedom can't possibly appreciate it as much as those who have. . THANK YOU SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN and their families for your sacrifice! Thanks for sharing this Jacqueline.


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