LOVE To Hear from you!

PLEASE Introduce yourself and tell us what you like to read.

I will pick the first book. I will also have a voting page up for the next four months. This will allow everyone to read the book if you check it out of the library. 

It will also allow us time to get with the author and their schedule for a FB "live" event to discuss their book.

Let me know if you have any questions!

I'm excited to get to know you!

This is the link to the face-to-face book club I ran in the book store I worked at.

Hit VIEW ALL and you can see pictures from those meetings.

FYI - Authors Please Do not Talk about your books here.

There are other places to do that. This is a place to get to know the READERS in this group. THANK YOU!

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Oh, Jennifer; That would be WONDERFUL!! I'm sure everyone in this group would appreciate the notice! THANK YOU!

I'm  retired after a forty year career in sales and sales management with several fortune 500 companies. I currently live  on Lake Lanier with my wife Susan and four-footed son Harley.

Enjoy anything by Baldacci/Patterson/Grisham!

Welcome Keith;

I'm thrilled that you are here. My daughter lives in Gainesville/very close to you. Thanks for sharing your favorite authors. I can see that your favorite genre is Action Adventure. I like that too!

Hi, my name is Jolene.  I enjoy reading Christian fiction, especially Christian romance.  I do not care for anything scary, though suspense is okay. Some of my favorite authors are Francine Rivers, Charles Martin, Connilyn Cossette, Laura Frantz, and Susan may warren.  I’m looking forward to reading books and discussing them with fellow book lovers! 

Welcome Jolene; I'm with you on the scary thing. I'm chicken little for sure! Grin! I enjoy these authors too! Blessings! If you check the page before this one you'll see our first Book Club Pick! Grin!

My name is Ginger and I have the privilege of leading one of the book clubs Nora started. I love to read historical fiction especially WWII and I like suspense. I like a love interest in a story but don't care for sappy romance.

Ginger Aster

Sugar Hill, GA

Hi, Ginger, WONDERFUL to see you here. I'm excited about you being here. It's a treat I get to see you in person and her! Hooray!

Hello, I'm Terrill and I'm a voracious reader like many of those already here.  I'm not currently in any kind of book club, but have been itching to get into one more recently.  Maybe it's the season of life my friends and I are in, but I haven't found a good number of those who are interested in committing to a book club at this point in time.  Fortunately, we now have social media and I find that there are an endless number of online "friends" who love talking books.  I read a little bit of everything, but always like a strong faith thread and at least a little bit of romance to drive the story.  Women's fiction with romantic subtleties are a favorite.  I stay away from anything "dark" or creepy.  Even Christian romantic suspense can get a little too dark for me.  Although, I will read it if I'm well-informed of the content.  I've had Brentwood's Ward on my bookshelf for some time and I'm excited to have incentive to finally read it.  Sometimes, if I own a physical copy of a book, I find it easy to put it off and pick up what I find more pressing picks - like library books, etc.  Thank you, Nora, for starting this.  :) 

Welcome Terrill; I'm so glad you are here.  How funny that Brentwood's Ward has been in your TBR pile. I'm thrilled to hear that. By everyone's comments here I think we are a group that LOVES to read CHRISTIAN FICTION! Hooray! I'm excited about the beginning of something fun!

I'm Meagan,

I love reading mostly Christian fiction and non-fiction. As far as genres go I love Speculative Fiction, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Historical fiction and non-fiction, Suspense, clean Steampunk (not easy to find many of).

I work full time at my local library (10 years) and do all the cataloging, processing, interlibrary loans, supply orders, large print ordering, and work out on the front desk helping people when they come into the library. I'm also on the Bibliographic and Standards committee for the area Library System (50 libraries in 10 counties of North Western Central Wisconsin - yes it is a mouthful) - in other words, help make rules and go over the procedures needed to catalog library materials. A whole lot of coding so people can find books, music, movies and such in the online card catalog.

I also run a Book Club at my local library that has been meeting once a month since September 2014. It is a themed book club so there are a variety of titles and genres that can be read each month. This year we are "Traveling the world one book at a time" so for July our meeting we are reading books that are about Asia - so I'm reading one of Alana Tery's books that is about Korea and I'm planning on a non-fiction book about China. Everyone likes this format because if they don't like one book they can pick a different one.

When not working I spend a whole lot of time reading and reviewing books. I live on a small 40-acre farm that is home to a variety of animals - horses (11), goats (10), Guinea pigs(2), parakeets(4), dogs (12-Dachshund, 1-Dachshund/Basset mix, and 2-Labs), cats (6), and 1 old goose. (23 years).

It is funny I have Brentwood's Ward to read I purchased it a couple of months ago because I had read another book by this author "The Innkeeper's Daughter" that referenced the characters so I had to get it.

Wow Meagan; I find your work and book club fascinating. I look forward to hearing from you in our book club discussions. Exciting to hear about your book club "Traveling the World One Book at a Time:" Fun! Thanks for telling us about your farm and your animal friends. Grin!

Have you heard of Michelle Levign? I think she writes steampunk. 


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