LOVE To Hear from you!

PLEASE Introduce yourself and tell us what you like to read.

I will pick the first book. I will also have a voting page up for the next four months. This will allow everyone to read the book if you check it out of the library. 

It will also allow us time to get with the author and their schedule for a FB "live" event to discuss their book.

Let me know if you have any questions!

I'm excited to get to know you!

This is the link to the face-to-face book club I ran in the book store I worked at.

Hit VIEW ALL and you can see pictures from those meetings.

FYI - Authors Please Do not Talk about your books here.

There are other places to do that. This is a place to get to know the READERS in this group. THANK YOU!

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I'll go first I currently work at a library (the busiest one in the state of GA) Before that I worked at a book store for 10 years. There with the encouragement of my boss and co-workers I started two face-to-face book clubs. I did that for 8 years. At the same time I was a co-leader then the leader of a on-line book club. I did that for a total of 5 years.

When I left the book store the club I ran split up in 4 different groups. I've been part of one of the groups. I've been wanting to start a book club on-line for a long time.  I'm SO EXCITED that there had been such a good turn out and interest.

PLEASE TELL ME A little bit about yourself and What you LIKE TO READ. What you don't care for.

I will read pretty much any Christian Fiction genre. I don't do super scary, super violent or super straight up romance story. I like the romantic suspense. This will be a FICTION Book Club. Everyone now and then we will read a non-fiction story . I did that with the book club I ran.  Grin!

LOOKING FORWARD to getting to know you and what you like to read!

I really enjoying reading well written books that are touching and thought provoking and uplifting.  I like fiction, biographies and non-fiction books if they fit the bill.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sandy Byrd

Simpsonville, KY

Wonderful to see you here Sandy. I know we will read at least one non-fiction book sometime in the near future. Grin!  I'm with you on the touching, thought provoking inspiring reads. It doesn't get any better than that. Grin!


I forgot to mention that I like allegories, too.My husband is an avid Librivox listener and shares some great books with me, as well. Honestly, though I like reading best.

I am excited about being part of this group and I am looking forward to reading the selection.

Sandy Byrd

THANKS for sharing that fun fact Sandy. I didn't always like reading but since I ran a book club and worked at a book store I'm all about it. I'm THRILLED you a and the rest of the ladies are here too. Several more emailed me they should be arriving soon! Grin! 

Love to read and usually listen to books on tapes from national library service.  usually when i am doing that I am knitting for charity, either local or far away projects. there's not much i don't like to read-sci fic, horror, will read some thrillers.

i like to be taken to a new location to me and learn about the area. i love to learn a new thing (a trade or how something is done using your hands), or a new word that makes me go look it up even if it's not in digital format that i can click on. like a bit of romance  also.

used to have a book club and we met only once when my om and her friend came off the island for the day and we discussed a barbara delinksy book that was given to us. had a blast because we all got something different from it. They have both passed away but treasure the time for our love of books.

can't wait to get started,


Dear Nora: Has anyone here ever read any MR.Beverly Nichols novels from the 40's? Someone just loaned me Merry Hall his diary/novel about his gardens and restoration of an old estate in England. Lovely. I love to read Rosamund Pilcher and every September seem to drag out September and buzz through it again as it is a feel good novel. Because I own and run Her Majesty's English Tea Room I tend to read a lot of British novels or stories set in the UK. My own stories are set in the middle of the middle of no where, yet actually seem like either the Country Living Magazine setting you always wanted to live in or just homey. I have a Nantucket series because  I feel it is a magical 7 mile island so many people would like to visit but it is just not handy. 

I like to read cozy, happy or maybe I should say happily ever after novels. I read late at night to unwind my busy day and like to end my day with something with a Hallmark feel, though of course it can be a bit heavier, just as long as  it does not depress me as it weaves to a conclusion. 

 I have a writers group that meets here at Her Majesty's and we encourage each other to keep writing and keep writing better. And sometimes it is just the encouragement needed to put someone back on track.  I believe writers are also readers and I encourage everyone to just pick up a book and read...

I write cozy fiction that is escapism to the countryside, and Nantucket. At the heart of my writing is the belief we all want a life that is just a little bit prettier and maybe a little bit magical.

I studied at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, was an interior designer, and now own Her Majesty’s English Tea Room which I run with my Scottish husband, and Pekingese Piewacket. I am a cast member of the Murder Mystery at Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island. My business won the prestigious Icon Award from Americasmart Atlanta. I believe if you follow this links you will see where my passion lies.

I write about women taking that leap to follow their heart whether it is to leave their rat race job and open a bed and breakfast, or small boutique. I encourage women every day here at my business to take a chance. Thank you for this group. Jacqueline

Hi, Jacqueline Great to have you here. I was wondering if you could tell us the genre's you like to read not specific book titles. We will be reading family friendly/christian fiction novels. Occasionally we'll read a non-fiction book.

Fun to hear about your Her Majesty's English Tea Room. I ask that you please refrain from self promotion of your books here. This is a place for readers getting to know each other and enjoying the love of discussing books. THANK YOU for joining the fun!

My name is Hilary Dodge and I put together the magazine here at Book Fun, as well as the FB Live interviews. I am looking forward to Book Club at Book Fun! :) 

I enjoy reading and always have. Started reading really early on and have been sucked into books since. It's been a little harder to sit down and read since I've got two kids under 10. I really enjoy listening to audiobooks now, as often as I can. 

My favorite genre is dystopian/utopian fiction, I love reading about utopian societies and how they will never really work. I enjoy suspense, drama, action, a little bit of romance, and genres like that. I am a read the first line and read the last line of the book kind of gal, I have to know how it ends. With audiobooks though, it has prevented me from doing that, so that's changed my reading experience a bit. 

Can't wait for our first book! 

Dear Nora: I like heartwarming fiction that can be a romance as long as it's not too heavy. I like cozy mysteries. Is there such a thing as cozy women's ficiton? 

Hi, Jacqueline;

THANKS for letting me know about your references in reading. I haven't heard of Cozy Women's Fiction but it doesn't mean it's not out there. Grin!  Have a great trip!


I like to read historical fiction, romance, mystery, action, biography, and sometimes apologetics. I enjoy books that are set in foreign places, and not-so-far away places. I don't like horrors.

I'm looking forward to getting started soon!



New Member Orientation

We are posting videos here in the this group to help all of our members figure out how to use this site :-)


We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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