We are looking to pay authors for articles.

1) Book Clubs you are aware of or find, we want to profile book clubs around the country, around the world, every month.

2) Short stories. We have one being written about a mother and daughter who run a coffee shop and end up with a reading group. They end up solving crimes, and other issues that come up every month. 

3) We have one being written about a book that changes people's lives and then gets given away or lost and moves on to the next and the next... 

What can you suggest?

We want touching, encouraging stories with a cliff hanger that make people clamor for the next issue. We want creative content, well written.

We also want stories that have been well written. We are paying 3 cents a word for good content.


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I would like to offer a story about how an 86year old woman wrote her memoir, began talking to people about it and is now onto writing her next book. Great inspiration, Marcia Rosen

Marcia can you call me about this?

Phred 678-455-5700

I would love to contribute non fiction articles, with biblical content.

I have a book coming out with Thomas Nelson on the conversations Jesus had with women (in February). I could write one or a series of articles on this topic. Any interest? I also write a bi-monthly devotional for about 1,000 readers. I would be happy to contribute some of those articles as well. 

Yes Julie. Please send me a proposal at fred@thebookclubnetwork.com 

Grace Like Rain is written in such a way that there are individual stories about Grace.  We are going to eventually allow poeple to access some chapters for free, to get exposure to the book and to learn about what it means to live "grace in action."  So if you have a favorite chapter, I would be happy to have you use it for no charge.

Yes Jeff this would work well for us. By the way do you know when your art work will be ready yet? I would like to include it in the 10 sample I am doing for Tyndale (and others) to sell advertising to them.

Do you have a word count limit on short stories? Will you accept reprints?

Reprints? No (the book chapters yes) 

Word count?

Really 1500 words. We pay 3 cents a word

Contact me directly with any article ideas


We have a boys book club in our area for 10-13  boys to build interest in reading. There is always a high demand to join, but it is kept at 10 kids per semester so all the kids have a chance to participate in discussions. With each book they participate in an adventure. For example there is a fun class where they are challenged to eat strange foods viewed as disgusting for extra credit. The boys love the grossness factor and LOVE the Boys' Book Club!

I  have a great story about a local Christian book club who meets in their church which used to be a Black and Decker warehouse.  I was invited to the club as an author and have some photos of the group.


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We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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