ABOUT BOOK: A Yankee Army major so admires a Confederate spy that he puts his life on the line for her. What secret does the major keep from the spy? Can love based on secrets survive? Is there a future for these war-torn lovers?

Danger loving, madcap Sophie Garrett spies for her beloved Confederacy. Flirting her way through Union lines, she gains vital information for General Stonewall Jackson until she is suspected of passing secrets. She’s unable to hoodwink Yankee Major Brent Bartell. Even though his moral and ethical allegiance belongs to the North, he so admires the rebel spy's courage and wit that he puts his own life on the line to protect her from prison and death.

ANNE GREENE delights in writing about alpha heroes who aren’t afraid to fall on their knees in prayer, and about gutsy heroines. Enjoy her Women of Courage serieswhich spotlights heroic women of World War II, first book Angel With Steel Wings.Read her Holly Garden Private Investigating series, Handcuffed In Texas,first book Red Is For Rookie. Enjoy her award-winning Scottish historical romances,Masquerade Marriage and Marriage By Arrangement. Love Anne’s seven Novellas, A Texas Christmas Mystery, A Christmas Belle, A Fool For Love, andA Groom For Christmas, Recipe For a Husband, The Marriage Broker and The Mortician, Keara’s Escape, Daredevils, and Spur Of The Moment Bride.Anne’s highest hope is that her stories transport the reader to an awesome new world and touch hearts to seek a deeper spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus. Buy Anne’s books on http://www.Amazon.com. Type in Anne Greene.


Visit with Anne at www.AnneGreeneAuthor.com,www.facebook.com/AnneWGreeneAuthor, @TheAnneGreene, on Pinterest at The Anne Greene, on Book Fun Magazine at www.bookfun.org/profileAnneGreene, and at www.anneswritingupdates.blogspot.com.



1. What's your favorite spy story? Why is it your favorite?

2. Have you read anything interesting lately? If so what?

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Thank you, Nora!

I loved A Rebel Spy. Here is my review that I posted in Goodreads and Amazon.

I was immediately drawn into the story. The danger and suspense kept me turning the pages. I enjoyed this story!

Great to hear Caryl! Thanks for the review!

The following review was posted on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, my Facebook and G+ accounts. Thank you so much for this novella!

This is an excellent Christian novella demonstrating life during the Civil War. Only people of faith could do the work that Sophia, Brent, and even Fanny did. The characters are well-developed and the plot kept this reader on the edge of her seat.


At first. I didn’t like Sophia when she was arrested and taken to Union Army General Winchester. I felt as if she were using her flirting to sweet talk the man into thinking she is innocent. She is accused of being a Rebel spy, and advised that if she were brought before the general again, she would be hanged as a spy, even if she was a lady. I began to admire her as the novella continued, as she sought the Lord’s help and really believed in the Cause…until she began to question whether it was truly the right position.


Major Brent Bartell is tasked with making sure Sophie gets home safely. At first, she didn’t spare the flirtation, but there was just something about him…and something about her began to weave its way into his heart, despite being on opposite sides of this terrible war. Even though when, hearing a soldier singing Yankee Doodle, she hummed Dixie just loud enough for him to hear.


Sophie also works in the dining room at her Aunt Bertha’s Welcoming Arms Hotel, which assuring meals for her and her mother. She also heard much intel from the Union patrons. Being a spy was hard work, and didn’t pay anything except the satisfaction of knowing she helped the Cause. Sadly, the time comes for Brent to leave Falling Waters, Virginia, and he comes to tell her so, a bittersweet visit.


The setting is the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, a Rebel state as of the writing of the novel. Every new trip Sophie makes brings her closer to the battle lines, closer to danger of capture and possibly death. Some trips are for information, and others are to deliver urgently-needed medical supplies. I’m sure that I would not have had the courage to be a spy – the first snap of a twig and I would be flying home as fast as the horse could go! I grew to like Sophia and appreciate her position so much more than at first. There is much suspense and a few surprises. This is a not-to-be-missed novella for those who appreciate Civil War stories that include intrigue and romance; I highly recommend it!


From a grateful heart: I was given this eBook by Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and here is my honest review.

Thank you for your review Jeanie! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours!

A Rebel Spy by Anne Greene is a short, simple story of beautiful, daring young woman, Sophie Garrett, who spies for her much-loved Confederacy.  Her loyalty stems from her father’s support of the Confederacy and his enlistment in the fight.  Set in Virginia in 1862-1863, the story tells of the emotional involvement and dangers that Sophie risks.  Her close relationship with her slave, Fanny, enables her to communicate messages through Morse code to send to the troops. 

One evening when a Yankee Army major apprehends her on one of her missions, her mission as a spy is escalated to a more dangerous level.  She is interrogated by General Winchester who lets her go but warns that she will be hanged, if caught in suspicious actions again.  Luckily for her, her job at her aunt’s inn enables her to eavesdrop on the enemy who dine there and she gains much important information.

Although on different sides in the war, Major Brent Bartell and Sophie cannot deny the attraction felt for the other.  Though Sophie cannot stop her efforts as a spy, the major strives to protect her from harm.

I would recommend this short, historical fiction to anyone who likes a light, quick, entertaining read.  I received this book through TBCN but was not required to give a favorable review.  This is my honest evaluation of this book.  ( posted on Amazon and Good Reads; not found on Christian Books, Deeper Shopping, B&N, or Books-a-Million, although other of the author's titles were found on some.)

This is a quick, easy read about a Confederate spy during the Civil War. I enjoyed this story about the daring young lady, Sophie, and her desire to help the Confederate cause. Because it is a novella, it didn't go into much detail, bit it was such a fun read. I believe this is the first book i have read by this author and look forward to reading more.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher a d Bookfun.org but was not required to write a positive review. The opinions are my own.

Review also posted on Amazon and Goodreads.  Thank you!


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