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At a time when most people in American have never flown in an airplane, spunky Mandy McCabe test-pilots repaired war planes as part of the Women Air Force Service Pilots. If the Army Air Corp shuts down the WASP program, she must return to life in her hard-scrabble home and face her past.

Army Air Corp Major Harvey Applegate lost his WASP wife test-piloting planes and doesn’t want any more women killed on his watch. He fights to close the WASP program. Women aren’t designed to fight wars. Men fight to protect women freedom, and the American way of life.

This World War II romance shows Steel Magnolias meeting Band of Brothers. Can Mandy escape from her past? Can a man burdened with memories of death agree to added danger for the new woman in his life? Will their new love survive the test of opposing desires and the pain and separation of war?

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#1 Ebook

Ebook - Kindle format if possible - 10 - 12 weeks

Sorry, Ann, message I sent eight email for book should be regarding Angel with Steel Wings, not Silver Wings. My error!

#2 Ebook

EB 8-10 weeks

Friend request and message sent. Looking forward to reading your book. Thanks!
#3 Ebook
EB 8-10 weeks

I just checked and I have already reviewed this book, so you can pass it on to someone else.

#4 Ebook

EB 10 weeks

Email has already been sent. Did you receive it?
Message sent to author. Sorry I didn't mean to list anything here.
I'm looking forward to reading your book. I love historical books because I get to learn about the different time periods. Authirs do a great job of making you feel like you have stepped back in time with their vivid descriptions.
I like a great love story, to learn something, a Christian message, and yes, it is nice to have historical people in it. That's a lot, isn't is?!

#5 Ebook

EB, 10 weeks. Thanks!


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