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When the mayor announces he has found quartz on his land, the local TV station reports: Where there s quartz, there s gold. Then Mayor Riley discovers Howie Newlander has bought the mineral rights to his land. Howie and his nefarious investors are struck with gold fever and set out to buy all the homes in Chapel Springs and mine the gold. Will life in Chapel Springs become the tailings of a gold mine?



1. What do you hope to do special this holiday season that you haven't ever done before?

2. Is your family starting a new tradition this year? If so what is it?

3. What are some of your family traditions you do this time of year?



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How fun!! I love large family/friends Thanksgivings. :)

One tradition we have is to put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. It was what I did as a child and have continued the tradition. Please enter me in the Kindle giveaway.

We never did until a week before Christmas. THat's one of my favorite things about artificial Christmas trees. I can put it up early! In my office, my tree is already up!


We hope to go our youngest childs new home for Christmas

The ultimate Christmas present!!! Congratulations. :)

Yes, we have new additions to the family. Twins and a grandson so we will get to celebrate the Lord's birthday with them! I have the book but would like to be in the Kindle drawing :) 

Twins???!!! Congratulations!

I am terrible at keeping up with traditions and this year have been going through a complicated separation/custody battle. I want to start something new with my boys, but lack motivation. :) Maybe I will get some inspiration from one of the answers here. :) We do stockings and christmas PJs. We read the Luke 2 Christmas story before we open presents.

Carrie, your reply breaks my heart. I'm so sorry. I'll be praying for you. I love reading Luke 2 to remind us of the ultimate sacrifice that baby would make for us. Sending cyber hugs (((((((Carrie))))))).

Thank you so much, Ane. I appreciate that. It really is okay. God has been so good and i have lots of great support from family and friends. ♡

1. I always like to find some other way to give to others at this time. In the past I have given to the food bank, given a gift to a child in need, or some other worthwhile cause. I am still deciding who and what for this year in addition to the others.

I love that you look for different ways. What a great tradition!


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