BOOK COVER: A mail-order bride, a town overrun with tourists, and illegal art ~ How on earth will Claire and Chapel Springs survive? With the success of her Operation Marriage Revival, life is good for Claire Bennett. That is until the mayor's brother blabs a secret: Claire's nineteen-year-old son, Wes, has married a Brazilian mail order bride — one who is eight years older than him. When Claire tries to welcome her new daughter-in-law, she's ridiculed, rebuffed, and rejected. Loving this girl is like hugging a prickly cactus. Will Claire and her family survive her son's marriage?

Lydia Smith is happily living alone and running her spa then the widow on the hill becomes a blushing bride. Along with her new marriage, she has a dream to expand her business by adding guest rooms. Things are going according to plan. That is, until her groom's adult son moves in on everything. Will her dream survive her stepson?

From the first sighting of a country music star in Claire's gallery, The Painted Loon, to the visit of a Hollywood diva, Chapel Springs is inundated with stargazers, causing lifelong residents to flee the area. When her best friends, Patsy and Nathan, put their house on the market, Claire is forced to do something or lose the closest thing to a sister she's got. With her son's future at stake and the town looking to her to solve their problems, it's Claire who needs a guardian angel.

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language. May also contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature. Similar women’s fiction novels in this genre may be categorized as: women’s fiction, inspirational women’s fiction, christian fiction, and clean, wholesome women’s fiction.

ABOUT AUTHOR: While a large, floppy straw hat is her favorite, Ane has worn many different ones: hairdresser, legislative affairs director (that's a fancy name for a lobbyist), drama director, playwright, humor columnist, and novelist. Her lifetime experience provides a plethora of fodder for her Southern-fried fiction (try saying that three times fast). 

Ane firmly believes coffee and chocolate are two of the four major food groups. Her passion when she isn't writing her Southern-fried Fiction, is Community Theatre. She's Creative Director of Players Guild@Sugar Hill, an avocational non-profit theatre group, where she and her husband act, direct, build sets, and are chief gofors. 

Contributor to the award-winning literary site, Novel Rocket, Ane resides in Sugar Hill, GA, with her artist husband, her chef son, and a wooly mammoth. 

You can find Ane on her website and blog: If you'd like to see a map of Chapel Springs showing you where all the characters live, visit


Ane is giving this book away in celebration of her son Greg's first wedding anniversary. So, my question theme is  around weddings.

1. Have you been to a wedding recently? If so, what did you like about it?

2. Out of all the weddings you've been too was there a surprise moment and/or  a thing that you saw you wished you had done in your wedding? Plan to incorporate that into your future wedding plans?

3. Did any of you see the grand wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? If so, what surprised you about that wedding? What made you smile?



THANKS for your participation. It was so much fun to talk about the Royal Wedding and weddings in general.

Kristina I've sent your contact information to the author.

Nora :o)

If you have any question please feel free to contact me

Nora St.Laurent

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I LOVE the questions you chose to ask, Nora! My son, Greg, went to Columbia for his first anniversary. This book was written because of our eldest son's marriage to a Columbian bride ... without our knowledge prior to her arriving here in the U.S. - 2 years AFTER the wedding!!

The funny part is our younger son, Greg, thinks so highly of his sister-in-law, Zully, that he found himself a girl from the same town in Columbia. LOL  But this time, we knew about it beforehand. We are working hard on getting our newest daughter-in-law up here to the U.S. It seems when you try to do things legally, it tales forever! 

I'm glad you like the questions. I'm looking forward to meeting Greg's wife! Grin! They are often in my thoughts and prayers! You do my friend!

I watched the Royal Wedding on YouTube and was amazed at how often these two looked at each other in the eyes and smiled big during the service. 

After watching that I then went back to Kate and William's wedding. They both seemed nervous and didn't smile much during the wedding service. It was funny to see. But more people came out to watch them and there was much talking about Diana and all that. 

Oh, one of the things I enjoyed in the ceremony with Harry and Meghan was the Pastor who got up to speak about LOVE. He was on a roll. It was a powerful word. I liked when he said he had one more point to make. He then said, We're here to get these two married." Everyone laughed. Great word! I loved the couples encouragement by it too! It was fun to watch!

The pastor was GREAT!!! But I thought the Queen's comments about sermons at weddings "should only be two minutes long." LOLOL

LOL!! I didn't see that!

I have never attended a wedding.  I did see the royal wedding on Saturday.  I was surprised by the African American minister and his sermon.  He was quite boisterous and long winded.  The music was lovely and Meghan's veil was gorgeous.  You could tell that they were very much in love.

I know it was a great surprise. His message was powerful. 

3. Yes, I watched the Royal Wedding. I loved that the Queen wore lime green!  Meghan's dress was simple gorgeous.

I agree!

1. a wedding of my brother and my new sister in law and i loved that it was just in the back yard under a special tree, her favorite flowers and songs  and everybody brought food and we had fun. took lots of pictures for them and took them on a trip to vt and we did hiking and other fun things.

thanks for the chance,


3.  I have not watched all of the wedding; we were en route to a graduation party in TN that day.  However, I did hear the sermon and was very impressed by that, and I also liked the fact that she walked down the aisle alone part of the way.  Very unique for a royal wedding.

Yes, having that message and the pastor were very unique and fun!


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