BOOK BLURB: Four seasons. Four stories. Each one set in the enchanting world of the South. These are the kinds of stories your grandmother told you from a front porch swing.

Ice Melts in Spring by Linda W. Yezak When Kerry Graham's boss forces her to return to the Gulf of Mexico where her husband drowned years ago, she feels only spring's chill and not the warmth of the Texas sun. Can the joy of a reclusive author and the compassion of a shrimp-boat preacher thaw Kerry's frigid heart?

Lillie Beth in Summer by Eva Marie Everson With the untimely death of his wife, Dr. James Gillespie believes God has abandoned him. He also believes he's never met anyone like the young widow Lillie Beth, whose beloved Granny lies dying at home, and who sees a God who sweeps hope through a farmhouse window. Can a young woman whose husband died in Vietnam restore a faith that is all but dead.

Through an Autumn Window by Claire Fullerton Because her larger than life mother Daphne Goodwyn is dead, forty-year-old Cate returns to Memphis with one thought in mind: something always goes wrong at a Southern funeral. But surrounded by the well-mannered society that raised her, the nostalgic rites of a three-day, autumn mourning bring the unexpected gift of the end of sibling rivalry.

A Magnolia Blooms in Winter by Ane Mulligan With Broadway stardom within her reach, Morgan James returns home in winter to help an old friend. Maybe it s just nostalgia, but when she sees him again, an old flame rekindles. When she s called back to NYC to take the lead in a new musical, will fame be worth losing the man she loves?



1. What does the phrase, "be yourself" mean to you?

2. If you had to have a pet for a year what pet would you choose? why?

3. You were told you had to evacuate your house what three movies, three books, three albums would you take with you?

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1. Be yourself means not putting on airs and not trying to impress people. Being honest.

Exactly. :-)

If I had to have a pet for a year, I would pick a Jack Russell Terrier.  I love animals and have fond memories of my Rusty.  Animals are loving and do not judge.  Thank you for a chance to win and Happy Holidays!

I've never owned a Jack Russel, but I've heard wonderful things about them!

I would love to have a cat again.  I love how independent they are.  

I love cats, but unfortunately, I'm highly allergic to them. Still, I love to watch their antics.

2. I want a Shih Tzu :) He or She would have a forever home though, not just a year,

My parents had one, it was a rescue.

I love three points in a sermon but three books, movies and albums now that's hard.

BOOKS 1 Bible  2  Joshua by Joseph Girzone  3. The Chronicles of Narnia..mine are all in one large book

MOVIES 1.  Elf  2.  The sound of music  3.  Chitty chitty bang bang

ALBUMS 1.  Elvis Presley How Great thou art  2.  Pentatonix Christmas album  3.  Something Gaither

Those are good ones!

1. "Be Yourself" God made all of us as unique beings and if we need to be that unique being. He doesn't want us to try to act like someone else or try to be a duplicate copy of another person. If we try to live our best life as His child, He will  help us.

Thank you for these giveaways. Please enter my name in both. Happy New Year!

Well said, Connie. It's a balance between trying to be more like Jesus while maintaining our uniqueness.

And you're welcome! Happy New Year!


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