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BOOK DESCRIPTION:  Kennedy's pastor and mentor has always been outspoken. Maybe too outspoken.

Carl's no stranger to political controversy, but when his church comes under fire for hosting the Truth Warrior's men's retreat, women's rights activists and feminist leaders aren't the only ones worried that the conference will unduly restrict women's roles in the church and at home.

On a college campus where safe spaces threaten free speech and academic freedom only exists as long as other students aren't offended, Kennedy dares to defend her friend in Harvard's student newspaper. She unwillingly becomes the face of a controversy that not only jeopardizes her academic career but lands Pastor Carl in the hospital, struggling for his very survival.

5 Ebooks 5 paperbacks (paperbacks are for established reviewers only)


1. What is your favorite suspense book and/or movie? Why is it your favorite?

2. Have you read any of Alana Terry novels? If so, which one? What did you love about it?

3. What do you think is too much (over the top something that will you stop reading the book) in reference to the violence?

4. What do you look forward to in reading a suspense thriller story?

The AUTHOR WILL PICK a name AUGUST 31st. The Name will be Posted here and announced to the group soon after.



Jeanie M Dannheim 

Jacqueline Robertson

Kim Persails 


Tracy Fagan 

Linda Goff

Donna Brookmyer 




Vickie Jameson 


Virginia Winfield 

Victoria Pless 

Anne Rightler 

PLEASE SEND your contact information to Alana at

It's members responsibility to give the author their mailing info(within 48 hours - another name will be drawn after that)


If you have any question please feel free to contact me

Nora St.Laurent




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Ebook please, 10-12 weeks - thanks!

Oops, didn't answer a question...I have read several of Alana Terry's novels. I think my favorite is between 31 Days of Prayer for Restricted Nations and The Beloved Daughter - Not only opens our eyes on how those in restricted nations live when they believe in Jesus, but also how we can pray for them. I plan to do some of the other 30 Days books in the future, also!   Not that I don't like Kennedy; I do! Second best to these!

Violence doesn't make me want to stop reading a book. Too much sex is what bothers me.
Would love to read an EB or PB.
Either ebook or paperback would be great!!! Thank you Alana & Nora. Very excited to read Abridged.

2. Actually I have read every Kennedy book so far and loved all of them. I did especially like Turbulence--very exciting and roller-coaster action.

I just read "Before the Dawn." I loved that even though this is a book about depression, abuse and struggle it's more about the journey God brings us through to strengthen our faith. I also loved that it has twists, turns and suspense like a mystery!
When a story becomes lost from so much violence that's too much. Over the top is more violence than plot or strong characters.
I look forward to twists and turns I didn't see coming! Keeping the plot fresh!

I have read several of Alana Terry's books but Beauty from Ashes stole my heart and made me cry. The writing was so real, I felt like I was in the room listening to a young mother. And I almost cheered when the young father told his mom to leave. For newlyweds and new parents to put off their private life for 2 months is unbelievable.

I would love to read a PB copy of Abridged.

3. Any violence that is overly descriptive. You can have violence without going into all the gory detail.

2. I have read the first 3 books in the Kennedy Stern series and loved each of them. I like it that Alana is not afraid to tackle tough subjects from a Christian perspective. Her books give the reader much food for thought and have helped me see that not all issues are black or white. I'd love a paperback copy, but will take an ebook, too. Thank you for the chance to win.

I first listened to (and reviewed) The Beloved Daughter and absolutely loved it. (I still tell people about it, several years later!) It was so very realistic and thought-provoking to read about Christians in Korea and their persecution. We are so very blessed in the US. I've also read and reviewed several of the Kennedy Stern books and have enjoyed those characters and like how well you write about difficult subjects. I can't wait to read Abridged and see where you go with that one!

I love the excitement of suspense thrillers and when they are really good, I can't seem to put them down. I love the butterfly in my stomach! 


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