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BOOK DESCRIPTION:  Kennedy's pastor and mentor has always been outspoken. Maybe too outspoken.

Carl's no stranger to political controversy, but when his church comes under fire for hosting the Truth Warrior's men's retreat, women's rights activists and feminist leaders aren't the only ones worried that the conference will unduly restrict women's roles in the church and at home.

On a college campus where safe spaces threaten free speech and academic freedom only exists as long as other students aren't offended, Kennedy dares to defend her friend in Harvard's student newspaper. She unwillingly becomes the face of a controversy that not only jeopardizes her academic career but lands Pastor Carl in the hospital, struggling for his very survival.

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1. What is your favorite suspense book and/or movie? Why is it your favorite?

2. Have you read any of Alana Terry novels? If so, which one? What did you love about it?

3. What do you think is too much (over the top something that will you stop reading the book) in reference to the violence?

4. What do you look forward to in reading a suspense thriller story?

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Jacqueline Robertson

Kim Persails 


Tracy Fagan 

Linda Goff

Donna Brookmyer 




Vickie Jameson 


Virginia Winfield 

Victoria Pless 

Anne Rightler 

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Thanks so much Anne!

The following review has been posted on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Bookbub, Facebook and G+. Thank you for this amazing novel!

Abridged is 7th in Alana Terry’s Kennedy Stearns series. Kennedy and her college roommate, Willow have begun a new year of classes at Harvard, and a new season of faith challenges. I continue to be mesmerized by Abridged as I was with earlier novels; it addresses at least two challenges that Christians of any age face today.


Kennedy and Willow were helping do setup at the church for a Truth Warriors Conference that Pastor Carl is instrumental in supporting. He and Nick, the youth pastor and Willow’s boyfriend, have vastly differing opinions regarding this conference and what Nick thinks the church is espousing by hosting. They have a very loud discussion at the church about it. Shortly afterwards, they find Carl bleeding and unconscious in his office. Kennedy accompanies his wife Sandy and their young son, Woong, when they go to the hospital.


Kennedy had written an opinion in her column in The Voice, a student paper at Harvard. Upon request, she then shared a longer piece supporting work-at-home moms, such as Sandy, whose calling is in their home. Sandy and Carl have fostered many children over the years in addition to raising their own. Unfortunately, there are people who do not feel Kennedy’s opinion reflects the values of the prestigious university who will go to any length to not allow conservative views to be tolerated – or in her special study program. Her career could be over before she even begins to practice.


Kennedy – and all the characters – are very well-defined, strong people, and most are people of faith. As this is very fast-paced, we learn the most through realistic dialog and how their continual action. It has been exciting to see Kennedy and Willow grow through their time as roommates, then as sisters in Christ! I also like Sandy and Pastor Carl, and understand how devastating his injury is to those who love him – and then when the unthinkable happens to Woong.


The plot is stunning, with twists and turns that would have floored most people, yet Sandy, a woman of deep faith, keeps trudging through, even driving to places she hasn’t been to get to her son. There is so much inspiration in this novel without a word of preaching; it is the kind of book that one could loan to others, showing that it isn’t just Kennedy who doesn’t know what to say or do in various situations. While one will find several points of inspiration throughout, the Lord is at the center of it. Kennedy doesn’t think or say anything that many of us haven’t thought at one time or another. The emotions throughout are intense, yet again, the Lord is at the center, and it is a courageous author to write about the topics in Abridged. The bad guy was a real surprise to me, and the end is satisfactory overall. I highly recommend this for older teens and adults of any age who enjoy good Christian suspense writing.


From a grateful heart: I was given this eBook by Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and here is my honest review.


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