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About Abundant Life Coffee:

Abundant Life Coffee is a family owned coffee importing business committed to bringing economic opportunity to the Lenca Indians in Honduras. In partnership with Frontline Missions we provide them with start-up capital and training so that they can grow their own coffee on their own land.

Abundant Life Coffee is strictly high grown specialty grade washed Arabica

The Lenca have been trapped in a cycle of poverty and dependency for generations because of low wages and seasonal work. These conditions force them into accepting loans from others with very unfavorable terms. Our goal is to help free as many Lenca as possible from this cycle of poverty and dependency by giving them the opportunity to become coffee producers themselves. All of the Honduran coffee we import is premium grade specialty 100% Arabica, shade grown at 5,000′ elevation, hand picked and all naturally grown. No harsh chemicals or pesticides are used in the farming process so our coffee is both healthy and environmentally friendly. Rich in Flavor, Enriching Lives is more than a catchy phrase. We provide specialty coffee that is rich in flavor because it is among the best coffee available from Honduras. The lives of the Lenca Indians are enriched because now they produce their own coffee and receive full compensation for their efforts. This allows them to provide for their families and properly maintain their farms. When you purchase our coffee you are doing more than simply getting a great bag of coffee, you are becoming a partner with us in our mission to provide a more abundant life to the Lenca Indians.

About the owner, Greg Hines:

I am the owner of Abundant Life Coffee Group, LLC and a missionary to Honduras. The mission is to bring economic opportunity and spiritual hope to the Lenca Indians in Honduras. One village, one family at a time, we are changing lives with coffee.ourstory Abundant Life Coffee purchases and imports only the top quality specialty coffee grown by family farmers in the mountains of Honduras. We pay the growers the highest price possible to ensure they receive compensation that greatly exceeds the Fair Trade minimum wage. My desire to bring economic relief grew out of the relationships I built with many of the Lenca starting in 2009. I learned that they are hard working people, and most of them own a small piece of land; they simply lack the resources to start and maintain their own farming businesses. By helping them start their own farms and telling them about Jesus we bring them hope for better life now and for eternity.

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1. Where is your favorite place to go for coffee?

2.  What is your favorite coffee? Why do you love it?

3. Do you drink seasonal coffees? Teas? If so, which are your favorite?


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I love seasonal coffees.  Especially mint anything.  Seasonal coffees signal the changes of seasons and I love that.

Thank you for this opportunity to win a pound of coffee and also a chance at the snowman quilt. 

in Him,

Cheri :)

I love seasonal coffees! My favorite is pumpkin in the fall although blueberry in the spring is awfully good too!

3. Do you drink seasonal coffees? Teas? If so, which are your favorite?

How can I say this? I'm not a coffee drinker. However, everyone else in my family is. So I do buy coffee ... for them. Some of my family can't wait until the pumpkin flavors start appearing in the fall. I do drink tea, but usually just white or green tea. But some members of my family very much enjoy pumpkin spice tea.

I drink seasonal teas. This year someone gave me a box of Stash Christmas Eve herbal teas and it is quite good, with flavors of cinnamon, orange peel, spearmint and vanilla flavors in it. I am not much of a fruity flavor tea drinker, more of the English breakfast, Lady Earl Grey black teas.  

I love strong unflavored coffee. Many times I tried to learn to drink it black but failed. In the last few weeks I’ve conquered that and can now joyfully drink black coffee! My favorite is Folgers Black Silk. We have several local coffee shops and once a month three of my close friends and I meet to drink coffee and “discuss serious topics” LOL!

Please enter me for the quilt and coffee

My favorite place to get coffee is a little homey coffee shop here in town. Otherwise here at home with the hubby is what I like!!

please enter me for both, thank you!

 I am not a coffee drinker but prefer tea instead.

 Being from the South, I prefer my tea with lemon and the sweeter the better.

 I have no idea what seasonal teas are.

3. Ummm I don't drink coffee and only sometimes herbal teas (not a fave of mine). I prefer seasonal hot cocoa and apple ciders. I have many friends who are coffee drinkers and they enjoy the seasonal ones. :)

(pls don't enter me for the coffee! just the quilt)

I love Christmas herb teas. I drink lots of tea since I can't have caffeine. But the rest of my family loves coffee.

I love to drink seasonal teas.  Especially at Christmas there are so many good teas to drink.  One of my favorites is Red Christmas tea from TWG in Singapore.  


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