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1. Greg Hines article "New Things" on TBCN Blog. Click Link to Read it.


What did you learn from this article. 

2. What's an activity you thought you hated but then tried and liked it?

3. What memories come to mind when you think of your first car (or bicycle)?

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I got my first bike at 8. I was clumsy and didn't want Dad to take off the training wheels. I still remember when he ran along holding on to the back and then let go. I didn't realize I was riding on my own.

My first car was nothing fancy but I hard saved my pennies to purchase it and be able to afford the insurance. It was a feeling of accomplishment when that day came!

My parents couldn’t afford much in the way of a car for me. Dad paid $350 for an Opal Cadet station wagon. It had holes in the floor board (covered with mats) and tires as bald as a baby’s butt. No insurance either. God was with me for sure. On my way to church one Sunday I hit a wet spot in the road and the car did a 180 spin. Thankful no cars were coming!

It wasn't my first bike but a friend's bike that his mother said I could ride. And of course I crashed it! My poor knee and his poor bike. It wasn't my first car but it was a nice blue Pinto. And on my way home from work one night I crashed it! Into a freight train. My poor body and my poor Pinto! But God is good and I lived to tell the tale. 

My first car belong to my mother.  It was an older car (from the 60s I think) and it was a hideous mustard color.  However, it did the job of getting me to work in high school.  The bicycle I loved the most was the one my father purchased for me when I started high school.  It was an ugly brown color but it was big baskets on it.  I could quickly zip to school and home in less than five minutes.  I could fit all my textbooks in the baskets.  I loved that bike.  

Q2 Crocheting. I had to try 3 times over the span of a couple decades or so and now I get it and enjoy doing it :)

I grew up on a farm.  We raised chickens.  I never really liked plucking the feathers.  But then me and my siblings would have contests to see who could pluck the feathers the fastest - that made it at least a little fun.

3. My first bike was actually not mine but my brother's. He was given a new bicycle for his birthday and he was supposed to let me ride it. He did but not as often as I would have liked :-)



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