We have a secret that we might be announcing soon. We have worked long hours and networked with lots of people to take this network to the next level and beyond...

We want your input!

Suppose you could change anything about Book Fun? What would it be?

What would you keep the same?

I know we are complicated and most of this is due to how active our people are. There is so much going on her that a new person can get lost very easily... we are working on this.

Please be creative and suggest whatever you want? What would you change? What would you keep the same... don't forget to tell us why?

We are going to change and we want you to be happy!

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Is there a place to blog about books I've read but not from the Monday night sessions?

Go to blogs and hit the plus sign and start a blog... use video, pictures and whatever

Thanks, Fred!


I am having trouble getting the books to my Kindle. I only have the reader and not the Fire, and quite frankly probably wont read the ones that go to my Kindle on PC.

There is a Q& A about this in the Readers Only Group

Hi Fred,

I'll start by saying my comments come from someone who is computer savvy and I realize not everyone is.  It is difficult to strike a balance.

My thought is that there is too much information on the front page that it is overwhelming (You are aware of this too).  For example, just about everything in the left and right columns could have their own pages instead of listing all the information on the front page.  You can have the heading with a link to the page still listed in the column, but the information would be found on another page.   I can go to the page(s) that interest me and become engaged instead of having to wade through other material to find what I want. 

I also think you need to make the New Member Orientation section more front and center or at least up higher on the page.  You could also include a paragraph about the purpose of the website and of course how to join.  I believe that would make it easier for someone who comes across the website to know pretty fast what it is about and how to join instead of having to scroll down and hunt for the information.  A short video might be a nice, new way to advertise the site.

I know it takes a lot of work to keep a website up to date.  Thank you.

Renea Smith

I would take all this busyness From the home page. It is very intimidating to a newbie and looks congested and overwhelming. Possibly drop down boxes would simplify things.


I would make sure that the Lion & the Tiger stay at the top when you come in.  It would make it easier to go to discussions or to reviews.  Sometimes the Tiger will be on page 2 or 3 when I go in.  I know to go to another page now but some of the newbys might not.  Otherwise, I love it the way it is.  Great staff, great people that are members and wonderful authors that visit.  You are doing a wonderful job.

I am a newbie. I could not get the new member orientation to load. So I do like LoRee does and leave the site when I can't find what I am looking too find. I like Vicki's suggestions.

First, I'd change the updates.  There is literally nothing to them.  I see a group title, a username of someone, then maybe three words of the content, and honestly, that isn't enough to make me click further to find out what's going on.  

Second, it would really be nice only to hear about groups I am part of, instead of receiving emails stating how exclusive another group is and that said email will only apply to that group, but I get that email too???  Some of the exclusivity has happened on the fly as well.  "If you don't take part every night then you won't get access anymore" etc.  If this is how this site will be run, it will slowly drop off the map for me, because I don't have time to devote a certain number of hours or evenings to any given online venue every week.

Hi, I also enjoy your site, but do tend to get lost in it!!  I have often wished I could click on my name and see what books are waiting for my reviews.  I do try to keep track at home, but once I had one written one on my list that I had requested, but did not get choosen for ...the only way to know which ones I am getting is to try to "find" each book I think I requested and search the many lists Fred composes.

It would also be nice to have the default setting "Not following" which could be turned on if one wants to "follow", instead of trying to remember to turn it off.  After a chat night, I often have over 100 emails, because I don't always remember to "stop following" when I request a book, then it is a pain to go and turn it off for various books...again, I am always getting lost...


New Member Orientation

We are posting videos here in the this group to help all of our members figure out how to use this site :-)


We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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