We have a secret that we might be announcing soon. We have worked long hours and networked with lots of people to take this network to the next level and beyond...

We want your input!

Suppose you could change anything about Book Fun? What would it be?

What would you keep the same?

I know we are complicated and most of this is due to how active our people are. There is so much going on her that a new person can get lost very easily... we are working on this.

Please be creative and suggest whatever you want? What would you change? What would you keep the same... don't forget to tell us why?

We are going to change and we want you to be happy!

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I save the messages because I want to be more active - I started in on the reasons I'm not, and they had nothing to do with what I would ask you to change and everything to do with me being nervous when I see the messages come in that say you have hundreds of books to give away and I think, I'd like to do that, but I can't afford, nor can my publisher, to give away so many copies for book clubs and reviews.  I also can't join chats most evenings. Are there some in the daytime? Maybe once a month or so?

The average author from out sponsors give out 20 books for reviews... 

We do charge for the promotions... 

I think it would be good to have one discussion corner open just for any questions people have, with a couple of knowledgeable people manning that site to answer those questions. The discussion site started for questions regarding ebook downloads is a big step in that direction. BRAVO!!

Thanks we are working on it... 

I will say that a lot of that would depend on volunteers. Nancee volunteered to do that and we are happy she did... there is only so much of Phred to go around :-)

One idea that I like from another site is that your kindle email address is part of the profile so when one is approved for that ebook. One button on the site downloads it to my kindle. For those who have problems with ebooks this might be a helpful change.

Really like the site. I have figured it out mostly by playing with it...with such a large one it's harder to make it simple. So just thought I'd through the kindle idea in. Thanks for all you guys do.

Making receiving ebooks easy is so helpful. I have one site I use and have been unable to download to my Kindle Paperwhite so I miss out and they don't get my positive reviews.

That only works of you have added the person who sends you the book to your list on Amazon. The other thing is that you would not get emails if that was your profile email... 

We tried adding them with some in the review group but they still were not getting the ebooks... the best way is to download and then email it to yourself.

I understand that Amazon does license some sites to do this directly... does anyone want to loan us a couple hundred thousand for licensing?



I agree with most of the suggestions, but also must say that the site is very well done as is.


Did you ever consider showcasing books that have won awards with reviews that support those awards from other sources?


God Bless and Good Light.


Mark Glamack

Yes Mark we have, but in order to pay the bills we have we need to charge for promotions.

We do showcase the books nominated and voted on in our Book of the Month contests, and the top three get profiled in the magazine.

That is free and depends on our readers (your readers really) to nominate and vote.

The magazine now goes out to 300,000 readers!

That number for the magazine is amazing. Great work, everyone!

Very impressive number Fred.


What if you have a link section posted once a week on the site wherein members' sites are showcased with no more than a 150 word blurb/synopsis about their book below the link? Readers really need to find those diamonds in the rough in the easiest possible way. In this way every member's book will get the exposure needed to better build a reader base that they would otherwise not have. Simplify, simplify, simplify.



New Member Orientation

We are posting videos here in the this group to help all of our members figure out how to use this site :-)


We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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