We have a secret that we might be announcing soon. We have worked long hours and networked with lots of people to take this network to the next level and beyond...

We want your input!

Suppose you could change anything about Book Fun? What would it be?

What would you keep the same?

I know we are complicated and most of this is due to how active our people are. There is so much going on her that a new person can get lost very easily... we are working on this.

Please be creative and suggest whatever you want? What would you change? What would you keep the same... don't forget to tell us why?

We are going to change and we want you to be happy!

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Hi Fred,


This is a great site! And, it just keeps getting better. I honestly can't think of anything, but if people are saying it's difficult to get around, what about links within the web site? Like a tab that says "Events" then a link that goes to events, and maybe one that goes to "post an event." Also, I'm not computer savvy, so I may be suggesting something that's too difficult, or might be even more confusing. Love the site as it is.


Gail Pallotta

When I am at the site and visit areas within, it seems a separate window opens for each area and does not close when I go to another area. I would like if possible to have them close automatically.

One other suggestion would be all of my reviews listed together along with a listing of which reviews are still to be done so I don't accidentally neglect any.

I love this site and how it's grown.

If there was one thing that I would change it would be the background on the pages.  The reason I mention this is that when I go from one page to another I don't know that it's done so.  Maybe this is because I am using an older computer and the pages load slower.
Because the background is identical on each page I have to scroll down to see if it's switched yet.

Yes, this is VERY trivial and if it's never changed, I wouldn't be disappointed.  However, Fred asked for input and this is the ONLY thing that I could think of. Ü

I am just getting started with TBCN and I am thrilled to be a part of it. The main thing is it always needs to be user friendly. I tried to pull the video on how to get started but I could never get anything.
I agree with the three ideas before mine. I can't always do a chat on Monday nights. Could there be a place to announce the new books before/after chat?

That's a good idea about a place to announce the new books.

Hi Fred,

I love having the opportunity to read books for free.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

One thing I would like to see change:  I have trouble moving the book from my computer to my ipad or kindle.  I would like it if the books would load to my devices automatically like when I buy a book from Amazon or Bookshout!.  Would that be a possibility? Could you have your own app like Bookshout! does?   I do prefer to read ebooks opposed to paperback.

Again, thank you Fred!

Another great idea!

Keep up the great work, Fred.

Any way to have the emails state what is being posted in them instead of having to click the link to go to to site & try to figure out the new posting?

Thanks for allowing us to blog the other books we read - I wonder if many see this on the home page or not (hope so) ... or would another "group" be needed for "Other Book Reviews?" However, I like being able to see the blog/books immediately - do not know if others feel the same.

Chats could be designed for only specific people (like reviewers or authors only) instead of being in the Main Room (maybe this is already being done?).

Another idea:  In the Reviews by Readers maybe have small thumbnails of the books being reviewed so they can be clicked on & then the reviews be seen (have to scroll through each one to find title or author & gets tedious with so many listings sometime). Having the book cover icon would be easier to identify (this could be done with several of the groups too).

Enjoy the changes!

Conny, that would be helpful to show the small thumbnails!

Even though this is a site for people who love to read, the site seems to have an over abundance of text all at once.  We all may be reading "several books at one time," but we can really only read one book at one moment.  The current appearance of the site displays numerous articles simultaneously and might be easier to navigate and digest if more article links were used with less text shown all at once.  A cleaner design with more room for larger font for article titles might be easier for users to navigate.  Of course it is much easier for me to offer suggestions than it may be for their implementation. 



New Member Orientation

We are posting videos here in the this group to help all of our members figure out how to use this site :-)


We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 




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