Finding Hope Book Club near the Atlanta area voted on the BEST books of 2011

It was a close race. Both Book Clubs voted 45 in all. These are the TOP 5 - there was a tie for 5th place.

1.WORDS by Ginny Yttrup

2. HEALER’S APPRENTICE by Melanie Dickerson

3. MEDICAL ERROR by Richard L. Mabry, MD\


TIE - 


5. POSSESSIOby Rene Gutteridge                              5. ROOMS by James L. Rubart

THANKS FOR VOTING EVERYONE!! THANKS to the AUTHORS who either visited us in person and/or we talked to on the phone. You all helped us get to know you and your books better. This was a close race and only one vote separated some books! We did have an amazing line up! We appreciate the hard work and prayers that go into writing each one of your books.

Nora :o)

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Here is my TOP 11 of 2011

I read 120 books last year and it was difficult to narrow down to the top 5 so I picked TOP 11.


Words by Ginny Yttrup


This story touched me to the core of my being. When we heard Ginny's testimony and how this novel came into existance wow, it shows you that we can do anything through Christ's help. He can do far more than we could ever imagine!


I think this book is as good and just as powerful as Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

People of the Book by Kathi Macias


Kathi writes powerfully moving novels. Ones that bring awareness to how God is moving around us. This book struck a cord with me in the fact that it shows how God's Word is alive and well. He doesn't need any help from us to move in the hearts of men. He allows us to partner with him but the bible is the LIVING WORD of God. Wow!

Heiress by Susan May Warren

This was a reviting story of two sisters. Susan said she loosley based it on Jacob and Esau. She describes a time in American History when the Vanderbelts and Rockafella types had an exclusive society and rules. It was fascinating and a book I couldn't put down until I knew the end. This is the First book in a series. Wow!

The First Gardner by Denise Hildreth Jones

This is a powerful, revealing and heartfelt story. A story that shows a loving happy Christian couple in the middle of an intense struggle. Trying to follow the Lord the best they can. But what happens when the circumstances are so heavy that they can't even get out of bed and face the day? Denise writing style and writing flurishes in a novel you won't soon forget.

The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead

 I'm not one who reads Sci-Fi/ Fantasy books on a regular basis but this one caught my eye and I couldn't get enough of Stephen R. Lawhead's writing style. He creates an amazing world and situation that was captivating. I loved his suspenseful writing, his quirky charcters and imaginative story line. Oh, his well timed humor made me laugh out loud too!! Loved this story can't wait to read the next book in the searies. The Bone House.

Shadowed in Silk by Christine Lindsay

This is Christine's debut novel. WOW!! This one blew me away. She helped me experience the Indian culture and struggles on many levels. I could see, smell, and fell their situation. This is Christine's first book. Can't imagin ewhere she goes from here. I'll be waiting!!

Composing Ameila by Alison Strobel

 I loved Alison Strobel's honesty, an volunerability in a book I couldn't put down. It was as if she had read my journal and put some of the dialogue in her books. This is a revealing look at a couple searching for God's will in their live. Will they do God's will when it doesn't match up with what they had expected it to be. Will they let God work even if it's not exactly what they had planned? Was God real or something that they others believed and they just followed suite!! Loved this book!

The Sweetest Thing by Elizabeth Musser

This is a timely book. A book that talkes about the first stock market crash and everyone being poor except an elate few. Can Jesus be the Sweetest Thing in times like that - in times like what we are going through today!! Elizabeth is a missionary in France and has faced some of these things and situations too!! This story takes place in the Atlanta area where she grew up. Love this story and the Author writing style!

Pompeii by T.L. Higley

T.L. Higley is a new author to me but one of my favorites of 2011. The subject matter and the way she wrote this book was captivating. I'll be watching out for more books by this author. She loves history and Jesus and it shows in her writing. Great story! Loved the heart and adventure of this author!


Save the Date Jenny B. Jones

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jenny B Jones. I have to be honest I think this is the best book she's written so far. I loved the message and this authors writing style. She made me laugh outloud in this book and made me think about deep things in life. I couldn't stop telling my customers about this book.

The Reluctant Prophet by Nancy Rue

This book had a slow start and talked about motorcycles in the beginning. It made me wonder where Nancy was going with all this but picked up momentum in chapter 11. All the biker chicks in my group loved the beginning and were fully engaged right away. But this was a book that made you cheer and think about how you do life. The Sequel came out in 2011. I highly recommend the book too. Finding Hope Book Club had this book in their top 5.


All of these books are would make GREAT Book Club Selections. Lively discussion! Multi-fascitated! So much to uncover!!


What are your Top Picks for 2011??? Do Tell!!!


Nora St.Lauren

The Book Club Network CEO

Thanks for this list. I know that many people told me their favorite non-fiction book was the one written about Bonhoeffer!! We've sold alot of that book!

I loved Lady in the Mist by Laurie Alice Eakes,

To Die For by Sandra Byrd,  

Jewel of Persia by Roseanna White,

Freedom's Stand by Jeannette Windle,

And Paradise Valley by Dale Cramer

These are on my TBR Pile. They just moved up a few notches. I did like Lady in the Mist it was fascinating also Paradise Valley was quite interesting as well, when you think this really happened in America!! Thanks for sharing Christine!

Very interesting history indeed in Dale Cramer's book.

I am a big reader of Christian Amish Fiction Books.  Most of the books that I have read in 2011 have been of this genre, however, I have read many other Christian Books.  It would be unfair to say that I have 1 particular favorite book because I enjoy reading them all.  A few I really did not care for, but you cannot like all the books that you read.  If I really had to pick 5, here are 5 that I really enjoyed: 

1.  Treasuring Emma by Kathleen Fuller

2.  The Sound of Sleigh Bells by Cindy Woodsmall

3.  Naomi's Gift by Amy Clipston

4.The Promise of an Angel by Ruth Reid

5.  Katie's Way by Marta Perry

These are probably on the top of my favorites that I have read this year.  I really do find these books to be so uplifting.

I'd have to say PEOPLE OF THE BOOK by Kathi Macias was my favorite book we read this past year.  I also loved POSSESSION by GUTTERIDGE and MEDICAL ERROR by MABRY.    I also loved LEAVING and LEARNING by Karen Kingsbury.  :):)!!


Nora, what book is the January give-away?  Looking forward to our next bookclub meeting.




The Three I mentioned on the Front page. B& H's feature, Bethany House's feature and Can Featured. Check out the FRONT PAGE of TBCN!!

WOW, Nora...that is such a tough question!!!  We had so many good books this year, that it's hard to choose just one or two.  My first thought was "Words" because that book left such an impression on me, but then I remembered "Rooms" when I read your post.  Reading "Rooms" was such a learning tool for me.  It made me take a closer look at all the rooms that I have already uncovered; but even more than that, the book gave me the hope that I will be able to find more 'rooms' that help me grow closer to Christ.

THANKS Chris for your answer. Rooms really rocked alot of our club members worlds!! Thanks for sharing how it gave you hope my friend!!

Rooms sounds like a fascinating book.


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We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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