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One Aussie Summer Package

)ne Personalized Copy of one of the Resolution series books of your choice

Five people who will get the entire series (3 books each)

Michelle Fidler Frances Bott Amy Smelser
Robbi Bourne 
Melissa Lemaire
Carrie Gould 

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This fictional story combines romance, intrigue, and wonderful word pictures that transport the reader to the beautiful land of Australia as seen through the eyes of Bay Anders.  At the death of Bay’s mother, her world had collapsed when she realized the end of her life as a wealthy young photographer living in Los Angeles.   Having always had a desire to find her Australian father, she embarks on what seems as a dead-end search beginning in the Daintree forest in North Queensland.   In the process, Bay encounters hostility from the local folks of Kiisay Point, yet at the same time, she finds strength and hope in a new relationship with God.   As the plot unfolds when Bay reaches Resolution Island, her father’s home, she finds herself dependent on Flynn, her father’s trusted friend.   For the first time in her life, she begins to share her thoughts with this private man, and finds that her value system has changed.


Mrs. Dee has portrayed her characters with such realistic feelings and emotions that I felt as if I were right there and part of their lives.  When they faced danger and mystery, I was pulled into the story sharing their questions and fears.  Truly, this is a book you won’t be able to set down!  I’m so glad that there are two more books in this series, and can’t wait to begin Beyond Resolution, the next one.


I won this book set from Book Club Network and highly recommend it to all who love a little mystery mixed in with inspirational romance. I am voluntarily offering my honest review.  I have posted on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Deeper Shopping as well.

Author, Rose Dee, has produced another winning novel in Beyond Resolution, the second book in the Resolution trilogy.  This poignant story describes how a life without dependence and trust in God can so quickly begin a downward spiral that ends in self-destruction.  Samara, a police officer’s daughter from North Queensland, Australia, is a young woman obsessed with the world of modeling and fashion.  Although a certified nurse, she threw that life away for glamour and hurt many people in her path.  However, her career as a model was short-lived, but her quest for the riches was her priority, so in able to keep that standard of living, she became the mistress of a drug dealer and moved to Sydney.  When he tired of her, she found herself a part of the world of strippers just to supply enough for food to eat and a roof over her head.  Because of her involvement with those of the drug world, she was attacked and left to die on more than one occasion. 


Even though Samara was not seeking God, He was seeking her and put Nick, a man with the love of Jesus for the street people of the city into her path when she was at her lowest.  In this story, Ms. Dee weaves a beautiful parallel of Samara’s journey home with the sinner’s return to the Father.


I was captivated by the raw emotions brought forth through the characters.  This fictional story could very well be someone’s autobiography – it is that realistic.  I could not put it down.  There is an element of fear, mystery, intrigue, but also of family and romance with emotions from disgust and hate to forgiveness and love. 


I won this book set from Book Club Network and I am voluntarily offering my honest review.  I have posted on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Deeper Shopping as well.




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