Strength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer [Paperback]


This book placed 3rd in our Book of the Month last month

Nothing can sap a person's strength and hope quite like a cancer diagnosis--unless it is the energy-stealing chemotherapy and surgeries faced in the fight against cancer. But one can find hope and strength in the pages of Scripture and in the experience of someone who has been there.

Strength Renewed is an encouraging daily devotional for those living in the valley of cancer. Meditations combine Scripture and stories from the author's own experience and can be read in sequential order to move the reader through a typical cancer journey from diagnosis through treatment. Each devotion also stands on its own, so readers can go directly to the entry that speaks to their need. Each meditation concludes with a short prayer and a Scripture verse for encouragement.









Shirley Corder i
s a registered nurse and a breast cancer survivor who has a passion for helping others as they go through treatment. She is a contributing author to several books, including four Guideposts anthologies, and has published many devotions. She lives in South Africa.


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Review will be posted on Amazon, Goodreads and Discover Bible Treasures on 13 May 2013

Title: STRENGTH RENEWED Meditations for your journey through Breast Cancer

Author: Shirley Corder

Publisher: Revell a division of Baker Publishing Group

Published Date: 1 October 2012

Star Rating: 5 out of 5


Beautiful! My heart sings and my strength is renewed.

Although Strength Renewed is a 90 day devotional for breast cancer patients, it is not limited to cancer patients and close friends and family.  Strength Renewed speaks to everyone that needs comfort, hope and some strength.

Strength Renewed is not written by someone who knows about cancer, but is written by someone who has walked this road, who stood up every time her foot stumbled, who made choices with what she had in her hand. Her hand was never empty. Shirley Corder is a breast cancer survivor, but most of all, she is an author that loves the Lord and the life He has given her.

Strength Renewed is a 90 day journey that helps people process their prognosis, and find encouragement. Cancer, like any illness or crisis, affects the people around you. Therefore Strength Renewed is a great opportunity for family members to take part in this devotional journey, together, united.

Each day begins and ends with the Word of God. In the middle is the content, protected by the Word of God on both sides, functioning as the shield of truth and safety.

  • The day’s devotion begins with the Bible passage to be read for that day.
  • The Bible passage is explained intertwined with Shirley Corder’s own personal experiences, in a beautiful song of praise to God.
  • This is followed by three questions for the reader to answer. These questions are honest, practical and to the heart questions regarding the journey of cancer. These questions are not always easy questions, and some of the answers are not easy. It takes courage to work through these questions.
  • The questions are followed by a prayer you can pray.
  • The devotion ends with a Bible verse.

One of the greatest lessons I learned by reading Strength Renewed, is that one should not be ashamed of having cancer. It is not a swear word, it is a name given to an illness. The name Jesus is much bigger than the name cancer.

Revell, a divison of Baker Publishing Group, as part of their media review bloggers program at provided this Book to me for free in exchange for this honest review. 

Thank you for your prompt review Retha. I'm glad you found the book uplifting.

So glad you shared about "Squiffles" Pam. He made such an impact on my life. Thank you for the review.

Thank you Kim! Great that you referred to the section at the back. I think that's the first time anyone has.

Thank you so much for this review Kim. I appreciate you taking the time.

This review has been posted on Amazon ( ), ( ) and Ruth Ann Dell's blog ( )

"Strength Renewed" consists of 90 devotions which follow Shirley Corder's cancer journey chronologically, but they can be read in any order as each one stands alone. Shirley's upbeat personality, laced with her lovely sense of humour, shines through this beautifully written book. She comes alongside her readers as she chats with honesty and transparency about the roller coaster ride of having cancer, her treatment, recovery and personal relationships. Her faith in God is evident throughout the book.

The meditations can be read on several different levels. Whether you want encouragment from the Bible, down-to-earth tips, words of hope, a short prayer or a connection with someone who really knows what the cancer valley is like because they've been there, you'll find it in this book. Shirley has included three questions in each devotion for those who wish to explore the cancer journey in more depth.

Shirley's prayer in the introduction is that "this book will strengthen your faith." My brush with cancer was many years ago, but I found much in "Strength Renewed" to strengthen my faith today.

I strongly recommend "Strength Renewed". It's an outstanding resource for anyone with cancer and for their companions on the journey through the cancer valley.

I give this beautiful book 5 0ut 0f 5 stars

Thanks so much for this review, Ruth! I'm so glad you found the book of value even though your brush with cancer was so long ago. 

Strength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer by Shirley Corder

My Review:

This is an amazing book of meditations for women going through breast cancer. Each page gives some thought provoking questions, things to ponder, words of wisdom and some simply amazing well thought out prayers.

I was very impressed with this book. I, personally, do not have breast cancer, but have friends who do and my grandmother (raised me) had a double mastectomy from breast cancer, so I wanted to read this book to see how it would help others, and even possibly me should I ever need it. I was so very amazed at the faith Shirley Corder shows in this book.

I would recommend this book to anyone dealing with breast cancer and even possibly loved ones. You can alter the prayers for those who are in need of prayers that are dealing with breast cancer if you aren't the person with the ugly disease.

Five stars for this book. I loved it!

I recieved this book from the publisher Baker Publishing Group and for my honest opinion.

The reviews for this book can be found at the following sites:

Shawna, thank you so much for this encouraging review. I pray you will never personally need it, but I'm glad you feel it is one that would help should the time come.

Please would you consider posting this on as well? I'd appreciate that so much. 

Thanks again.
Blessings from S.Africa!


I sure can. It won't be for a couple of days because I haven't actually made a purchase this year on my amazon account and in order to write a review you have to have made a purchase. So, I just made a purchase but it takes up to 48 hours to show on my account. I will have that review up there in a couple days, though. Thank you so much for allowing me to review your book. It was such an inspiration!

I did put this on my Goodreads review as well!


I have added reviews of this book to and DeeperShopping!

Thank you for a fabulous review, Shawna, and for the reminder that the Lord can speak to us through the book even if we don't have cancer. Praise the Lord!


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