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Sometimes going home means leaving everything you have ever known.

When the doctor pronounces ‘incurable cancer’ and gives Bobbie Blake one year to live, she agrees to accompany her niece, Tracie, on a trip back to Austria, back to The Oasis, a ministry center for refugees that Bobbie helped start twenty years earlier.  Back to where there are so many memories of love and loss…


Bobbie and Tracie are moved by the plight of the refugees and in particular, the story of the Iranian Hamid, whose young daughter was caught with a New Testament in her possession in Iran, causing Hamid to flee along The Refugee Highway and putting the whole family in danger.  Can a network of helpers bring the family to safety in time?  And at what cost?


Filled with action, danger, heartache and romance, The Long Highway Home is a hymn to freedom in life’s darkest moments.


Elizabeth Musser, a native of Atlanta, Georgia now living in France, is a novelist who writes what she calls 'entertainment with a soul.' Elizabeth attended The Westminster Schools in Atlanta and Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee where she majored in French and English literature, graduated magna cum laude and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa honor society. 

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Dear Wonderful Readers,

Bonjour from my little writing chalet (tool shed) in France. Welcome back to many of you. I am delighted that you have chosen to read my brand new novel The Long Highway Home. I have written 4 articles about my inspiration for and writing of this novel which you can find in the June, July, and August 2016 editions of The Book Fun Magazine. The fourth article will come out in the February 2017 edition. Please email me at elizabeth.musser@iteams.org if you don't have a copy of the magazine and would like to read these articles!

But just a very short version of the inspiration: my husband and I travel around Europe offering pastoral care for our International Teams missionaries. The stories in The Long Highway Home are inspired by true stories of our workers at 'The Oasis', a Christian coffee house (and much more) located outside of Vienna. The novel also follows the lives of an Iranian family fleeing their country. Their story is also inspired by testimonies I have heard from refugees who have traveled the same path.

I pray you will be moved by this novel and that in 2017 you find yourselves drawn ever closer to Isa al Masi, (the name for Jesus Christ in Arabic.)

I have one favor to ask. This is my first self-published novel and it should be up on amazon within the next few days. If, however, you cannot find it there (to leave a review), would you please consider leaving a review on my website here: Reader Reviews for The Long Highway Home? I am so deeply grateful to all my 'pre-readers' who will help me get the word out about The Long Highway Home which officially releases on March 7, 2017.





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The Long Highway Home by Elizabeth Musser is a book that I wanted to read the minute I read the back cover. With all the different relationships represented, each interweaving and the storylines that kept me turning the pages, this book gave depth to the characters and the issues faced.  I thoroughly enjoyed it – from the writing to the message. 

I received this book for free from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are mine. 

I had a hard time getting into this read. I was very surprise by that because that hasn't been true of any other reads written by this author. I think maybe it was because there were so many characters to follow and develop that it takes a while to be pulled into the read.

About half way in, I became very interested into what was going to happen to those in danger. Some of the characters I liked. Other characters I found difficulty even making them real in my mind.

The author does say who is speaking as the book moves from the first person POV to the next, but with so many to follow it seems a lot gets lost.

The stories are interesting, and if you don't mind following a lot of characters and plot lines, you roll enjoy the Oasis. For me, it was just too difficult to follow so many. Towards the end as I related better to a few of the characters, my interest increased , and the read became more enjoyable.

It did have a few swear words p**** and h***. The last one was used in context some and out of context some.

If you like overseas settings, stories of refugees, and books that follow many different plots this read might be for you. I just had a really difficult time with it. It wasn't enough however to keep me from finishing.

I could say more, but anything much I say will be a spoiler. I prefer to leave the storyline for the reader of the book not the reader of my review.

I received this book through bookfun. All opinions are my own.

I have left a review on Goodreads and Amazon...more to follow

Thanks, Rachael, for reading another of my novels. It sounds like this one was a bit harder for you to get into. One of my editors used to kid me that I write novels with a 'cast of thousands'! You're not the first reader to say it was hard to keep up with all of them.

I am excited to have the novel coming out 'for such a time as this'. Although I wrote it several years ago, I couldn't get it out until now. And voila, refugees are certainly making the headlines. Hopefully it will give readers a different perspective on refugees than what we see in the news.

Blessings on you!


      I loved reading "The Long Highway Home," by Elizabeth Musser! The story does start out a bit slow, as we are introduced to several characters. But, wow! It sure packs a punch! I believe a lot of creative thinking would be needed to write a story filled with side stories, both victorious ones, and heartrendingly sad ones.

      I am so impressed with the selfless way that many of the characters in this book cared for and helped others. The violence and hatred suffered in the stories are so sad. And I can't even imagine the pain-filled struggle to escape such horrid situations, let alone the many, many miles of walking, often sick, freezing and hungry. Sneaking across borders, praying to be invisible, to be able to get to safety!! This is a timely book, as so many often see refugees as scary, dangerous and terrorists. It is a good reminder that most of them are just normal humans looking for a better way.

      I found this book to be a thought provoking read. It does contain some scenes of violence, but is clean and easy to read. There is a lot of travel and some introduction to various cultures and beliefs that were unfamiliar to me.

      I received this book from "The Book Club Network" in exchange for my honest review. This review is posted at Amazon and Goodreads. Also on the author's website, per her request. I was saddened to not be able to find this book at Barnes & Noble, DeeperShopping or CBD, the places I usually leave reviews.

Thank you, dear Mary, for reading and reviewing of 'The Long Highway Home'. I so appreciated your thoughts. As you have read, so much of what I put in the novel is based on true stories. Hopefully in this time where refugees are a hot button topic, the novel will show a different, non-political perspective.

And many thanks for sending me your review for my website as well as putting it on amazon. The print version is only available on amazon for the time being (to give early readers a chance to leave reviews). But soon (the official launch date is March 7) we'll make it available as an ebook across a wide variety of providers.

If you are interested, you can join my Author page on Facebook here: Facebook Fan Page



'Entertainment with a Soul'


What an interesting book! I kept forgetting that it was fiction because it seemed so real. The Long Highway Home is the story of refugees from Iran and of Americans and others who help them escape and tell them of Isa (Jesus). In the beginning I had difficulty keeping the characters straight because of the names being foreign to me as an American. I'm sure the story was based on true events and my heart goes out to these people and how they suffer. I highly recommend The Long Highway Home to others. I received my copy of the book through BookFun.org. This is my honest opinion. I posted reviews on Goodreads, Facebook and Amazon but have not been able to find it on any of the other places I usually post.

Thank you, dear Joan, for reading and reviewing of 'The Long Highway Home'.

As with 'Two Crosses', I did have a large cast of characters. Thanks for persevering until you could keep them straight. As you guessed, so much of what I put in the novel is based on true stories. Hopefully in this time where refugees are a hot button topic, the novel will show a different, non-political perspective.

And many thanks for sending me your review for my website as well as putting it on amazon and Goodreads. The print version is only available on amazon for the time being (to give early readers a chance to leave reviews). But soon (the official launch date is March 7) we'll make it available as an ebook across a wide variety of providers.

If you are interested, you can join my Author page on Facebook here: Facebook Fan Page



'Entertainment with a Soul'


Dear Joan,

As I was answering other readers' here, I saw that my reply to you from February 3 was blank! I don't know what happened to it, but in case you didn't receive it, I'm thanking you once again for your review of The Long Highway Home. So glad you chose to read another of my novels and enjoyed it.

As you probably read in the Acknowledgments, much of the novel is inspired by true stories of refugees and missionaries. My husband and I are privileged to visit The Oasis as we serve in a pastoral role.

This is my first indie novel, which is why you haven't been able to find it on other sites where you usually post. I so appreciate you getting the word out.

Blessings on your summer!




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Thank you so much for allowing me to read and review this book. I have placed my reviews on Google Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, on my blog at https://lakesidelivingsite.wordpress.com/2017/02/23/the-long-highwa... and on GoodReads

The Long Highway Home, written by Elizabeth Musser, is a story of going back to correct things left unfinished. Bonnie Blake has been given one year to life and at the insistence of her niece, Tracy, she returns to Austria and the ministry she left years earlier.
This story is several stories within the story. We read the story of Bonnie and her ministry work, until she left it to return to the United States to help Tracy's mother raise her family after the death of Tracy's father. We also read Tracy's story, of her coming to faith and her feeling of staying on in Austria working in The Oasis ministry center.
We also meet Hamid and his family. Hamid is an Iranian who was forced to flee Iran after the police caught him and his daughter with a Bible. The story tells of Hamid's journey to get to safety and the hardships he endured. We also read of his family and their journey to get to him when they are forced to flee Iran.
We also meet Amir, Bonnie's former boyfriend. Together Bonnie and Amir return to Iran to help Hamid's family cross the border to safety. Amir has been told if he entered Iran again his life would be endanger.
I really enjoyed reading this book! The story is told from various peoples point of views but is labeled as such so it is easy to follow along. The story is filled with action and suspense, making it hard to put down. But we also see the tender side of the story. We see a woman who has only a short time to live and the struggles she go through. We see her trying to undo the wrongs from her past. And we also see the type of love that is strong enough to survive years of not knowing what happened. I feel this is a book that would be enjoyed by almost anyone.
I received a copy of this book from the author and Book Club Network. I have freely chosen to write this honest review.
405 pages
ISBN: 9781532312595
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform;
To read more about the author visit http://www.elizabethmusser.com/
Some places you can buy this book are:

Bonjour, dear Helen!

Thanks so much for your lovely review of TLHH (as I call it). I'm so sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. It's been an interesting journey as this is the first novel I have self-published. I really appreciate your leaving reviews on the various sites, too.

As you read, this novel was very dear to my heart because my husband and I have had the privilege of visiting the real Oasis and watching our colleagues there show love in action. And so many of the stories of refugees in The Long Highway Home are based on true stories.

Thanks too for adding the review to your blog! Merci!

If you are interested, you can join my Author page on Facebook here: Facebook Fan Page

and on  Twitter. you can see photos from scenes in The Long Highway Home on Pinterest.

Blessings on you,


'Entertainment with a Soul'


With so much about refugees in the news and the seemingly constant threat of terrorism, this book is very timely. I don’t know that I went into it with any particular expectations, but I was interested enough to want to read it. What I found is a well-written and understandable novel of realistic circumstances that has helped me better understand the work of those who try to help refugees and point the curious to Christ.

A dominant theme in this book is trusting God with both the small events in our lives and the very big ones. Even when we don’t understand the “why?” questions, knowing He is good and that He has a plan, including those times it seems unfair, makes life livable in even the darkest times. I love that God is not limited in this novel, that He is given a prominent place in the story and is shown to truly work all things together for the good of those who love Him.

The only downside to this novel is that there are a lot of seemingly unconnected characters. I enjoy how the author wove these different threads into a complex and well thought out whole, but at the beginning, it comes across as choppy and unrelated. If another reader is experiencing this, I would suggest continuing on as it really does all come quickly together in a nice package.

I would recommend this book to those curious about missions work, the persecuted Church, and even those who wonder if Middle Eastern refugees really need a safe place to go. This book has helped me to see their plight in a new way, making me much more likely to express sympathy rather than suspicion. Isn’t that what we owe our brothers and sisters?

I received a free copy of this book through The Book Club Network (bookfun.org), but no compensation for this review. I was not required to write a favorable one and the opinions expressed are both honest and my own.

I posted the above review at:

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1975431538

Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/review/R37GCMCJS97RI7/ref=pe_1098610_1377162...  

I also added it on Barnes & Noble and Pinterest.

I apologize that it took me a couple weeks longer than I had anticipated to post the review, but thank you for the opportunity to help spread the word about this novel.


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