We have provided the study in this group, as we have many others, but have not seen the activity that we have in the past.

Makes us wonder why not?

So please help us here? 

1) Are the questions too personal to respond to publicly?

2) Look at the study and let us know if this kind of workshop would have value in your community?

3) Would you consider recommending this study to home groups, book clubs or your Church?

4) If so why?

5) If not, why?

Thanks so much for your help in this and your support of Book Fun!


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I am definitely interested in this study but I have not had much time the last few weeks to devote to the computer. So right now I cannot answer these questions very honestly. I will try to take a little time this week to go through some of the study and see what I think. 

I apologize for not being able to participate at the moment as I would have liked. 

Thanks Amy... be sure to look for the contest on the bottom of the home page?

I have been too busy to explore this. I am interested but life is so full.

Now that I am talking about the right study I can share my thoughts. I probably signed up to do the study because I knew it was going to be good. I can't make any excuses Exocet to say I really forgot about it. I think the study is very valuable and the questions are great for going deeper in the Word. This would be a perfect study for a Church , BookClub , private study for yourself or honegroup. Now that I have looked over the study I'm wondering is it to late to begin doing it? I would really like to do this study.
I apologize for not following through on my commitment to this valuable study.

Is it essential to have a book to go along with this study to read by the week? I am just curious as I looked over week one and although I was able to follow the train of thought, I was wondering if I was missing something. And were we supposed to answer the questions -that he answered? Or simply leave a testimony? I think I am a little lost as to what exactly we are supposed to be doing here. 

Thanks for the reminder of this study.  I am like Amy in thinking, that you might need the book, to understand what is going on in the discussion.

I have just joined this group but this video session was very interesting. I didn't think the the discussion was too personal and I would consider suggesting this as a church study.My only concern would be the logistics of everyone having access because our area doesn't always have the best Internet service. I watched this video using my cell phone data plan.

They come to the church and teach the seminars

I have been so busy that this study completely slipped my mind. I have gone back and went through each week that was posted and read and commented. Lots of great thought provoking questions. I may not have answered all of them but it's given me some information to "chew on for a while and digest".

Some of the questions I have no idea how to answer. 

I'm sure this kind of worship would have value to some in my community.

I could recommend this study but I wouldn't be a participant.

This is not a topic I feel I am wanting to be in with a group study. It's very relevant to some and yes it would bless a church group study.  The first one (study) when I joined the group was on suicide and not one I felt I needed to be in.

If the topic doesn't speak to me..I don't seem to make the time to follow the discussion.  I  joined this group but I don't think I have signed up to participate in any of the studies. 


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