This question is really for authors and publishers.

Several friends have suggested I would make a good publicist.

I am considering a change in career and so I have a couple of questions (been in the hospital 11 of the last 21 days and may have to look for something different to do so your help would be appreciated greatly)


Question one: What makes a good publicist/ marketer?


Question two: What can a good publicist expect to earn, or to charge satisfied clients?


Any thoughts?

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I would totally hire you in a heartbeat to help me promote Writing Career Coach. Let me know if you decide to do it and what your rates are services are.

It would be kind of funny since I worked for you as a recruiter a few years ago, but that's why I'd hire you. I KNOW that when you put your mind to something you get results and you don't have any hint of phone fear.

Keep me posted, okay!!

As an author, I have to say, I think the marketing and promotion of a book is very time consuming, not to mention difficult. I need to spend more time writing and for the record, I cannot sell anything, so having a publicist would be wonderful. A good publicist, in my opinion would do everything they can to market their client's book(s) and get the word out about it. As for payment, I have no idea and wonder if they work like agents do, getting a percentage of the royalties.

Sorry to hear about your health issues and I wish you lots of success in your new endeavor, should you decide to go for it!
As a reviewer, something that I think makes a good publicist is being responsive. I despise working with those that never respond to any emails and just expect you to assume they got your message and you never know if they did until the book arrives. The ones that email me back even with a one word response or smile are my favorites and the ones that I actually seem to work harder for and do things for without being asked (given a free book) etc.
I agree Margaret. I will put the date on my calender and respond I am interested. I hate when I dont hear back. Also being from Australia if they are not sending here its good to know upfront but I have had some say they will but the book never arrives. When it happens from the one company on a regular basis I take it they are not sending here.
Just a quick note saying your email was received is good.
I have a couple now I am not sure about as I was to receive a pdf and haven't heard back yet.

One think to think about if you have international reviewers allow a little extra time for shipping. Also some wont send out of USA and others will so let your reviewers know if it is US only.
I would like to add a couple of questions:
What are the services normally provided by a good Publicist?
I have heard:
Book Signings
Speaking Engagements
Printing (What; book marks, brochures, book plates?)
Book club visits...

What about Radio and TV with local stations?

What else?
Also I keep hearing about having a good list of contacts, or being willing to develop this list.
So, what would a list of contacts look like?
I am looking for titles like:
Book store owners
Book club leaders
Radio talk show hosts etc...
Can anyone add to this?
Fred, getting a good contact list is just plain ole hard work. I started mine by the publicity I got for myself promoting my own novel. My company, Promotion a la Carte, does a good job of landing people online interviews both print and talk show. Example, Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

We also set up blog book tours and host great online events.

Ours is online only, so I'm not a good source for local publicity, and don't work in printing promo products at all. Each publicist I know of works their specialties only. Many of the things you mentioned might be in the realm of the agent?...not sure about that.

I'm interested too in learning more about the book clubs online. Anyone knowledgeable there who might share?
A good one keeps you so busy with radio interviews you don't time to work. I once had 14 hours of interviews in one day. The reason that book was a best seller was because of Melanie getting me out there.

As my publishers have always assigned the publicists, I have no idea on the earnings.
A great resource is Glass Roads PR [Rebecca Seitz's company] they talk about the kinds of services to expect.

Printing up marketing materials I guess could work, but I don't usually associate that with a publicist. A publicist helps you get booked on shows, interviews, blogs, etc. They also help you get interviewed in magazines, newspapers... I was once told that a publicist helps you get on the free advertising and a marketer helps you get on the paid advertising. If that helps.

And Phred, if you encounter anyone who needs things like marketing materials Writing Career Coach does those. We have a designer we work with [three actually, so we never get backlogged] and a great printing place that makes really high quality stuff. Just wanted to let you know on that.

Hi Fred,

I'm the founder of Promotion a la Carte for authors. We're a budget minded publicity company. I've found that each publicists has their specialties. we list ours on our products menu. You can watch our welcome video and some to the other instructional videos, etc to get a feel. I also posted an article on my blog teaching authors how to promote, "Burned by a Pulicist?"

I lay out what we do and what we do not do for our clients very clearly in our contract. Pay close attention to that.

Good Luck, Fred!


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