This question is really for authors and publishers.

Several friends have suggested I would make a good publicist.

I am considering a change in career and so I have a couple of questions (been in the hospital 11 of the last 21 days and may have to look for something different to do so your help would be appreciated greatly)


Question one: What makes a good publicist/ marketer?


Question two: What can a good publicist expect to earn, or to charge satisfied clients?


Any thoughts?

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Well, I work with a lot of publicists through the Christian Review of Books. Good ones send books out to a comprehensive list of reviewers, follow-up on those, set up interviews with online, print, radio, and if possible TV media sources for their clients, sometimes assist with in-person appearances, flyers etc. . . .

A lot of it is having your finger on the pulse, so to speak. Knowing what outlets are doing what, and so being able to direct the correct clients that way. Having the connections at these different outlets is obviously helpful. And communication is key!

Maybe you could talk to a few publicists directly, even work with them from home? Some of the best I've worked with are Glass Road PR, Pure Publicity, Kathy Carlton Willis Communications, Wynn-Wynn . . . and I've also recently worked with Promotion a la Carte. I could probably get you the names of a few more if I dig through my email files. =)
I'm sorry to hear about your hospital stay and ill health. I used a publicist only once for a short time. She was new at the game and the results weren't what I would have hoped for. I think she worked hard, but didn't have the connections needed or the personality or . . . something. Anyway, for me it wasn't worth the money.

I'd like to hear what others have to say.

Bonnie, This is what I want to hear about as well. What were your expectations? You said the results were not what you had hoped for. So what were the hopes that you had and what actually happened?
Also what did you pay them...?
Reply privately to me and I would keep it confidential...
thanks for your help.
Hi Fred. It was so many years ago, what was expected and the venues used are so different these days. I can't even remember what the cost was, but it was very reasonable.

I do remember hoping she'd connect me with more bookstores for booksignings. The managers of the stores needed to know what to do to prepare and they needed to have enthusiasm to pass along to customers--I don't think we were very successful at this. And I enjoyed speaking and teaching and had hoped she'd help schedule more of these types of events for me. I think I managed to connect with more on my own.

Today, so much is done online, which I prefer because of time constraints and I have been having terrible trouble with my back in recent years--however, I am now getting help and moving forward and praying for good days to come.

I don't know if this is helpful at all, but that's my two cents worth.

I pray for success for you.
Question one: What makes a good publicist/ marketer?
Enthusiasm, dependability, assertiveness
consistency, Creativity, Self motivation
Good connections, Good "people skills"
... and then question two :-) ?
Just this morning I received a message frrom 1st Turning Points with notes about a publicist who has written a highly successful book herself. Her name is Penny C. Sensevieri and her web site is A Marketing Expert The book she has written is called Red Hot Internet Publicity: An Insider’s Guide to Marketing Your Book on the Internet.

Media contacts are key to a publicist and knowing what editors/media/libraries/bookstores/readers need makes the difference between productive success and frustrated failure. Roseanna's suggestion re: interning with a publicist would give you the practical background to build your own business and give you an idea of rates charged.
Thanks I will look up the book...
Any information I get and I am allowed to share, I will post here.
Fred I think the best thing to do to find out fees is to Google publicists sites and check out their fee page.
Most list their services and fees.
Praying for you and what your next move is to be.
I agree. Our prices our very budget minded, and our services very specific. We communicate up front what Promotion a la Carte does for you. Many people confuse publicity with having an agent. In our case we contract with you for specified services and that's the end, until you decide to do your next publicity push. We have a welcome explanation video at our site.

Every publicist I've seen is a little different. As an author I'd never use just one for all my needs, because some are better at one thing than another. That's true of each of us.

My advice is don't try to do it all. Do what you do best, better than anyone!
I checked this out and it has a lot of very helpful information.
Thanks Bonnie
This sounds very interesting. Anyone here read the book? What did you think?


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