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ABOUT SARAH'S SMILE: Romance. Heartbreak. Scandal. Secrets. Second Chances.

In 1902, Sarah McCall is waiting to leave for the mission field when the man she once loved steps back into her life. Abandoned as a child by her mother and gambler father, she strives to overcome a tarnished history she didn’t create and a heartbreak she can’t forget.

Peter Caswell returns to his Wisconsin hometown a pastor, dedicated to his four-year-old daughter and new congregation. But no matter how hard he tries to move on with his life, he can’t forgive himself for his wife’s death.

When Sarah learns that Peter is returning to Riverton, the letter giving her departure date for Africa can’t come soon enough for her. They were best friends—she loved him and supported his dreams—but he married another and broke her heart. Although ten years have passed since he left Riverton, Peter hopes Sarah still cares enough to give him a second chance. But a charming newcomer pursues her affections—and Sarah’s childhood nemesis manipulates her way into Peter’s life. Will Sarah and Peter find their way to forgiveness and each other, or will past mistakes make a life together impossible?

Author’s Notes


The story is influenced by my hometown, Prairie Farm, Wisconsin, and some of the people who lived there in the early 1900s. My parents also grew up in that rural community. Prairie Farm, the oldest settlement in Barron County, was built along Hay River. It began to develop when the Knapp-Stout Company (lumber) made their headquarters there in 1848.


Because the story is fiction and comes purely from my imagination, I changed the names of people who I based some of my characters on, as well as some of the town’s buildings and layout.


Michelle Fidler

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1. Does your library have DVD's you can check out? What kind of DVD's do you like to check out?

2. Do any of you use the online services your library offers? If so, which ones do you use?

3. What do you like most about checking out ebooks from your library? Magazines?

4. Which would you choose?

a. You get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night?

b. Your house cleans itself?

c. Your kids eat everything you serve them without complaining.

d. Someone runs all of your errands. 

NOTE: If you are interested in REVIEWING the book  - PLEASE mention that you'd like to put your name in for the novel SARAH'S  SMILE and/or Hope's Design review copy.

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Nora St.Laurent

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Replies to This Discussion

Hi, Tammy! Good choice! I keep reading about the importance of getting 8 hours of sleep a night. There are so many health benefits of getting rest, but most of us don't seem to get what we need. 

4. Since I hate housework it would have to be a self cleaning house!
Please enter me for both books and the Kindle. Thank you!

Hi, Gail! I'm with you! I love having a clean house, but I don't enjoy keeping it that way!

Thanks for your interest in reviewing Sarah's Smile and Hope's Design!

Question 4. I would choose a self-cleaning house as I never seem to be caught up. Pleases enter me in the Kindle giveaway and also for the chance to read and review the books. Thanks.

Hi, Victoria! I agree! Having a self-cleaning house would be amazing! I love having a clean house, but I don't love the work it takes to keep it up!

Thanks for your interest in reviewing Sarah's Smile and Hope's Design!

Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep would be so great. I cannot sleep straight through the night unless I am sick. I am dreaming of it.

Hi, Sonnetta! Interrupted sleep can be frustrating, especially if the mind wakes up and won't shut back down again. I think we Americans tend to live on far less sleep than what is healthy. I hope you get some good rest tonight!

#4 B A HOuse that cleans itself for sure :)

Hi, Sabrina! A self-cleaning house would be my choice too!

1. Does your library have DVD's you can check out? What kind of DVD's do you like to check out?
Our county library system has a large number of DVD's. Our favorites are Hallmark, especially their mysteries.

Hi, Carlton! I enjoy Hallmark movies too. Fortunately, I have both the Hallmark and the Hallmark  Movie & Mystery channel through our cable subscription. I record pretty much everything!

1. Yes! My library has a wide variety of DVDs to check out and there are many who use their extensive selection for family movie nights or couple's date nights or just a fun evening at home. If it's for my husband and me, I usually choose a comedy because he likes to laugh. If I'm choosing a movie to watch on my own, I go more for the chick flick. Sometimes I choose a good action movie but I'm pretty selective on those.


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