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ABOUT AUTHOR: Hello! My name is Cecil Murphey, but everyone just calls me 'Cec.'

I've written dozens of books on a variety of topics with an emphasis on Spiritual Growth, Christian Living, Caregiving, and Recovery. In these books, I share my personal experiences as I strive to be closer to God and to seek his will for me. 

My passion is to stimulate people's minds and nourish their souls. Since 1984, I've used my writing to help me accomplish those goals. My first book came off the press in 1975. To date, I've published more than 135 books and hundreds of articles. 

When I write, I have the opportunity to share my faith and my spiritual growth with others. My nonfiction books are based on my personal experiences, experiences that have been enhanced and developed by meeting people just like you.




1. One of the books "90 Minutes in Heaven" was recently made into a movie. Did you see it in theaters? If so, What did you think about the story? Close to the book (if you read it) or very different?

2. Cecil Murphy helps people tell their stories. He's written Ben Carson's story "Gifted Hands", "90 Minutes in Heaven" and many others. Have you read any of his books? If so which ones? If not, which would you like to read?

3. When you read non-fiction books what do you look for? What do you end up reading in that genre?

4. If there was a 0n-line book club would you join it?

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I've read 90 Minutes in heaven and found it intriguing. Nice to see you here, Cec. :)

Marcia Laycock

Please enter me in the draw for the kindle fire. Thank you!

4. No, I would not join an online bookclub. I don't think I'd fit well into any book club. Please enter my name in the Kindle giveaway.

90 Minutes in Heaven was interesting. I would like to see the movie too..

3. Most of the ones I gravitate towards are biography type ones. I like reading about other's lives with humor or encouraging stories in them.  I'm not much for self-help ones since I feel they can get overwhelming and such.  I like to see bits of personal lives, stories, anecdotes, encouraging tidbits, etc., in the ones I pick out.  

I LOVE Gifted Hands! I am so honored to "meet" you here. I have not seen (nor read) 90 Minutes, but have heard about it. I'll have to check it out at redbox.

I do enjoy nonfiction. I especially love reading missionary biographies and medical stories. That si what drew me to Ben Carson's story.

4.  Yes, I would join an online book club, if it was just once a month and if the types of books were interesting to me.  I am a member of my town library's book club and a summer book club for women teachers.  I enjoy those.  Please enter me in the contest.  Thank you.

I haven't read any of Cecil's books, but they look very interesting. And I need to check the movie too. Thanks for the recommendations ladies. 

Please, enter me for a Kindle drawing. 

I've read 90 Minutes in Heaven but I haven't seen the movie. I always find the books more enjoyable than the movies.
Please enter me in the drawing.

I've read Gifted Hands. I enjoyed it very much. Ben Carson spoke at my brother's graduation from medical school, and I was very impressed with him.

I enjoy reading biographies and autobiographies when I read nonfiction.

I am a member of an online book club. It's a very casual one, so we can chime in with questions or comments whenever we want. If we don't have time to read the book that month, we can just "lurk."  :-D 

When I read non-fiction I am looking for people that overcame something or an inspiring story. It has to change my life or thinking in some way. Two of my favorites book were The American Sniper( minus the language) and Fearless: Adam Brown Navy SEAL story.

I did not read 90 Minutes in Heaven and enjoyed it. I was amazed how many things had to have happened for him to live.

I have not read non-fiction books in years.  I used to read them all the time.  I loved biographies, computer language books, self-help books, etc.  I loved to learn through books.  Now I prefer to spend my time reading fiction.  Stories that will take me into a different world.  Happy Holidays!



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