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ABOUT AUTHOR: Nicholas Marziani is a married Roman Catholic priest serving within the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, a Catholic jurisdiction oriented toward preserving the historic Anglican Patrimony. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering technology and marine/environmental studies, respectively, as well as advanced studies in theology and ministry, holding the Doctor of Ministry from the former Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry. He and his wife, Joanne, of 45 years have three adult children and seven grandchildren, two of which he baptized himself. Fr. Marziani and Joanne reside and work in St. Augustine, FL, and enjoy travel, volunteer work and reading good books - and visiting grandchildren from Boston to Texas,


"A young man embraces his heart and embarks on an unforgettable mission as he grows into the manhood - and ministry - to which God has called him, with a holy woman who gave up all to serve at his side. As they do so they knit worlds together, worlds that must either reconcile or perish together."




1. What do you look forward to doing at Christmas time? Thanksgiving time?

2. Are there family games and activities you like to do at Christmas time? Thanksgiving?

3. What are the foods you look forward to eating during this time of year?

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I look forward to seeing family and friends at Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year, for Thanksgiving, we are going to MD for a reveal party for our wife and son. That will be exciting! For Christmas, I hope to see my grandchildren, but will probably only see the ones who live closest to us. I have five grandchildren who live in PA so we will skype with them as we celebrate Jesus’s birthday.

We have a Swiss bread recipe that is so yummy. We have it during the year, but it's especially great at Christmas time. We also have some Swiss cookie recipes that my sister makes at Christmas. I always look forward to being with family members at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

1. What do you look forward to doing at Christmas time? Thanksgiving time?
The Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving, our church has a special "Pie and Praise" service in which we sing songs of thankfulness and praise to God and share testimonies, and then have fellowship and pie. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, our community has a "Merriment on Main" evening in the old downtown. I look forward to both of those events.
At both Thanksgiving and Christmas, I always look forward to getting together with family members that we don't see very often, if ever, the rest of the year. It's also a special time to send out family/friend e-mails and updates, to sing and listen to Christmas carols, to see/hear the "Messiah", and to focus on the birth of our Savior.

We just got back from our trip to MD and found out that we are going to have a new granddaughter. That makes 8 granddaughters (one is in Heaven) and two grandsons. So blesses!

2. Family activities would be at Christmas. As a young girl still living at home. our family would gather pots and pans and spoons and any musical instruments and head to next door where the relatives lived. They'd invite us in after hearing us sing and make noise. Have a warm drink and cookies then they'd come with us to the next house-another relatives house. This would go on for a few hours and we'd have so many relatives houses that we'd do it the next night also. So much fun for all no matter what age and musical abilities you had.

Thanks and pleas enter my name for a kindle,

We look forward to ham, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and chocolate pie.

Thanksgiving allows me to make my mom's stuffing which makes the meal for me. The turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy aren't the same without it! Christmas time is snowball cookie time. My mom made these every year and now I enjoy baking these delightful little bites of joy, too.

Thank you for participating in the kindle giveaway and for being a Christian author!

Spending time with family. We now live close enough to be able to be together. That is a huge blessing for us!
I look forward to being with extended family and playing board or table games. I especially like to play Apples to Apples with my parents and sister and her family!

I love having time to relax with family both at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. It's truly the only time in the year where i can read, watch TV, sleep in and just relax with everyone. 

Thank you for this opportunity.

in Him,

Cheri :)

This is the first Christmas since I retired in June. So I am looking forward to family time and relaxing with good books.

I always look forward to eating pies during this time of year. I don't typically get pies the rest of the year, but look forward to them this time of year!


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