ABOUT BOOK: 1925 – What happens in the roaring twenties when a daredevil barnstormer falls in love with a wing-walking flapper threatened by dangerous men who will exploit her? Orphan and wing-walker Gloria needs a job when her boss dies in a barnstorming accident. With no other jobs available, she sweet-talks Rand into letting her walk his wing.

Flying Ace Rand fights wartime injuries that hamper his flying even as he works to gain the world-record for solo flight across the Atlantic. He bucks his wealthy dad’s plans for him to settle down, join the company, and marry a socialite. Rand falls in love with the courageous, fun-loving, talented, and above all daring Gloria. But Orphan Gloria’s experienced too many men who promise love and marriage and instead take advantage of her being alone in the world. She holds Rand at arm’s length. Without her knowledge, Rand protects her and makes sure she doesn’t starve. When Gloria’s offered a movie contract Rand knows he must intervene. Will Gloria turn her back on fame and fortune to wed a man addicted to danger?

ANSWER ONE of the following questions to be entered into the Drawing.

1. Given the opportunity and training, how many of you would like to be a daredevil? What would you like to do?

2. What is the wildest thing you've ever done?

3. If you could have the courage and strength (and money) to do anything in the world what would it be?

4. Is there a dream you've wanted to dream but thought there's now way? Can you share your dream?

5. Let's say you have the opportunity to spend a day in a PERFECT world (no worries of danger, accidents, fear etc) You are free to try anything and go anywhere. What would you do?



Joan Arning

Deana Dick

Julie Barret

Carol Smith

Victoria Pless

Kristina M. Anderson

Galinda Barefoot

Jeanie M Dannheim

Donna W. McGinnis

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The following review was posted on Amazon today; I have tentative posts on Facebook and G+ but it doesn't show up quite as well without the Goodreads link. Thank you so much!

Daredevils is a thoroughly enjoyable novella by an excellent Christian fiction author. The historical period is after WWI and before the Great Depression. The main character, however, is well acquainted with not knowing where her next meal, or place to live, will come from. She lives in the early days of flying when adventuring into the sky is a thrill, a delight, even a challenge.


Gloria, a young Christian woman without family has been a wing walker for a barnstormer who was killed in a flying accident before the story opens. She is staying in a cottage owned by her best friend’s husband, just outside of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, where it is an exciting time for the fledgling aeronautics industry. She needs to find a new job and place to live quickly so she and her sweet puppy Daisy can get some food back in the cupboard. Her best friend suggested that she talk with her husband’s brother Rand, who had been an ace flyboy in WWI and now flies in local air shows.


Rand was not impressed. He does not want a wing walker, didn’t care for her flappers’ outfit (the only dress she has!) and he doesn’t want a woman of any sort in his life. Barnstorming isn’t his goal, rather, he wants to set the timed record for flying from the United States to Europe. In short order and against his better judgement, Gloria talks him into taking her on as a wing walker. He allows her to move into one of the upscale cottages he owns as part of her salary.


There are at least a couple tiny secrets they have. One, why Rand appears to be hungover on the mornings after he flies. The other is why some goon-like guys are looking for Gloria. There could be more dangers here than meet the eye!


One thing I like about Gloria is self-confidence in her abilities as a wing-walker. Another is her courage in doing so!! The more important thing I like about her is how comfortable she is when she prays to the Lord, and how her faith shapes her life. Her pup, Daisy, highlights Gloria’s personality. Rand is focused on his goals, while struggling with health challenges and his wealthy family’s intention for his future. Both characters are as complex as can be in a novella; who they are is captured quickly and clearly by this talented author.


Meeting Gloria and Daisy at the very beginning grabbed my attention, and going straight to her meeting Rand held my attention. The historical background is interesting, as I haven’t read much about this period of our country’s history. There is suspense and faith, two people with a shared love of aeronautics, bad guys and rich dads, and a man who wants to protect his petite partner.  The end came much too quickly! Yet I am amazed at how well this author could project three-dimensional characters with whom the reader can connect and a plot that was complete, including conflicts, within the space of a novella. The end of the story was very satisfactory, leaving no loose ends. I highly recommend Daredevils for those who have a secret daredevil dream of their own, or appreciate the post-WWI era in the United States, or simply well-written Christian women’s fiction/ romance.


From a grateful heart: I was given this eBook by Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and here is my honest review.


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