BOOK BLURB CHARITY'S CROSS: Tyndall spins a riveting tale of betrayal, violence, trust, and honesty in this latest inspirational pirate romance. Cindy Vallar, Pirates and Privateers Suspected of killing her husband, Charity Westcott flees on the first ship out of Portsmouth, England heading for the colonies. Loathing all men after her abusive marriage, she hopes to reunite with her family in Charles Towne, but the ship’s destination is Nassau. When she spots her husband’s brother, who is intent on seeing her hang, boarding her ship, she jumps overboard.

Elias Dutton, missionary and son of the famous pirate, Rowan Dutton, must get to Barbados as soon as possible. His sister is in danger, and his parents have charged him with her safety. He cannot let them down—again. But after rescuing a madcap woman from the bay, he now finds himself tricked into masquerading as her husband so they both can procure passage to Barbados. Pirates, storms, shipwreck and betrayal threaten to delay the couple in their journey even as sparks fly between them. With her brother-in-law in fast pursuit, the last thing Charity wants is help from a man, especially a religious one, but she has no choice. After Elias’ heart was broken by a sordid woman who nearly ruined his life, he seeks a godly woman pure as the virgin sands of the Caribbean. He believes he has found such a woman in Charity. Until he discovers she is a murderer and is now faced with two choices: letting her go or turning her in to the authorities.


Lieutenant Owen Masters and Emeline Baratt meet on a British warship as sworn enemies. Where will Emeline place her loyalties when forced to spy against her country?

A brand new series for fans of all things related to history, romance, adventure, faith, and family trees.

War Forces a Choice Between Love and Country

A trip home from England to Maryland in 1812 finds Emeline Baratt a captive on a British warship and forced to declare her allegiance between the British and Americans. Remaining somewhat politically neutral on a ship where her nursing skills are desperately needed is fairly easy—until she starts to have feelings for the first lieutenant who becomes her protector. However, when the captain sends her and Lieutenant Owen Masters on land to spy, she must choose between her love for him and her love for her country.



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Jeanie M. Dannheim 

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1. What did you learn about the Mayflower in school?

2. Did you learn something different when you got older that changed your view and understanding of what happened on the Mayflower voyage and their community in America?

3. Marylu Tyndall is know best for her action adventure pirate stories that take you out the the roaring seas. If you could ride an elevator car into the middle of any adventure, what would it be? (Note: you are guaranteed to survive, so pick something daring!)

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1. I'm not sure exactly what I learned in school, but if I remember correctly, we did learn it was people escaping religious persecution. When I attended school the Bible wasn't banned. Our Christmas program had us all reciting Bible verses/passages.

Thanks Victoria. It's a shame what has happened to our schools and country, I agree.

1. I really dont remember what I learned about the Mayflower in school myself.

2. I did learn some when my kids went to school, but it was very limited.

3. Oh what a wonderful question: I would like to ride this elevator many different times : I would start with the Oregan Trail 

     in a covered wagon with tall the difficulties and highs that it entails.

quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

That's quite some adventure, Lori! Lots of hardships!!  But how wonderful to see the country in its pristine state!

The Mayflower was not taught much that I can remember, but I’ll old...ha. I enjoy reading fiction that I can learn history from and I’ve read several of those lately.

History is best told in story form, don't you think? After all ... it is really just a story filled with characters and adventure and life!

As a child I always thought that Plymouth Rock was a large stone outcropping that everyone stepped on to get to shore. Imagine my surprise when I visited it as an adult and saw how very small it was.!

I know!!  So funny how we picture things in our mind.  I thought the White House was HUGE from the way they picture it on TV, but when we went to see it, it looked much smaller.

2.  I did learn something different as an adult.  There were replicas of the Columbus voyage ships in Corpus Christi.  Now I realize these are different eras and replicas were quarter size (I think) but these ships were TINY.  I was truly amazed that anyone at all survived.  Our founding fathers were truly brave and sturdy individuals!

Yes, Indeed. the ships were very small back then. And very terrifying to sail in across the Atlantic! 

If I had a chance to ride an elevator to anywhere I would visit the old West. It would be wonderful to learn that history in person, especially knowing I would survive!

The old West was certainly an adventurous time in our history, wasn't it? I would love to go so many places back in time to see things for myself.. and not just read about them. Maybe we'll be able to do that someday when we are in heaven.


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