Just wondering if you've been on a field trip with your book club?

Did you read a book and then go to the place the book talked about? Would you like to go on a field trip with your book club? If so, where would you go? What would you do?

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Crossing the Lines by Richard Doster is Finding Hope Readers' bonus book selection for June. Richard Doster's book talks about Martin Luther King Jr and how he became the head of the movement. It's quite fascinating! Most of it takes place in Atlanta.

My group decided that it would be fun to go to the Martin Luther King Center for our field trip this year. It's about 40 minutes away and it's free. We hope to go into his childhood home of Martin Luther King Jr. and visit the church his father preached at and he preached at often, which is on the same block as his childhood home.

The first field trip that Finding Hope Readers went on was to the Swan House in Buckhead. We had read The Swan House by Elizabeth Musser and then went there. It was an elegant home and enjoyed the tour. After the tour we ate at the restaurant they had on site. It was a very pleasant day, we enjoyed each others company and it brought the book to life for us! :D

Been on A Field Trip with your group? Have a WISH list of places you'd like to go? Do tell!!
Nora, our writing group goes on field trips. I have a text for homeschoolers called "52 Fabulous Field Trips," which is LOADED with great ideas for places to go and things to write about once you get there. It's an e-book. Maybe you could consider doing a field trip drawing/giveaway and I could donate a copy. :)
Wow, Janice. This book sounds really good. I'll have to check it out. I'll have to ask the ladies in my group about that for next year!! Thanks for your help Janice. Sounds like a good idea to get away and get ideas for your books too!! Very cool! Thanks for sharing! :D
The setting of my first book Singing Winds is the Sierra Valley just north of Truckee. A few summers ago, we drove through the area on our way home from attending a wedding in Reno. It's a beautiful alpine valley around 5000 feet in elevation flanked by the Eastern Sierra Mountains. I would have loved to spend more time there. The cover of the book is an actual photo of the Eastern Sierras, although I'm not sure of the exact location.

The trilogy I'm working on now is set on the Blackfeet Indian reservation in Montana. Do I want to go there? You betcha!

Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing them! I think I want to go there too!! Grin!
Yes we have. We've gone to see movies that were based off the book we have read. Also, meeting local authors at the library on Meet the Authors day. We go out to dinner at a nice restaurant one time per year. Also, there is a local winery that graciously lets us bring in appetizers and have our book discussion while sipping wine. Sometimes, if the author is local, we have invited him or her to join our discussion. We have had some great times.


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