This year was the second year my group tried a full dinner at book club. We had so much fun. Have you ever tried this? Do tell!!

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Last year was the first time my book club ventured into having dinner at book club. One of our members volunteered her house and we all brought a dinner item from a you tube video we had watched by Ginger Garrett. We had read her book In the Shadow of Lions. On the you tube video she filmed a “how to” fix a dinner that would typically be served from the time period of her book, which was about King Henry the Eight and his many wives.(Sorry I can’t locate the original You Tube video we watch for you but recipes can be googled for the time period you are reading about)

Angie surprised us with our own crowns that we put on to help us feel in the spirit the time period more as we were dinning with Kings and Queens. Ha! Ha!

The receipes were easy and we had fun making them. We came together a week before our regular book club discussion and had this dinner together for whoever could make it. We had so much fun. The ladies thought we should try to eat the way they would (without utensils) but that lasted about one second!! Ha! Ha! Ginger came to speak to our group and we told her how the dinner went. Here is the youtube video about her book In the Shadows of Lions

We had also read her book Chosen

The book that we read this year for our Dinning out special book club event was The Potluck Club by Eva Marie Everson and Linda Sheppard. We met the week before book club and ate several of the recipes from the back of the book. Linda and Eva spoke to our group on the phone and we talked about the food we ate and how much fun we had. Linda Sheppard has a cooking show and says that she got many of the recipes based down from her great grandmother, grandmother and mom!! They were yummy!

Here is Linda Sheppard showing one of her recipes from the cook book Eva and her wrote called The Potluck Cook Book.

Have you done something similar? Do tell!! Have pictures I’d love to see them.

Nora St.Laurent
All four of the book clubs I've visited have dinner,and they all try to serve foods from the book. Members in the most recent club I visited actually dress up like characters in the book!
Hi, Christa;

Do you remember what books they read? That would be so helpful. Finding books that have actual receipes in them is hard!! Dressing up as the characters sounds really fun! When they dressed up was it for the same book that had the receipes in them? Inquiring minds want to know. :D
I'll ask my friend for their list. They didn't always use recipes. For example, they served Nutty Buddies as dessert for my novel...
Great I'd love her ideas!! I think sharing this list will help everyone here to have more fun at book club and it's a chance to bring the book alive. Also create special memories with their group!! Thank you for getting this information for all of us! "D
Every month, a different member of our book club hosts the event. They provide a meal for the group. A little over a year ago, we fell into the routine of the host making a theme dinner around the book. It has been so much fun! We now look forward to not only discussing the book, but also finding out what the host made for dinner. As a matter of fact, tonight we are discussing "Memoirs of a Geisha". I can't wait to see what the host comes up with!
Now my interested is peaked, what did they serve for Memoris of a Geisha Stefne??? Do tell! Any pictures you can share?
She did all "oriental food" - some of it was chinese but heck, it's easier to do! She did take pictures of the table, so I'll load them here.

Our group started out with the hostess preparing snacks/dessert - but usually not a meal. Then, like Nora's group, The Potluck Club by Linda Shepherd and Eva Everson changed our group. Now we write down every food mentioned in a book and the hostess comes up with a theme. Then the rest of us fill out the menu with inspiration from the book. Levi's Will mentions a bucket of fried chicken - we served fried chicken along with an Amish inspired menu. Sister Chicks in Sombreros by Robin Jones Gunn developed into a Mexican dinner theme. Gardenias for Breakfast led to a brunch menu. Chateau of Echos by Siri Mitchell took place in France -so we had French cuisine. The Wedding Machine by Beth Webb Hart became a bridal shower theme. Chosen by Ginger Garrett led us to create a more Middle Eastern menu. RV There Yet? by Diann Hunt had us craving a dessert menu with lots of chocolate! In the book, The Mending String by Cliff Coon, the main character makes the most creative sandwiches ever. This lead us to have deli night at book club. Our friends think we have a supper club rather than a book club. I wonder why??! I am hoping that all authors will learn to plant food in their books to help book clubs develop food for conversation. Let's get the word out!

Mitzi Keithly
Parkway Book Club
Cumming, GA
Mitzi, It was great to meet you on Monday night. It was funny you mentioned these things to the author about food items in the book Monay too. It was the first I and the heard of this!

It was great to hear what your group has done with this. Fun!! I think this might catch on and like you put in the authors ears on Monday night and again here Be careful what food items you mention in your book Ha! HA!

Thank you also for being detailed about the books and food items you had at your group!! You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing! :D


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