ABOUT  BOOK: Jesus made an example of those who “do all their deeds to be noticed by men.” Yet our culture encourages us to do the same thing today.

Experience many of the activities in this book, born of this desire for attention and the often-desperate fear of not being known, appreciated, influential, or remembered. Christianity meets this need in a resounding way. This book contains a lifetime collection of accounts, illustrations, and biblical material that will astound you.

ABOUT AUTHOR: George M. Weaver (born 1950) is an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. He has written numerous Christian and legal materials. His new book is "The Significant Life: Overcoming Your Fear of Being Unnoticed and Forgotten." This book brings a Christian answer to the near-universal need and struggle of people to be known, appreciated, influential, and remembered. His legal materials include a book called "Handbook on the Prosecution of Obscenity Cases." George is married to LeAnne Weaver and they are parents of 



1.  If you had to name the best live musical performance you have ever attended, which would you pick? What made it the best?

2.If you could have dinner with anyone from history who would it be? What would you discuss?

3. If you could have witnessed one event from your family's history, what would you want to see? Why?


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I would love to witness the arrival of my family to the New World. What an adventure that journey must have been. 

STOMP - we have seen them multiple times because they are just so good.  I love how they play music with common ordinary things found around the house and on the street.  They are truly talented and we want to take our kids to enjoy them at some point too. 

Thank you for this opportunity to have a chance to win the quilt and also this book. 


IN Him,

Cheri Swalwell :)

I got to see Casting Crowns perform live in 2014. It was such a special occasion. I had just finished radiation and I felt like celebrating life.  The songs touched me in ways I knew was God inspired. Since then I have tried to catch them when they are in my area.

I loved seeing Mercy Me. They have such compassion for God and I was able to take my then 16 year old son to the concert. It was awesome to see how much he enjoyed the music.

The Mercy Me concert in November.  It was a wonderful night of worship!

Please also add my name to the drawing for the quilt. 

I went to a Boston Pops concert directed by Keith Lockhart several years ago.  I absolutely loved it!  I would love to go again someday.  

book and quilt

1.  If you had to name the best live musical performance you have ever attended, which would you pick? What made it the best?

My favorite live musical performances have been those of Handel's "Messiah". I have been to so many, it would be difficult to say which was the best. But perhaps the first I ever attended might, in some ways, be the best, as it was so amazing to finally see and hear it in person.

I was at a John Denver concert in Birmingham many years ago. I was impressed when halfway through the concert he sent his band off stage for a break but he sat down on the edge of the stage with his guitar and continued to entertain us. He was one of my favorite singers of that time. Such a sad loss.

Please enter me for the quilt and book 

1. I can't name one best. I don't have a favorite. I really enjoyed Marvin Goldstein ont eh piano one year at Christmas time when he was visiting Pennsylvania. I enjoyed it becasue i enjoy intrumental music and am drawn to piano. (pls don't enter me for the book, just the quilt Thanks!)


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