Have you put God on the Witness stand when it comes to suffering in your life? Frank explores how people react to God when suffering happens in their life. Stay tuned for Part 8 of this series. Suicide Enough is Enough.
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This was a good word about watching how we react to suffering. "We 'kill' God off in two ways. 1. We stop praying. We stop talking to him. and 2. We stop going to church. We're done with Him." I hadn't thought of the reaction to suffering being an effort to kill God for not helping in the ways we expect.

Thanks for the feedback Pam. Incredible how our minds work...

Great video. It is true that we wonder where is God when we go through tough times. We cry out to him saying ,"Where are you God. Why are you allowing this to happen to me." Great example of how we punish God. We turn our backs on Him, we stop praying to Him and eventually we stop having a relationship with Him. I have been guilty of that at one point in my life. Now I know He was right there with me. I have always believed that through our test is our testimony. When we go through things, I believe it helps us to grow stronger in our faith if we allow God to see us through the tough times. I really liked your example of putting God on trial. We are so quick to ask why didn't he do something? What we need to start remembering is that "He will never leave us nor for sake us." Thsnks for Anither great video thst always makes me think and see things in a different way. It helps me to grow and I appreciate it.

Grateful I can be of help.

Interesting thoughts about how we treat God. Sobering.

Hi Mary, Yes it is sobering and incredible how such ways of reacting play themselves out in people's lives...with devastating consequences.

I think it's just normal human behavior to question God when bad things happen. I know he's always there even when I turn my back on him. How many times do our kids get mad at us and storm out saying, "I hate you!" It hurts even though we know they don't really mean it. It's the same with God. It hurts me knowing I've displeased him or hurt him but sometimes we lash out anyway in anger or frustration.

Indeed normal, but getting stuck ends up having sweeping consequences throughout a lifetime.

This was very interesting, as humans we want to know why God allows us to suffer. We just have to realize that God has a reason that we do not know.  We do not see the big picture, only God knows all.

I had a seminary professor who offered the possibility that part of what makes suffering so excruciatingly painful is that there may be no particular divine purpose for what any one specific individual goes through. We are cut off from the life of God in the garden and suffer for it, but like Job, there may be no specific purpose for our/his torment. And that is part of the torment. Mind-boggling to consider.

I had never heard the story of the man who said that God would owe him forgiveness. I often wonder why some people are cured and others aren't and why an innocent child is brutalized or murdered. I think that our Father understands our questions but I am sure He is hurt by them. I also believe that he is hurt by His children everyday..
I can't imagine saying that I am done with Him. He has been such a part of my life since childhood! This was a very thought provoking session!!

Thanks, Connie. While we do not have answers and know we cannot get answers, the questions can nevertheless drive us away for life.


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