Do you have a book about to be released? This is an exciting time to wait for the arrival of your new book.  Like being pregnant and waiting the birth of your child. My new book about to be released is "Bible Characters Through the Ages Adam in the Garden Book 1. Two children make a time travel machine out of a refrigerator box, and go back to meet the Bible characters. Do you have a book about to be released?

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Yes, actually!! I'm new around here. Book two in my series, "The Casa Bella Chronicles" will be out at the beginning of June! It is like giving birth!!

Wishing you blessings on your book, Liz.  Even after many published books, I love seeing the new ones listed. 

Congratulations, it is so much fun writing for God

I have a new one out soon - A Trip To Remember (romance with humor) and the follow up book to be released in August, I think - A Tucumcari Chrsitmas. The two stories are connect by two sisters and the setting, Tucumcari ,New Mexico  Both are novellas but will be sold in book form with another name.  I'm thinking Finding Love in Tucumcari or something like that.  I'm loving this setting since Tucumcari is an active small town on Route #66 and got it's fame from that road.  They had the only train depot back in the 40s or maybe earlier.  Remember the song, Get Your Kicks on Route#66.  Old but fun. Kindle for now - and book with the two novellas in September. I have another out soon also - Seasons, full-length novel. 

Update me on your book releases. I know have the first three books of Bible Characters Through the Ages Book One Adam in the Garden, Book Two Meeting Eve, and Book Three Watching David and Goliath available.

 A Trip To Remember set in Tucumcari is out now and it is in Kindle and also book form.  I've also had two new out of print books that I reworked to bring them up to my writing skills at this time -- or at least I tried -- and they are both released again too. Seasons was my first novel I had contracted in 1998 and I was thrilled. So that's out again and I love the cover, and then I just re-released another of my books from 2002 or 2003, Out On A Limb - it's a fun romance. I have a couple others almost ready but I'm working on the second Tucumcari book, A Tucumcari Christmas. Congrats on your three books in a series, Jann...interesting and you're another Martin.  :-)

Good for you. I have the next three in my series almost ready to submit. It is cool that we have the same last name. What's your husbands name?

Robert -- called Bob. He's my right and left hand man.  Very supportive. He's a musician and we are each other's admiration society. :-)  Right now we're in the midst of purging up 40 years of stuff and packing up what we're going to take with us on our move.  I've lived in Michigan forever and we're headed for our new townhouse in The Village of Oak Creek which is part of Sedona, AZ.  Too much drama while trying to write and trying to get our house ready to show so we can sell it.  Summer is a good time but truly, I'd rather be doing anything than packing and tossing stuff.  :-)

Mine is Jim, and he is my biggest fan. We grew up in Michigan and moved from Canton in 2009 to the Orlando, Fl. area. Packing up was a big chore and I got rid of a lot. Good luck with your move.

Thanks so much.  By the way, what type of writing do you do? I write Christian fiction and the book that was advertised in the last BookFun magazine - Romance By Design - was my 64th published book.  I've gotten two more out since then...or maybe three.  I can't keep track. I've been very blessed. Wrote for two traditional publishers for years but I'm enjoying writing for a small press now. It's not so stressful and I can create the stories I love.  Romance By Design was rejected because the story didn't fit the format they like.  But it is funny and fast paced and for anyone who is interested in Interior decorating, the plot is dealing with the hero and heroine and their competition as designers. Love it. 

Wow, you've written a lot. I write Christian children's books. "This Babe So Small," the nativity told through the eyes of the innkeepers daughter. Also a new first chapter book series Bible Characters Through the Ages "Book One Adam in the Garden, Book Two Meeting Eve, and Book Three Watching David and Goliath." The next three: Esther, Issac, and Jacob are just about ready to submit.

Wonderful, Jann. There is a need for books for everyone and for children is wonderful. They learn through story.  I realize that I remember so much about the Bible from Sunday School.  All the stories that we learned and in the process the lessons of how to be a Christian.  Wonderful work.  I write children's plays for Contemporary Drama Service. I have about 26 published by them. These programs are used for adult and children's worship and programs. They've been very good to me and buy most anything I write but since my fiction takes so much time, they now contact me and ask for something and then I try to fit it into my schedule.  


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