So, we are starting a book club and were deciding on books. We all agreed we did not want any doctrinal books, but then the one lady said she did not want any Christian fiction either. i did pick out a couple that are not the typical "Christian fiction" types..... and at least one is on the list.
Have you run into this often? People tend to think of christian fiction as either badly written books, not controversial enough, or too preachy....
What things do you do to combat that?

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If you want to start with great Christian fiction that has a real message choose any Karen Kingsbury book. (Check to make sure you start with the 1st one in a series) There are even discussion quesions at the back of some of her books. She really gets to the heart of the matter and you can't put her books down once you start reading.

If you don't want doctrinal books nor Christian fiction, may I suggest a nonfiction, which may be controversial - certainly enlightening? Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: Seven True Stories of Former Amish releases in MAY 2015. It'll be in both ebook and paperback. 

I share intimate details of helping former Amish adjust to life on the "outside" and what I've learned about their reclusive Swartzentruber and conservative Old Orders. Our son-in-love is from the Swartzentruber Order, we've "adopted" two sons, and befriended many who find refuge in our home. 
Readers discover how these orders

  • choose their bishop and other clergy,
  • date,
  • perform  a wedding,
  • mandate buggy rules, and the cost of buggy ownership,
  • require kapp use,
  • why some turn their back on their settlement, and much more! 

A rare (written) Swartzentruber Ordnung, Glossary, and Recommended reading list are included in the Appendix. Written in a compassionate, compelling story form, educators or those who want true cultural literacy, will love this unusual book available in May, 2015.

Best wishes on deciding on books for your new book club.

Sounds interesting.  I'm always looking for books - especially non fiction- for our book club.  This one sounds like one I'll suggest.  Thanks

Our book club members all are Christians so that makes it a bit different and maybe easier.  We alternate fiction and non fiction.  Not all of our books are Christian.  I often look at the Christy Award winners and Rita or another award.  I always read reviews on Amazon and CBD.

Maybe you could have each member of your group select a book for a month.  That way, each member should be happy at least one time.

I had often heard that Christian fiction wasn't good, but I have gotten some of those friends to enjoy Christian fiction.

I am new to BookFun, but it looks like the place to be. I personally belong to two book clubs, one Christian, one secular.  At the risk of self promoting so fast, your question did catch my eye. If you want a eye opening, inspiring book with discussion questions in the back, my latest book, A Cry of the Heart: One Survivor's True Story, Debra Rush with Penelope Childers is just the one you might be looking for. It might very well fit your criteria.  Check it out on Amazon.

This is another one that sounds interesting.  I'll add this to our book club list for next year.  Thanks


I have been amazed at how the readers are responding to A Cry of the Heart. It touches each reader differently. It is being considered for two book clubs and am probably going to start a Facebook discussion of it. It is written like a novel for the most part. 

Thank you for making A Cry of the Heart a recommended reading for your group. 



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