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As I was preparing our annual "BC Year in Review" survey this morning, it occurred to me that some authors might be interested in asking our readers some questions.  Large and diverse, our club not only appreciates the generosity of the authors who have made themselves available for our questions but our members also enjoy sharing their own opinions about Christian literature.


If you would like to pose a question to our group, reply to this post and I'll include it in the survey that our group will fill out at our August 17th special event.  After the results are compiled and tabulated, I'll post the results here later in August.




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Hi Karen and Ane.  I would have weighed in with an updated view from a BC coordinator perspective earlier but I've been entertaining guests.  This topic is timely because just this afternoon I placed a $13.49 book on my VA BC's fall schedule.  As our national economy has changed since this thread was started a few years ago, our members have resigned themselves to paying more per book.  That being said I do try to alternate less expensive books with the pricier selections to keep the average cost down.  I also purchase a few "loaner" copies for the members on a shoestring budget to check out and return to the BC.

Thanks, Sandi, for joining this discussion.  When my publisher told me what my book would be priced for I was shocked!  The last time I recall actually buying a new paperback the prices were running around $4.00 - not $25.  Mostly my husband and I stock up on books from used book stores on our trips to the States.  I have noticed how even those prices have risen.

I'm nervous about mentioning this option but I will anyway.  I can buy my book at "author prices" - $13.95 pus postage - get royalties on any I buy and can buy as many as I want.  Right now I'm awaiting the arrival of a carton of author-priced books that I had shipped to a US friend.  She's coming to HK for a visit and bringing the books in her luggage.  I'll resell the books to friends here.  If I knew of a trustworthy way to sell my books to US book clubs, at "author price", I'd do it.  Any ideas?

Hi Karen,

Sorry for the delayed reply...I've had lots of company this summer in Maine leaving little time for online correspondence.

Our BC members are resigned to ever increasing book prices and many are now purchasing eBooks for our BC selections.  Others with tight budgets are sharing books.  The highest price our members have paid for a book was around $18 (for a hardback). 

On occasion, I have purchased books directly from an author at a discount and the authors have been kind enough to autograph them as a bonus.  Many publishers also offer quantity discounts for book clubs and I have taken advantage of that route numerous times.

Many BC leaders would be willing to order directly from you if the books could be shipped directly to them.  The payment logistics could be worked out to all parties satisfaction before shipment.

Hope the above helped. 

I will be in VA on Tuesday for our annual BC outing if there are any questions you would like to pose to the VA group.  As long as I have the questions by Monday afternoon, I will be able to add them to the group's annual BC survey. 

If any other authors would like to jump in with a question for that group, feel free a post your questions here. 



Thanks for getting back to me.   Now to respond to some of your comments.  

When I want to order books from the publisher, I e-mail him the number I want and the Stateside address where I want them sent.  He then e-mails a bill which my husband pays by PayPal from our US bank account.   The books are then sent off to the Stateside address.  

If a BC wanted to order books directly from me, I expect that I'd follow the same procedure and would give the publisher the address of the BC leader.   Since we'd be the ones to initially pay for the books, the BC would have to reimburse us ASAP.  Doing it this way the BC would have the books sent directly to them.      

Since I live in Hong Kong and wouldn't handle the books directly, I wouldn't be able to autograph them.  

Based on orders I've already made, a single copy plus postage would run around $16.  The publisher only printed paperbacks but the quality is excellent.  The lines of print are 1 1/2 spaced so are easier to read than single spaced lines.  I've had several older friends with poor eyesight comment on how much easier the print was on their eyes.

Despite the subtitle, which the publisher wanted, The Ruby Ring is not a biography of William Tyndale.  Tyndale is the key secondary character in a story containing history, mystery and romance.   His willingness to give his life to produce an English Bible was the inspiration for the novel.  

The Ruby Ring won a Finalist Award in the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards in the Religious Fiction category.

I'm too new as a published author, and have too many other things to think about as a full-time missionary, to come up with any good questions for your BC group.  I will be interested to see what questions other authors may ask.   

I had a thought about how the cost of a more expensive book could be shared.  

If the book is historical fiction set in a period of interest to Christians and the history is presented correctly, homeschooling parents and/or Christian schools also could use it to supplement their teaching of history.  

Any BC member who gets a copy for BC use and knows a homeschooling family or Christian school librarian might arrange to share the cost and then pass the book on to them when the BC finishes with it.  

Homeschooling parents and people connected with Christian schools have told me that The Ruby Ring qualifies and is suitable for 15-18 year olds.  


I discovered that my book usually costs less than I said previously.  (My brain must have been partially turned off when I wrote earlier.  Sigh.)   The author price is $13.48 and the books are shipped from Ohio.  

When I ordered 10 sent to Oregon by UPS, the average cost per book plus shipping came to $16.  But when I ordered 16 sent to Missouri, the average cost was $14.55.  Cost per book plus shipping for the 16 sent to Idaho came to just over $15.00.  

Curious, when you as a reader, Christian or otherwise,  get beyond the cover of a book, what are the five most important factors that lead you to buy that title?

I did and it was wonderful! Would like to see more of these types of books.

Thanks to Fred who gets the point that it is the readers who are so encouraging to writers and actually make them better writers with their reviews! As an author, (Run, River Currents & The Button Legacy: Emily's Inheritance) I would like to ask readers how a writer can best reach reviewers for their work?

What do you look for in a good story?

What makes you laugh or cry or does an emotional story matter? 

Does a strong sense of place impact your decision to  read on?

 So many questions! Thank you!


A unexpected twist. Taking a old and overused storyline into something new and fresh.

Christian fiction has grown in popularity in recent years, but what is the greatest need for non-fiction Christian books?

Hi Gary,

While most of our BC selections are fiction, readers are receptive to nonfiction selections.  One book from a past schedule covered the topic of Alzheimer's.  Interest in improving relationships is always high on our member interest surveys.  Other nonfiction topics appearing on the surveys include apologetics. front line accounts from  mission fields, Christian history, and contemporary issues facing present day Christians.  I am considering several nonfiction books for February 2015...one covers the topics of both adoption and children with special needs, another abortion, and another about relationships.




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We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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