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As I was preparing our annual "BC Year in Review" survey this morning, it occurred to me that some authors might be interested in asking our readers some questions.  Large and diverse, our club not only appreciates the generosity of the authors who have made themselves available for our questions but our members also enjoy sharing their own opinions about Christian literature.


If you would like to pose a question to our group, reply to this post and I'll include it in the survey that our group will fill out at our August 17th special event.  After the results are compiled and tabulated, I'll post the results here later in August.




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Hi Cathy,

I sent you a "friend request" so I could give you my email by private message. 

Yes, Pete and I enjoy both the history and human interest aspects of exploring the lives of those who have gone before us.  We are blessed much of the family history resides in the old family home in Phillips plus we were able to gather oral histories from Pete's grandmother and some of her siblings before they went home to the Lord....priceless.  :-)

I am very much looking forward to reading your books...hopefully I'll find some uninterrupted reading time this month.  We head back to VA in another week to prepare for our son's visit over Christmas (he lives in Seattle), then it's back to Maine towards the end of Jan.  I'll be able to fit in a VA BC Christmas party and 2 BC discussions in just those few short weeks before zipping back up here for the Rangeley BC.  I actually am leading a BC discussion here tonight, so I need to go prepare a few questions to launch the discussion. ;-)




It sounds like you have a busy month ahead. I saw and answered the friend request. I am looking forward to keeping in touch. :)

I meant to say Sandy on that first post. :)

Thanks for all the information in this discussion thread.  (Is that what you call it?  I'm rather ignorant when it comes to the internet.)  It contains so much information I'll need to read it several times.  It's like being dropped into a foreign culture.  

I know what that feels like since I've been a missionary in Hong Kong for nearly 40 years, working in varying degrees with four different cultural groups each with its own religion.   I've had lots of opportunities to feel ignorant.  I've also learned a lot.  (It helps that I love to do research.)  Now that I'm a published author, I've got more new things to learn.  

I was especially glad to see that historical fiction was a top favorite in the book clubs since that's what I write.  I'm still a missionary in HK, and will be till God moves my husband and myself elsewhere, so I can only be a part-time author and promoter of my book - The Ruby Ring - set in the early English Reformation. 

Right now I'm trying to figure out how TBCN works.  Having written this I shall now hit 'add reply' and see if my computer explodes. :-)

God bless you and your husband for working on the mission field. :)

Thanks for your reply.  And I was glad that my computer didn't explode.  So I've learned that much.  :-)  

Are you an author or a book club member or what?  If you're an author, what kind of books do you write?  If you're a book club member, what kind do you like to read?

I'll have to get my husband to help me post a picture of myself so I don't look like a green rainbow.   


I'm both! As an author, I write women's fiction, usually about women and their friendships and marriages, using lots of humor. I always want to know if readers relate to my characters. Did I make them real to the reader.

As a reader (I can't full separate the author part) I like to know how the authors developed the characters. Where they got their quirks, etc.

Ane, I'll have to look for one of your books the next time we're in the States.  

I have to admit that I've not familiar with any of the authors I'm seeing on this site.  I've been out of the US too long.  Also our one local Christian bookstore that stocked mostly US authors closed right before my book came out.  Sigh.

I want my characters to seem like real people, my history and cultural setting to be as correct as possible and to have a story that readers can't put down till they reach the end.  Since that's the kind of story I love to read, that's what I try to write.

Karen, my first book is releasing Sept 8th, Chapel Springs Revival. It's available for pre-order on Amazon. :)

I found the book club members's comments about book prices both discouraging and encouraging.  

My publisher produced an excellent quality paperback for my historical fiction - The Ruby Ring - set in the early English Reformation.  Sadly it sells for more than twice what book club members say they prefer to pay.

On the other hand, The Ruby Ring in e-book sells for $2.99 which is far lower than the preferred price.   Are there any book clubs that use mostly e-books?  

That I don't know. In my book club, some do but most like the print copy.

I wonder if book club members ever share the costs so that they can afford to read more expensive paper and cheaper e-books.  While that would be an advantage to the author, it might not be to the readers.  And they're the ones who have to "foot the bill".  :-)

At least, according to my publisher, a more expensive good book can make an excellent Christmas present.  

On another topic.  I looked at your website and was quite impressed by what you've accomplished in your writing ministry.  Congratulations.  I also noticed that you're a member of ACFW.  Me, too.  I'm in the Beyond the Borders group. 

I'll have to wait till we visit the States in December for the birth of our second grandchild before checking out your books.  When the US post office did away with surface mail rates, the cost of mailing things to HK skyrocketed.   So we've stopped getting anything mailed from the States.



New Member Orientation

We are posting videos here in the this group to help all of our members figure out how to use this site :-)


We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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