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ABOUT BOOK: Subduing the barbaric hordes came easy until he married one of them.

Everyone in the Celtic Catuvellauni village assumed Ness would marry the man she had loved since age fifteen. Their eventual matrimony seemed preordained. His inscrutable rejection of Ness sends a shock through the entire community. Heartbroken but resilient, Ness accepts a marriage proposal from a most unlikely eligible bachelor.

Battle scarred and weary of solitude, Roman Tribune Aquilus trained to do just one thing all his life—stoically serve the empire. The beautiful tribeswoman perfectly answers a long-ignored call from deep within his soul. Though he adores his new bride, when Ness harms a political connection, Aquilus lays down the law.

But Celtic women aren't inclined to submit to inconvenient rules, and the only obstacle standing between Ness and a Celtic divorce is Aquilus's Garrison of legionaries.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Anne Garboczi Evans is a mental health counselor, military spouse, and mama to an opinionated preschooler named "Joe-Joe" and a very dramatic baby named "Chip." Reading Rosemary Sutcliff as a middle school student and taking Latin in college instilled in her a love of the Roman Empire, leading to her Love & Warfare series. Moving to the CO Rockies inspired her to write the Lawmen & Suffragette series, romantic comedies set in the Old West. Working in mental health got her interested in writing women's fiction.

When not writing or reading, you can find Anne introducing her boys to the outdoor wonders of colorful Colorado.


1. What does your dream home look like? Have to have?

2. What do you think it would be like to live in a castle? 

3. Would you want to live in a Castle? Why? Why not?

4. What would you love about living in the time period of castles? What would you hate?


The AUTHOR WILL PICK a name AUGUST 31st.  The Name will be Posted here and announced to the group soon after.

Kate Burlakoff 

Caryl Kane 

 Anne Rightler 

 Carol Smith 

Lynda Edwards 

Victoria Pless

 Carrie Gould 

Jacqueline Robertson

Joy Hannabass 

 Linda Buice 

julie barrett 

 Virginia Winfield 


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Thanks for your review!

This book immediately pulled me into another time and place.  The descriptions of Rome especially engaged my imagination—I could smell the filth and see the masses suffocating Ness, a woman accustomed to fresh air and space.  Other historical details, like naming children, the custom of exposure, and Stoicism helped to make the book and people come alive to me. 

Ness is a woman ahead of her time.  Well-read and able to hold her own intellectually with the Roman tribune, I found her to be a character that I quickly came to care about.  Aquilus is a fascinating character whose ambition is within his grasp, but his heart overrules his head in his choice of a wife, and that carries some unforeseen consequences for the both of them.


The middle of the story did drag somewhat.  Misunderstanding after misunderstanding continues to keep the main characters apart and after a while, I almost gave up hoping for a happy ending.  Thankfully, before I reached that point, the pace picked up again and the climax had me turning the pages as fast as I could to find out what was going to happen next.  Would these characters find their happily ever after despite what conspired against them? 

Overall, this is a great book in a much smaller genre.  I enjoyed its unique setting, characters, and time; the writing is solid and largely held my interest despite the longer length.  Those with an interest in Roman times, early Christianity, or even just unique characters will be pleased once they finish this book.  I recommend it for adults and up due to some realistic depictions of marital strife that may be difficult for younger readers. 

received a review copy from the publisher through The Book Club Network.  I was not required to write a positive review and the thoughts expressed are both honest and my own. 

I posted the above review at:

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Thanks for the opportunity to read and review!

Thank you for your review!


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