ABOUT AUTHOR: Kristin Billerbeck is the author of more than 30 novels, including "What a Girl Wants" and the Ashley Stockingdale and Spa Girls Series. She is a fourth-generation Californian, who loves her state and the writing fodder it provides. Learn more at


ABOUT BOOK: Daisy Crispin is at a crossroads. In one direction lies the promised land--life at college, away from her embarrassing and overprotective parents. In the other direction is reality--her strapped bank account, an ailing father, and family priorities. Daisy knows the "perfect" daughter wouldn't have to think twice. But maybe Daisy was never really perfect on any level, because she does not want her life to look the way her parents think it should. She won't let that stop her, though. Now that she has been given an exciting free trip to Argentina before going to college, she's thrilled--until her parents decide to go along with her.

Hilarious and all too true to life, Perfectly Ridiculous gives teen girls more of what they want and love to read from Kristin Billerbeck.






1. Do any of you RE-READ books? If so, which ones have you re-read and why?


2. If NOT, WHAT do you do with the books you've bought or received as gifts after you are done reading them? Do tell!



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1. Yes I re-read them all the time.. Very common for me to do so.. I have my favorite authors that I of course always keep :) 

2. I give them to my local library so that others can enjoy them! I also post reviews from time to time.. 

I re-read books, but usually only after its been awhile. In between, I might lend them to a friend (a trustworthy friend) or simply put them on the shelf. I like owning books I've especially loved.

Question #2:

I usually do not re-read my books.  I think it has been 20+ years since I have.  That being said, once I read a book I pass it along to my sister to read.  When she is finished I try to find a friend on FB who would be interested in them.  I then mail them out to that person free of charge.  I call it my ministry to other avid readers like myself.  Some times I have them featured on a blogsite to giveaway at my expense.  There are people who just can't afford to buy books.  It is nice to be able to help someone out.  God has blessed me so much.  I enjoy passing that blessing along.

Thank you for this giveaway!



No, I have too many I want to read to re-read ones I've already read.  Wish I had more time to re-read books, but just don't

I rarely reread books. There are way too many in the pile. 

I have reread many many books over the years, particularly books by Beverly Lewis. Once I get a book it is mine and I will not sell or give them away. If you don't believe me, just come take a look at my house and you will find books scattered everywhere. Sometimes I will share a story with my sister-in-law but I never tell her the ending.

One of the novels i have read and reread many times is Marya by Elinore Keister 

it's an awesome novel, but sadly out of print. Other than that, i will reread series when a few come out, and Dee Henderson novels.Haven't decided what to,   do with my large library i do need to get rid of some

I don't re-read books but I do give books to our church library. We also have a very good used bookstore here in town that will take books. Then the credit that I get from those books goes to get more books for the church library. Check out our website when you get a chance.


I have re-read many books.  One series that really stands out in my mind is the Zion Series by the Thoene's.  I read borrowed copies first, bought my own, and have reread it many times.

As far as other books that I own, after reading them, I keep some, lend some out to friends and give some away to the church library.

I am not a huge re-reader, but have re-read John Steinbeck's East of Eden and Of Mice and Men many times. Each time I feel like I read it for the first time, re-igniting the feeling of awe, love and inspiration. East of Eden especially rings true for me. I may not have been a Quaker, but those times when people were settling in un-built towns was harder times of living than we can comprehend in our lives. I always finish the book feeling that we take things too far for granted and we should step back and ask ourselves what is most important in life. This book has always helped me remember that.

I don't re-read many books (there are so many new ones I want to read I don't have time), I have read the complete Chronicles of Narnia multiple times though.


I don't buy many books, I primarily use the library (I'm a staff person).  If I do, or get one as a gift, it varies, some I want to keep, but often I'll now pass them on or donate them to the library so more can read the book.

I use to reread books, but since I've been a book reviewer there are just too many great books I want to read to reread those I've already read.
As for what I do with my books. Some books I just can't part with because they are so good. But most of them go to family and friends or I donate them to our local library.



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