ABOUT AUTHOR: Ruth Axtell has loved stories set in the 19th century ever since she read Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and other 19th century classics in junior and senior high school. Like many romance writers, Ruth decided to write her own in order to read the kind of story she liked best.


It was a long road to publishing, a journey as much spiritual as dependent on learning the craft of writing. Ruth studied comparative literature at Smith College with a concentration in French and English literature, and spent her junior year in Paris. After college, she spent a year in the Canary Islands as an au pair. Shortly after coming back to the U.S., she committed her life to Christ. Fourteen years later, she committed her writing to Him. Since then she has lived in the Netherlands and on the coast of Maine.


Ruth has published 13 historical romances under the name Ruth Axtell Morren. She was a Golden Heart finalist in 1994. Her second published book, Wild Rose, was a Booklist “Top Ten Christian Fiction” selection in 2005. Her books have been translated into Dutch, Italian, Polish, Czech and Afrikaans. She is a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), RWA (Romance Writers of America) and its local Maine chapter.


Currently, Ruth lives on the downeast coast of Maine with her three children and two cats. She enjoys the challenge of vegetable and flower gardening in a cool, foggy climate, long walks, reading, watching British period dramas like Downton Abbey, and doing historical research for her novels.


Her Good Name, a historical romance set on the 1890s Maine coast, from River North/Moody Publishers will be her first book under Ruth Axtell. In March 2013, Moonlight Masquerade, a regency romance set in London, will be out with Baker/Revell Books.


ABOUT BOOK: In the 1890 thriving coastal town of Holliston, Maine, the leading lumber baron's son, Warren Brentwood, III, returns from his years away at college and traveling to take up his position as heir apparent to his father's business empire.

Esperanza Estrada, daughter of a Portuguese immigrant fisherman and a local woman, lives on the wrong side of town, surrounded by a brood of brothers and sisters and a careworn mother. She is unable to pretend she is anything but "one of those Estradas." When she overhears of a position to clean house at a local high school teacher's home on Elm Street, she jumps at the opportunity--to be able to run into Warren Brentwood now and again, but also to imbibe of the culture and intellectual atmosphere of the Stocktons.

When rumors about Espy and her respected employer begin to circulate, the entire church congregation and then the community pronounce judgment on her behavior. Warren believes the lie and his loss of faith in her causes Espy to give up without a fight. She leaves her family and hometown for the nearest city with little money and no acquaintances and is forced to spend the night on the street.  A man who heads a mission for the homeless finds Espy and offers her shelter. Espy finds the true love of God while working at the mission. Will she be able to forgive the townspeople and return home?




Question 1: Her Good Name is a classic 'wrong side of the tracks' love story; in this case, it's the girl, Espy, who is beneath the hero Warren socially. What is it about the unequal social situation between the hero and heroine that makes for a good romance: think Cinderella meets her prince charming; poor boy works his way up to be able to be worthy of the heiress?

 Question 2: Both Warren and Espy have things to work out in their respective lives. In Warren's case, it's the still, small voice calling him to another path from the one he assumes is his. Have you ever been in that situation where an idea starts to grow in you, very gradually, and you find it hard to believe it might be from God, because following it would mean a major disruption to your life? How do you know it's God? Sometimes you try waiting it out, ignoring it, believing if it's God, it will persist.

Question 3: What is your favorite Cinderella type Story? Animated or real life? Movie or book?


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I think everyone has those times when an idea/dream begins to take root and it is almost an unbelievable experience that it could be for you. And, yes, it probably will cause a disruption in life as you know it but oh the joy if it is God's calling to you. That has been my experience in a number of situations. How to know---now that is harder but "by faith" as the Patriarchs followed God's leading so can we.

So many times throughout my life this has happened, but the most recent was that still quiet voice urging me to share my testimony before the lady's ministry at church and more recently on our blog. I hesitated talking about the terrible abuse I had suffered as a child, wondering if people would react differently towards me, and also hesitated because I wasn't sure I wanted to relive the pain. But when it's God, that still quiet voice turns into "I'm going to burst if I don't share this!", and I did. And what ensued was the beginning of more inner healing for me, and healing for other women, and giving glory to the Lord for what great things He has done and how far He has brought me!


I have had that happen too...it is so hard to share hard things in your own life, but sometimes it can really minister to others. 

Thank you for the opportunity to win "The Good Name". I often want to believe that it is God's direction for my life but I usually have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that possibly it is just me wanting something so much that I am believing it is God's Will. So I pray and pray and wait and wait until I am certain without a doubt that it is what God wants me to do or try. It might not always turn out the way I had it pictured in my mind that it was going to turn out but there always has been a valuable lesson I learned.

Blessings to you

I really enjoyed the move Ever After with Drew Barrymore. LOVED IT!! Every part if it. It took the Cinderella story to a whole new level for me!! Just saying! I look forward to reading this book too. Ruth has some pretty interesting books hitting book shelves after this one don't you Ruth??? I've seen some of the book covers!! Lovely!!

 The Cinderella concept has always been popular and I also think that a good girl/bad boy situation appeals to many who think that the "good girl" can rehabilitate the "bad boy".  These stories give people hope that they can overcome their current status and become someone better or more successful and true romantics always love that classic "happily ever after" ending!

When my children were still in elementary school, I had an idea of starting an after school Bible class. Because of my quiet, backward,passive personality, this was a major endeavor. All I knew was that the salvation of children was important and if it was really God's call, it would work out. I had to present my idea to the people at Child Evangelism Fellowship, who sponsors release time classes and "Good News Clubs", first. After that, I had to explain it to the principal of the school my kids attended and ask permission to use a room in the school for the meeting. I knew it was from God when everything was allowed. We ended up having Bible classes at the school for several years and many children accepted Christ and learned about the Bible.

Oh, I soooooo want to read this book and will anyway if I don't win it because Ruth Axtell is WONDERFUL!! I especially love the idea of a Cinderella-type story because there is something SO appealing about hero who puts the woman he loves first and his social standing second. Women like a strong man -- in his convictions, in his personality and in his faith because I believe that is how God created men to be -- the head of the home, both in strength and in spiritual leadership. A covering, if you will, like the Bible indicates. I think that's one of the biggest reasons that a Cinderella scenario appeals to women, because subliminally it's the order God intended.

Question 3:
I enjoy real life stories, I rarely watch animated shows. Also, like to be entertained, not have to help the story along, I like a little bit of mystery, but I want the book to end on a happy note and come to a satisfying conclusion.
Q3: My favorite Cinderella type would be The Princess Bride, farm boy wins the girl.
As for Q2: I'm living it right now. I know without doubt this road I travel is God's intended road for me. And it has caused major disruptions, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yes, I have been that type of situation. One night I was awaken in the middle of the night and two names were geven to me But why, I really wasn't sure. Then a few weeks later a story started coming together and I truly wondered if if was just me or had the Lord laid the story on my heart. As the story progressed I became certain that it had came from God and I completed, but after serveral rewrites. Since I love to write, and I know without a doubt that the talent came from God I often am faced with my husband's claims that I ignore him when I write. Yet, now that I have five books published he is seeing things in a different light.

Question 1: Her Good Name is a classic 'wrong side of the tracks' love story; in this case, it's the girl, Espy, who is beneath the hero Warren socially. What is it about the unequal social situation between the hero and heroine that makes for a good romance: think Cinderella meets her prince charming; poor boy works his way up to be able to be worthy of the heiress?


I think what makes it a good romance is the fact that, especially in earlier times, in order for a man to choose a woman beneath his social standing, it must be love. It was simply not done for people to marry way out of their class, especially a man. The man usually had the say and, if wealthy enough, could generally choose whomever he wanted. Its like in Pride and Prejudice, when Darcy falls for Elizabeth; he even tells her that despite her station and how much he knows he should not love her, he does. 


Adeline Petross


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