ABOUT AUTHOR DAPHENE JONES - Daphene tells the story about her life as the twin sister of Deborah Hall of “Same Kind of Different as Me.” At the Anaheim Vineyard Conference in 1990, God promised to send a southern breezeover Deborah and Daphene. Neither of them could have imagined what that would look like or how many other people would eventually be touched by it. This is their story of overcoming even the darkest times of life through redemption, forgiveness, and second chances.


ABOUT BOOK: In Our Southern Breeze, Daphene Jones tells the story about her life as the twin sister of Deborah Hall of "Same Kind of Different as Me". She knew Deborah like no one else could. And the story she tells is like no other story. At the Anaheim Vineyard conference in 1990, God promised to send a southern breeze over Deborah and Daphene. Neither of them could have imagined what that would look like or how many other people would eventually be touched by the promised breeze. This is their story of overcoming even the darkest times of life through redemption, forgiveness, and second chances.
As she shares her heart through this story, her prayer is that God will heal the deep hurts that many are carrying. What she kept hearing as she worked on this book is that God is a God of Second Chances.




1)In “Our Southern Breeze” Daphene tells the story of her adjustment from a country girl to a city girl.   Many hilarious things happen in Manhattan as she learns to be a real New Yorker.  Can you share a funny story about being in a new place or situation?

2)When Daphene was 58 she found romance and marriage through an internet dating site.  Have you ever tried using an online dating service? Tell us your feelings either pro or con on meeting someone like this.



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No. I've never tried online dating sites and would be very reluctant to do so.  But who knows.....God uses a great variety of ways  to bring about his purposes. 

Mary - I know from experience that God can use internet dating when HE has a Godly man for you.  John and I would never have met.  He lived in NJ and I lived in Manhattan.  When we started communicating on e-Harmony we acted like teenagers.  It was awhile before we even talked on the phone and then longer before we had our first date.  I loved meeting him at a diner in NJ and that is where he proposed to me!  Some people wouldn't think that would be romantic but for me it was!!!


I have tried online internet dating and have not had good luck with that.  I always worried about whether they were going to be nice, decent men - some were and some were not at all what they described themselves to be.  It was a huge disappointment to me because I live in a rural location and there just are not a lot of single men around here - I have always said God will have to probably drop him from the sky. 

Thank you for offering your story in print and I would enjoy reading it.  Congrats on the internet dating working for you as well - I marvel at that because I feel like I must have a bum magnet attached to me - just never found the right kind of guy through the sites I visited.  Always nice to hear there are successes!

Lori - please don't give up on one day meeting the perfect man.  Because I was wounded as a child from sexual abuse, I made many terrible decisions in men.  Unfortunately I was married twice before meeting John Angelo Pisiona who is a NJ Italian.  After my 2nd marriage failed I knew I needed to let God heal me and not date. When the time was right and God knew I was ready, at the encouragement from my friend and employee, I joined e-Harmony.  I put a 50 mile radius as my limit.  The first man that appeared had never been married and here I was with grown children and grandchildren.  When John showed up I was ready not to answer, but did.  My next book will be our journey falling in love and our wedding.  I pray that God will bring you HIS perfect man!!!!!


2. I have never tried this but really say that I would be afraid too. In this day and age there are so many kooks out there. Even though there are Christian online sites you never know who might be on the other end. If I were looking I think maybe church would be best option.

Thanks for the chance to read your book. Sounds good.

Donna - I was afraid of any website for dating but finally agreed to join e-Harmony.  I know there are some people who haven't been as blessed as I was but I do feel that God had a hand in having me meet a Godly man who always refers to me as "Wife".  Many of our friends have asked why he doesn't call me Daphene an his answer is always the same. "I waited 33 years for a wife and I'm going to call her my wife!"  Everyone laughs after nearly 9 years of marriage but I think it is sweet!  

When John and I met he was retired but on staff at his church!  When we were planning our first date John had told me his favorite color was pink.  I wore a pink sweater, lipstick and nail polish.  Pink was NEVER a color I liked!!!!!

I grew up a land locked Southern girl from KY & TN. When I was 17 we moved to Kodiak Island, Alaska. We drove for almost two weeks and reached Homer,AK. Where we were to camp on the beach for three days then take an 18 hour ferry ride to the Island. When we got to Homer and climbed out of the car and van, the whole family went running down the dark grey beach toward the light grey calm water, laughing and happy to finally be there, to be an a beach, and out of the car!!
Me...I burst into tears! I was (still am) TERRIFIED of water! And here was this HUGE, ROARING OCEAN in front of me and I was petrified! The thought of sleeping next to it in a tent for two nights, then getting on a BOAT out of sight of land for 18 hrs. Then living on an Island made of volcanic rock,surrounded by water 24-7 for more than a year on an island that had already been wiped out by a tidal wave once before!!! My brain just couldn't seem to process it all... So I cried, and cried for a long time that two days we waited.
Why is this funny? I still can't swim, it's been almost 28 yrs, I still live in Alaska, and my favorite place to get away, relax, think, talk or read??? THE BEACH!!

Audrey - thank you for sharing your Alaska story.  I just met a minister last week who lives in Alaska!  That is somewhere I've never been but it looks beautiful!  

The subdivision John and I live in has a swimming pool.  I swam all summer early in the morning with a dear friend of mine.  We always played like we were preparing for the Olympics.  When we didn't get a call for this year we are hoping for FOUR MORE YEARS! 


I guess no I have not ever entered or used an online dating site.  But I know people who have used them and met the dream person of their lives.  So they apparently can be useful for those seeking out their mates.

Dena - John and I dated a year after connecting on e-Harmony and communicated for awhile before we even talked on the phone or had our first date.  In October we will be celebrating our 9th anniversary!  I attached one of the picture's he posted and the first time I saw him.  He was standing in front of the church where he was on staff.  His personality profile said that the person he most admired was his pastor.  God certainly had HIS hand on us and I will always feel that John was the man HE chose as my husband.  


Fortunately I have been married to my Dear Hubby for 40 years, and don't have to check "online" or a dating service. But my daughter who is 38 has and she's never been on a date with anyone she's met Online and never gotten to the point of "email conversation", and that has been devastating to her. So I guess it works for some and for others it does not.

Teela - I know you must be very sad about your daughter.  There are women I've met who either haven't met anyone or was very disappointed when they did meet.  

God surprised both John and me as falling in love and getting marriage wasn't something we expected.  What a blessing that you have been married for 40 years.  John and I will be celebrating our 9th anniversary on October 11.  I pray that God will have the right man for your daughter and let her feel the love every woman deserves. 


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