ABOUT AUTHOR DAPHENE JONES - Daphene tells the story about her life as the twin sister of Deborah Hall of “Same Kind of Different as Me.” At the Anaheim Vineyard Conference in 1990, God promised to send a southern breezeover Deborah and Daphene. Neither of them could have imagined what that would look like or how many other people would eventually be touched by it. This is their story of overcoming even the darkest times of life through redemption, forgiveness, and second chances.


ABOUT BOOK: In Our Southern Breeze, Daphene Jones tells the story about her life as the twin sister of Deborah Hall of "Same Kind of Different as Me". She knew Deborah like no one else could. And the story she tells is like no other story. At the Anaheim Vineyard conference in 1990, God promised to send a southern breeze over Deborah and Daphene. Neither of them could have imagined what that would look like or how many other people would eventually be touched by the promised breeze. This is their story of overcoming even the darkest times of life through redemption, forgiveness, and second chances.
As she shares her heart through this story, her prayer is that God will heal the deep hurts that many are carrying. What she kept hearing as she worked on this book is that God is a God of Second Chances.




1)In “Our Southern Breeze” Daphene tells the story of her adjustment from a country girl to a city girl.   Many hilarious things happen in Manhattan as she learns to be a real New Yorker.  Can you share a funny story about being in a new place or situation?

2)When Daphene was 58 she found romance and marriage through an internet dating site.  Have you ever tried using an online dating service? Tell us your feelings either pro or con on meeting someone like this.



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Question 1.  Moving to TN nearly 3 years ago, we decided to have a little mini farm.  We adopted the Emu that came with the house.  We thought he would be an interesting pet. 

I think the Emu had other thoughts of his new owners.  After a few months, he jumped the fence and took off as quickly has he could(they run very fast).  My husband and daughter running after him with a rope.  Neither of them knew how to use that rope to catch the Emu.  They knew they had to get to him before he ran out into the road.  Somehow they managed to get that rope around him and drag him back to his pen.  This was not an easy task and it was nearly 90 degrees out.   We figured that he might be lonely, some months before we bought our place, he had lost his companion.  So we found him a farm with other Emus.  Happy Ending!  Carmee Ross

Carmee - I've never even been close to an Emus!  I can't imagine how lonely it would be when you are separated from people you knew.  Do you ever hear how he is doing?  

The biggest farm my husband and I have is a new fig tree we are struggling with.  Our neighbor gave us what looked like a stick but in a couple of weeks we saw little green leaves growing.  We were like new parents.  Our excitement didn't last long when one morning we went out to check on our "baby" and a deer had chewed all of the leaves off!!!  John built nearly a fort around it and now new leaves have shown up.  Thanks for your note.  


I remember being at a campground and having to use the facilities which were unlike any I had ever used before. The "restroom" involved walking up steps to what seemed like a throne room. The comode seat was up (obviously designed by a man) and it required holding the seat down with your hand to get seated upon it. Then when you got up if you did not remember to hold the seat down while getting up, it would fly up as you arose and give you a good swat on the backside. As mentioned before, must have been designed by a man, one of our brilliant graduates of a technical college, no doubt.

Thank you for offering your book in this contest. I love to have a good laugh as I read.



Janice - living in Manhattan was such a crazy experience.  Instead of being embarrassed at the stupid thinks I kept doing, I learned to laugh at myself.  So I wouldn't forget the stories I started writing them down.  I laughed every time I read them and decided to include them in the book.  Laughter is wonderful for the soul!  Thank you for sharing your story with me!  The first half of the book isn't easy to read as it tells the story of twins who were sexually abused and separated completely emotionally for most of our lives. The second half is full of God's ability to forgive, restore, and give second chances.  

Thanks for sharing your story!!!!!  God bless, Daphene

I spent 3 weeks in Sevastopol, Ukraine visiting my son who was teaching English there. I had many 'funny' experiences because I couldn't speak the language and was left alone some of the time.  I remember the time the phone rang and I was by myself -- I picked it up and of course, someone speaking Russian was on the other end talking away.   I just hung it up and when I did, it fell apart.   I tried to see what the problem was and realized that it had been held together with bandaids!!   There was no way I was going to get that thing put back together using those!!!  

And I thought I was bad at getting into trouble!  I have always had a terrible problem with directions. When I was living in Manhattan it took me forever to finally take the subway alone.  After awhile I got a little confidence down my belt.  One day a tourist from another country approached me for directions.  I was talking like I was tour guide.  I pointed to her subway map to tell her exactly what train she should be on.  I quickly walked to my train.  After the first stop all of a sudden I realized I had put her on my train and I was on hers.  I started laughing so hard that tears started running down my cheeks.  I'm sure most of the people on the train thought I was crazy! It's fun to laugh!

never used an online dating servce but did meet my husband through CB radio. we got to talk a lot with others chiming in and then met at a public place with others. I guess it'd be the same as now using the internet, be careful.

Julie every time I try to reply to your note, when I look back it doesn't show.  You are the first I ever hear of meeting through a CB radio!  What fun!  Meeting a Godly man who had been divorced for 33 years on internet dating at that was certainly something God planned.  Our journey through dating and marriage is a future book!!!  He still calls me his Princess of all things!


Question 2. I have 2 friends that found their spouse on the internet, and both are happy stories. As for me, I don't think I could do this. I just can't get past the "creep factor" that the person may not be who they say they are! I know this can happen with folks we think we know, but this is my opinion. I am soooo glad it worked for the author, though! And, I hope I have my dream life with my husband til the Rapture takes us Home!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a book by a new author for me. I share my books with my 91-year-old mother-in-law and church friends. God Bless!

Susan - It seems like more and more people are meeting on dating websites and getting married.  I was worried initially but God had saved HIS perfect man for me.  What a blessing you found your "soul-mate". John and I will be celebrating nine years of marriage this October. Because he is 73 and I am 67 we celebrate our anniversary every month.  I didn't expect to have been blessed with a Godly man who calls me his princess. I agree with you on being together till the Rapture takes us HOME!  God bless :)


Deborah died of colon cancer after a 19 month battle. She was my everything and I wasn't prepared to say goodbye.  I wanted to share with you the picture of our last birthday.  After my brother-in-law wrote "Same Kind of Different as Me" about her life with a homeless man named Denver, I finally realized that God used her dream for 'God's people' in an amazing way. I will always miss her.

John and I will be celebrating our 9th anniversary in October.  God knew when I was healed and ready for marriage.  I feel honored that God would allow me to share my story of forgiveness, restoration, and second chances.


I met my sweet hubby online in 1998 and this December we will be celebrating 14 years of a wonderful God-centered marriage. Online dating was very rare back then and our friends were urging us to be cautious, which we were while we prayed for God's guidance. We would never have met if it hadn't been for the internet because we lived about 800 miles apart. We still marvel at how God put us together!


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