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1) Life moves so fast anymore. Recently my family and I got back from an eight-week adventure in Germany. Then we retreated to Mackinac Island, the setting for a Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island. That island is a place I can instantly relax from the moment I step on the shuttle. Where do you go to step back from life and relax?
2) In A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island,Alanna thought she could escape the past by running from it. She learns true freedom comes from confronting the past and its pain. Do you agree? Have life experiences taught you the same thing?  


3) What do like most in a contemporary romance story? What do you expect to find in a Christian Fiction novel?


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To answer question #1, I go to the beach when I want to step back and "recharge my batteries". Unfortunately, I don't get there as often as I would like.

Janet Estridge

To answer the first question, I go to my room and read. I shut out everything else and relax. At least I try to relax.  Hehehe....

What I like most about a contemporary romance story is the believability of the story line and that there is a Christian approach with the heroine/hero firmly stating their belief in Jesus Christ. What do I expect to find in a Christian novel??  Exactly that as well as no off-color language and no explicit sexual activity. Warm loving romance that presents love as God intended it to be would be my choice.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter the drawing and for hosting such a great "fun" event!!

I have learned it is better to confront issues head on because sometimes we blow things out of proportion when we dwell on it and do not act.  In some instances it might be wise to wait - but I feel in most cases it is best to nip it in the bud and hope that any questions can be answered before any more damage or further problems arise.  It removes all doubt about what you or the other party was thinking the problem was.  Some issues get settled by doing this and sometimes they can be made worse, but in the long run I have learned it is far better to deal with it so one can move on. 

This book sounds good - thanks for the giveaway!

I go on vacation with my husband. I prefer the mountains, but have also had good breaks at the beach. We have a timeshare and frequently trade to various resorts. Simply getting away home and church responsibilities is my break. We eat in to keep down costs, but not being instantly accessible by phone to anyone except our children is our getaway.  We take along books to read, Bible studies for S.S., and, right now, curricula for homeschooling our grandkids. But working on those things at a slower pace gives us a break. When possible we "hike" - walk, really - outdoors. Enjoying what God has made is always refreshing. Since it's hot everywhere this summer, outdoor activities have been restricted.


On our most recent trip we took along Louie Giglio's DVD series on the greatness of God as underscored by the vastness of the universe. THAT opens you up to worship - the most refeshing "escape" of all. That's not WHY we worship - we worship because He deserves it - but it is a nice side benefit!

Cuba would be the place I relax, we usually go once and year and we have no cells, no computers, no meals (prepared) and we have relaxing time and family time in the warmth of the sun.

Going to a cabin in the woods, close to a lake is the best place for me to relax.  Away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

True freedom, I believe, always comes from confronting the past and its pain than to run.  You can never really outrun it.  It always follows you to the next destination.

I like to go just about anywhere out of town with my husband on vacation.  I love to travel and visit new places so for me relaxing is having fun outside of the normal day to day routine.  My husband's family lives in CA and MI so even going to spend time with his family is relaxing and fun because I don't have to think about the list of things I have waiting for me at work or the things I need to get done at home.

I do believe that true freedom comes from confronting your past and its pain. I think it's important to have professional help. If you are from a dysfunctional family is it important to have a healthy role model to show healthy and real relationships. Talking really does help. And a lot of work on your part. My therapist gave me "homework" often. And I did it. It was so worth it. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you. 

I already wrote here once, but I just finally had a chance to read the "summary" of this book on amazon and now I can't wait to read it.  I love romance combined with suspense.  Romantic suspense is my favorite genre of books. I have to tell you all about this amazing mountain village in the mountains of Nagano Ken, here in Japan.  Almost every summer, we go there for a couple of weeks.  One of the weeks is a gathering of missionaries from all over Japan and I see old friends and make new ones.  But if we can stay longer, I just love to sit in a little cabin surrounded by trees and nature (and a few other cabins) and curl up with a good book.  Or if I'm feeling energetic I can easily hike to several spots near a mountain stream where I can listen to the water gurgling as it passes by.  We are blessed because of the foresight of missionaries who walked the road before us and purchased property in this beautiful space where we can rent cabins for a reasonable price and be able to go and escape from not only the heat, but from a fast-paced ministry and teaching schedule.  Cara, I'd love to meet you there some summer when the breezes are cool (or fall when all the leaves are changing color or winter when everything is blanketed with snow, or even spring when all of the "green" is bursting forth with new life)!  Just tell me when and I'll make all the arrangements. :-)

Reply by Kathy Cline 8/22/12

I like to find a love story with sex.  I want it to be a book the I could share with my children with out embarrassment.

To remove myself and relax, I go outdoors to my garden. If it is too hot, I retreat to my recliner in my bedroom where I can look at the "garden of my hear" my daughter and her husband had drawn and painted on the wall of our master bathroom.



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