BOOK BLURB: Miss Temperance Flowerdew is on her way to work when a stranger suddenly grabs her off the street and sends her on a Chicago-bound train before she can figure out what happened. When Mr. Gilbert Cavendish is called upon to rescue a missing woman, he follows the trail to Chicago only to discover that the woman is his good friend Temperance. Before they can discover who was behind the abduction, they're seen alone together by a New York society matron, putting their reputations at risk. Gilbert is willing to propose marriage--except Temperance will have none of it. She's finally stepped out of the shadow of her relations and won't give up her independence. But when it becomes clear the misunderstanding in Chicago has escalated into a threat on her life and followed her to New York, accepting Gilbert's help in solving the mystery may lead to more than she ever could have dreamed.

FIRST QUESTION (I'll be posting one every day until April 30th)

1. I'd like to know what some of your favorite lines were in this book Along with your favorite characters?

2. What was your initial reaction to the book? Did it hook you immediately, or take some time to get into? What was the turning point? First impression.

3. IF you got the chance to ask the author of this book one question, what would it be?

4. What specific themes did the author emphasize throughout the novel? What do you think they were trying to get across?

5. How do the characters change or evolve throughout the course of the story? What events trigger such changes?

6. Did certain parts of the book make you uncomfortable? If so, why?

7. Which character did you relate to the most, and what was it about them that you connected with?

8. What do you think about the book's cover? How well does it convey what the book is about? 

9. What character in this book would you like most as a friend, why?

10. If you could trade places with one of the characters in this story for a day, which one would it be, why?

11. What lesson, if any, did you learn from reading this book? How has that lesson affected your life?

12. What was the feeling you got when you read the last page and closed the book? Why were you feeling that way?

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I agree with you about the book covers. If your library has her books I highly recommend them. Fun characters, great adventures and strong women you can cheer for.

2. Have just started this book this morning and looked at the summary and really did NOT want to read it at all. A woman being abducted to me, is like watching SVU-special victums unit where rape and abduction go hand in hand.

SO happy to learn this book is NOTHING like SVU at all.  Can't stop laughing at the escalating events occurring.

Oh, I should have said that this was a FUNNY Book. I don't read books like the one's you described. Nor will TBCN book club. Have no fear I'm a chicken little and don't enjoy books that scare me, terrify me and/or are graphic. This is family friendly for sure.

8. book cover: as i get my books from the national library service for my blind audio device i do not see a book cover so that' wasn't a factor in me selecting this book. because it was recommended by bookfun I had hoped it did not contain rape  scenes etc and took a chance on reading this one. can't wait to finish the last 8 hours of it. Summary of the book is a bit misleading to me.

How that I see the cover It would've been one I would've wanted to read because it shows the background of gaslights.

You still should read this book. It is hilarious. Jen Turano is a treat to read. FYI I don't read books like you described and that genre will not be part of TBCN. GRIN!

In answer to who I related to the most, I would have to say Gilbert because I tend to be very organized and make endless lists. While I am trying to change that, it is something in my personality that others laugh about.

Fun to hear about Sharen! Grin!

9. What character in this book would you like most as a friend, why?

I would like to hang out with Temperance. She looks at life very differently than I do. I think that would be interesting. It would open my eyes to things I miss. For example my son and husband take in all of their surroundings as they head to the car. Me, not so much. I'm headed to the car. I'm focused on the car and where I'm going. I often miss the hear and now. My son and husband will point out the things they see in the grass, and/or the full moon or anything else they saw on the way to the car. Did I mention I get inside the car before they do and sit there wondering what is taking them so long! Grin! 

10. If you could trade places with one of the characters in this story for a day, which one would it be, why?

I would like to trade places with Temperance for a day while she was in Europe (before she learned her parents were dead). taking one of her classes. I've never been there I think it would be fascinating. OR I might trade places with Temperance's parents (before they got lost in the jungle) on one of their safari's. I've never been in a safari.

11. What lesson, if any, did you learn from reading this book? How has that lesson affected your life?

I learned from Temperance that it's good to be yourself. Temperance was reminded by Gilbert her childhood friend that who she was. I liked her courage to walk out who she was even though she became a wall flower.  That was her coping with the death of her parents.

I saw in Gilbert that it was ok to learn new skills no matter how old you are. There was a balance in being who you are and learning something new. The new skill didn't have to take over your personality. Gilbert wasn't going to become someone different just learn something new that would help him be the best version Gilbert he could be.

12. What was the feeling you got when you read the last page and closed the book? Why were you feeling that way?

When I closed the book I had a huge smile on my face. I was HAPPY about the ending. She tied all the loose ends up. I was surprised by the double wedding. This book was just plain fun, fun, fun!

Looking forward to hearing from you all. Grin!


My book club read a series by Terri Blackstock years ago titled The Restoration series, it talked about what would happen if an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse Attack) event would to hit planet earth and how life would change for the whole world but NOT the Amish. Why not the AMISH? Well they don't use modern convinces running water, electricity etc. They make all their own clothes, raise and grow their own food etc. Life for them would be the same in that way. Terri Blackstock mentions this briefly in the first book The Last Light in that series.

Jolina Petersheim gives readers a peek into the AMISH Community and what they do when the outside world experiences an EMP event (when technology and modern convinces are all gone). How do we go on living? It's a fascinating story I know you'll enjoy.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Nora :o)

I loved the ending. I like happy endings and favor the books with happy endings. Thus, when I closed the book, there was a smile on my face. I was glad that Temperance and Gilbert were married (there is HOPE). I liked that Gilbert did not have to move to England and assume a title that he really did not want.

I like happy endings too. This one surprised me. What was wasn't - there were many surprises at the end. I won't spoil it but yes, I had a smile on my face at the end too!

I would like Gilbert as a friend as when I was younger I was a lot like Temperance and could have used someone in my life to balance me out as he did Temperance.

Maybe it is my age in life but I would not trade places with any of the characters.


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