ABOUT AUTHOR: MINDY STARNS CLARK is the author of many books, which include the popular Smart Chick Mysteries and Whispers of the Bayou. In addition, Mindy's plays and musicals have been featured in schools and churches across the United States.





ABOUT AUTHOR LESLIE GOULD began writing Amish fiction by co-authoring with the amazing Mindy Starns Clark. Their first novel in the best-selling The Women of Lancaster County series, The Amish Midwife, was #1 on both the CBA and ECPA lists and is also a Christy Award winner for 2012. The Amish Bride follows The Amish Nanny and is the third novel in the series.
Besides co-authoring three novels with Mindy, Leslie has written eleven other books, including Beyond the Blue, winner of the Romantic Times Book Club Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Inspirational Novel in 2006. Her first solo Amish novel, Courting Cate, releases in the fall. It’s a retelling of “The Taming of the Shrew.”
Leslie received her master of fine arts in creative writing from Portland State University in 2009 and has taught fiction as an adjunct professor at Multnomah University. She lives with her husband, Peter, and their four children in Portland, Oregon. Besides researching the Amish, Leslie and her husband enjoy traveling, watching soccer, and serving as committee members for Portland Young Life Central.
Leslie is also an Army Reserve spouse. Her husband recently served for a year in Afghanistan commanding a field hospital. She’s very grateful to have him home.
Please visit www.lesliegould.comfor more information.




The Amish Bride


A long-lost painting… a journal with a secret code…


a father’s mysterious return
Mennonite-raised Ella Bayer will encounter all of these in pursuit of her biggest dreams: marry her Amish boyfriend, Ezra, and operate her own bakery. Headstrong and independent, Ella is determined to reach her goals no matter what it takes.

Ezra adores Ella as well, despite his family’s objections. Hoping distance will cool the romance, they make plans for him to leave home. But when Ella’s estranged father returns to Lancaster, she escapes with Ezra to Indiana—and ends up at a farm linked to her great-grandmother’s coded journal. There, her attempts to break that code are aided by Luke Kline, a thoughtful Amish farmhand.

Ella’s difficult journey of self-discovery leaves her grappling with the past and questioning the future. Will she become Ezra’s Amish bride? Or does God have something else in mind for the proud and feisty young woman who is used to doing things her way?


Q1. The Amish Bride is the third novel in The Women of Lancaster series that I’ve co-authored with Mindy Starns Clark. Is there a project in your life that you’ve collaborated on that exceeded your expectations? What did you like the most about collaborating? (I’ll share my experiences working with Mindy after you share yours. ☺)

Q2. In The Amish Bride, when the main character, eighteen-year-old Ella, moves to a different community God begins to teach her new things about herself and others. What was a time in your life when God “moved” you to a new place (geographical or emotional)? What spiritual things did He teach you? (I have an example to share from my own life, when I was also 18. ☺)



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Q2 - I am from Illinois, both Chicago and Central Illinois (farmland). That is to say, I am from the North. Twenty years ago, God led me to Georgia, the South. To say that it was a culture shock is an understatement! I had to adjust to so many different things. For a couple of years, it was very difficult. However, I truly believed that God led me down here and this knowledge helped keep me down here instead of running back to the North. The adjustment period was a very scary time for me and a time where I started learning to lean on God and not rely on myself.

God has moved me to a new place emotionally. I used to be sucidical all the time and now I have learned to put everything in His hands. There are things going on in my family that really breaks my heart, nephews divorces and drug addictions and my mother's stage 4 cancer but I am able to give it to God when it starts to overwhelm me

Hi, Debbie,

I'm praying for you and your family. I'm so sorry for what you're going through but so thankful that you are able to trust God. Like all families, we've had struggles and heartache in ours too, including my mother's cancer. Please take care of yourself as best you can. You are on a hard journey right now.



A few years ago I had the opportunity to help run a children's day camp in Ukraine with a lovely Ukrainian woman whom I had never met. Language was a barrier as I did not speak Russian or Ukrainian and she did not speak English. During the three days before the interpreters arrived, we did "Bible speak" - looked up verses to convey our thoughts. And holding hands we prayed and prayed for the upcoming camp. God blessed our efforts - about 200 children came and many came to a personal relationship with Jesus. And now I have a sister in Ukraine, bonded by love of God and each other! A beautiful collaboration!

I moved away from my family when I was 20 years old thinking that I could conquer the world.  God used this experience to humble me and let me fall on my face and I had to come back home to recover.  However, without that experience, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

In 1994 G-d moved my hubby and I to Arizona from Florida. We were moving out here to be closer to my elder parents who needed our help. We had a very strong church family in Florida that we didn't want to leave but G-d wouldn't allow anything to work out right for us while we were there. We obeyed and our lives have been so different since we came out here.

What I like most about collaborating with another person is that together you can bring fresh ideals to the table and together you lend strength and encouragement to each other on those days when you would rather throw it all in the trash and give up. That God can bring together two people with the same mutual interest who work well together to bring to the table a finished product that can be an enjoyment and blessing to others is nothing short of a miracle in this day and age.

God has recently be working with me to love and show kindness to lots of people who disagree with what I believe in and how to show kindness and when to say no.  It is a beautiful experience   God bless all of you

When I was 19, I moved from Florida to Illinois to be with my then fiancé. Though I wasn't walking with the Lord wholly at that time, looking back I know it was all His hand at work. If I hadn't made that move, I woul not be who I am today and would not be the strong Christian I am today. I went through (and still do, lol) so many things that have stretched me and made me grow in faith...that move was definitely a test for me. I realize that I wouldn't have my amazing family, church family and all the relationships I have had I not moved.
When i left my addict husband, i never thought i could do it. But God in with me the whole time. And I learned that I was trying to have my husband fill the spot that God Should be filling in my life. I am learning to make God a priority in my life. It has been scary but peaceful as well. Thank you for letting me share.

Two years ago I moved back home to live with my folks because they were needing more help.  It was a huge adjustment and somedays it is still difficult after living on my own for a number of years - it certainly tests ones patience and learning to live with them once again and in many ways we have all changed over the years since living apart, but some things remain the same.  I think it is one of the toughest things I have had to do, but we are managing and God has helped me adjust and see the positive things.  It sure has saved on gas for all the times I was driving here to help.   There are pluses to everything if one looks long enough at a situation - they can be found.

Q2. God moved me to a new emotional place when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The spiritual things he taught me were, do not be afraid I am walking with you every step of the way.  He taught me to be open and witness to everyone who asked me, how can you be so brave?  I always answered, I'm not.  It is because of my walk and reassurance of my Lord and Savior that I am not alone.  I give the Glory to God.  I am thoroughly convinced if it wasn't for the Holy Spirit speaking to me one night, the cancer would have been detected maybe after it was too late for treatment.  I knew right from the beginning that I would be o.k.  I had that peace and contentment.  My only fear of my whole cancer ordeal was of all the needles!!  I am deathly afraid of needles and don't get me started on my yearly blood test.  (I call it blood letting!)  I know when I turn this fear over to God everything goes smoothly and my fear is unfounded.  Unfortunately, it doesn't happen everytime.

I have read the first two books in this series.  I would love to win a copy of The Amish Bride.  Thank you for this giveaway.




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