Happy 2013!

I will be posting all my book reviews here throughout the year.

1. Readers Digest Treasury of Joy and Inspiration, Non-Fiction, Review

2. Iron's Prophecy - Julie Kagawa, YA Fiction Novella, Review

3. Caarina the Cooking Fairy - Julia Dweck, Children, Review

4. Home Workout - DK Canada Publishing, Non-Fiction, Review

5. The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa, YA Fiction, Review

6. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Caregivers, Non-Fiction, Review

7. Life of Pi - Yann Martel, Fiction, Review

8. Sophie & Carter - Chelsea Fine, YA Fiction Novella, Review

9. Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James, Erotica, Review

10. Zombie Cat - Isabel Atherton, Adult Picture Book, Review

11. Wintergirls - Laurie Halse Anderson, YA Fiction, Review

12. Heaven Sent - E. Van Lowe, YA Fiction, Review

13. Get Started Pilates - Anya Hayes, Non-Fiction, Review

14. The Bracelet - Roberta Gately, Fiction, Review

15. Rally 'Round the Corpse - Hy Conrad, Mystery, Review

16. My Dog's Got Fleas - Julia Dweck, Children, Review

17. The Love Dog - Elsa Watson, Romance, Review

18. The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa, YA Fiction, Review

19. Writers' Devotions To Go - LeAnn Campbell, Devotional, Review

20. The Map of the Sky - Felix J. Palma, Fiction, Review

21. Diva Delights Devotions To Go - Marilyn Nutter, Devotional, Review

22. Men Don't Pee Straight - Rick Dean, Humor, Review

23. Baked Alaska - Josi Kilpack, Mystery, Review

24. Edgewood - Karen McQuestion, YA Paranormal, Review

25. Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Mothers and Daughters, Non-Fiction, Review

26. India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy - Carol K. Carr, Mystery, Review

27. Trouble in the Tarot - Kari Lee Townsend, Cozy Mystery, Review

28. Complete Painting and Drawing Handbook, Non-Fiction, Review

29. The Stonecutter - Camilla Lackberg, Crime-Mystery, Review

30. The Sunshine When She's Gone - Thea Goodman, Fiction, Review

31. I Am Alive - Cameron Jace, YA Fiction,Review

32. Around the World Cookbook, Cookbook, Review

33. A Shade of Vampire - Bella Forrest, Romance, Review

34. The Big Book of Things to Make, Non-Fiction, Review

35. Lead Your Family Like Jesus - Blanchard, Hodges & Goyer, Non-fiction, Review

36. The Secret of Ella & Micha - Jessica Sorensen, YA Fiction, Review

37. The House at the End of Hope Street - Menna van Praag, Fiction, Review

38. Pilgrimage of Promise - Cathy Bryant, Christian Fiction, Review

39. Evidence of Life - Barbara Taylor Sissel, Fiction, Review

40. Jack Templar Monster Hunter, Middle-Grade Fiction, Review

41. Always Watching - Chevy Stevens, Thriller, Review

42. Secrets to a Creative Mind - David Judd Nutting, Non-Fiction, Review

43. The Keeper of Dawn - J.B. Hickman, Fiction, Review

44. The Kitchen Garden Cookbook, Cookbook, Review

45. A Work in Progress - Brad Cotton, Fiction, Review

46. Duchess - Susan May Warren, Christian Fiction, Review

47. A Shade of Blood - Bella Forrest, Romance, Review

48. Guilty Wives - James Patterson, Fiction, Review

49. Candy and the Cankersaur - Jason Sandberg, Children's Fiction, Review

50. Running Away To Home - Jennifer Wilson, Memoir, Review

51. The Promise Box - Tricia Goyer, Amish Fiction, Review

52. Reader's Digest: Stories In Uniform, Non-Fiction, Review

53. Unremembered - Jessica Brody, YA Fiction, Review

54. Impostor - Susanne Winnacker, YA Fiction, Review

55. Last Train To Omaha - Ann Whitely-Gillen, Fiction, Review

56. The Fallen Prince - Shea Berkley, YA Fiction, Review

57. I, Spy - Jordan McCollum, Fiction, Review

58. Linked - Imogen Howsen, YA Fiction, Review

59. Jack Templar and the Monster Academy - Jeff Gunhus, Middle-Grade Fiction, Review

60. Chameleon - Kelly Oram, YA Fiction, Review

61. Real Mom's Devotions To Go, Devotional, Review

62. A Castle of Sand - Bella Forrest, Fiction, Review

63. Two-way Street - Lauren Barnholdt, YA fiction, Review

64. How My Summer Went Up In Flames - Jennifer Salvato Doktorski, YA Fiction, Review

65. Ghost Light - E.J. Stevens, YA Fiction, Review

66. Bekka of Thorns - Steve Shilstone, Middle-Grade Fiction, Review

67. Dirty Little Secret - Jennifer Echols, YA Fiction, Review

68. On My Knees - Periel Aschenbrand,  Memoir, Review

69. What The Spell - Brittany Geragotelis, YA Fiction, Review

70. OCD Love Story - Corey Ann Haydu, YA Fiction, Review

71. Off The Clock - Kenzie Michaels, Novella, Review

72. Poison Princess - Kresley Cole, YA Fiction, Review

73. Three Little Words - Susan Mallery, Romance, Review

74. Rory - Ciye Cho, YA Fiction, Review

75. The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen, YA Fiction, Review

76. The Redemption of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen, YA Fiction, Review

77. Cougar Football Cookbook - Holly Mendenhall, Cookbook, Review

78. The Forsaken - Lisa M. Stasse, YA Fiction, Review

79. Kotowaza: Useful Japanese Proverbs & Sayings, Non-Fiction, Review

80. What Really Happened in Peru - Cassandra Clare, Short Story, Review

81. Cute and Funny Cat Pictures - Grace Bryant, Humor, Review

82. The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinley - Jan Andrews, YA Fiction, Review

83. Burn For Burn - Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian, YA Fiction, Review

84. A Natural History of Dragons - Marie Brennan, Fantasy Fiction, Review

85. A Christmas Gift for Rose - Tricia Goyer, Amish Fiction, Review

86. Rocky Road - Josi S. Kilpack, Mystery, Review

87. Star Wars Beware the Dark Side, Children, Review

88. You Can Draw Star Wars, Art, Review

89. The Iron Traitor - Julie Kagawa, YA Fiction, Review

90. Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas, YA Fiction, Review

91. Rot & Ruin - Jonathan Maberry, YA Fiction, Review

92. A Christmas Carol - Michele Gorman, Novella, Review

93. Jack Templar and the Lord of the Vampires - Jeff Gunhus, Middle Grade Fiction, Review

94. Inspector Hobbes and the Blood - Wilkie Martin, Mystery, Review

95. Fury - Elizabeth Miles, YA Fiction, Review

96. The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland--For A Little While - Cathrynne M. Valente, YA Novella, Review

97. Billy Moon - Douglas Lain, Fiction, Review

98. The Romney Family Table Cookbook - Ann Romney, Cookbook , Review

99. The Star Attraction - Alison Sweeney, Fiction, Review

100. Little Shepherd - Cheryl C. Malandrinos, Children's Fiction, Review

101. Shadow - Amanda Sun, YA Novella, Review

102. Night Chill - Jeff Gunhus, Horror, Review

103. Pies Sweet and Savory, Cookbook, Review

104. Hidden - Catherine McKenzie, Fiction, Review

105. Dog Encyclopedia, Non-Fiction, Review

106. Forbidden Sister - V.C. Andrews, YA Fiction, Review

107. Ink - Amanda Sun, YA Fiction, Review

108. Lucky Man - Michael J. Fox, Memoir, Review

109. AARP 2013 Almanac, Non-Fiction, Review

110. Art That Changed The World, Non-Fiction, Review

111. A Shadow of Light - Bella Forrest, Fiction, Review

112. Haven - Kristi Cook, YA Fiction, Review

113. The Slow Cooker Cookbook, Cookbook, Review

114. Meet Met At The Cupcake Cafe - Jenny Colgan, Fiction, Review

115. The List Lover's Guide to Jane Austen - Joan Strasbaugh, Non-Fiction, Review

116. Butter My Butt and Call Me A Biscuit, Daily Humor, Review

117. The Panopticon - Jenni Fagan, Fiction, Review

118. S Is For Stupid - Leland Gregory, Daily Humor, Review

119. Gardening Day-to-Day Seeds of Wisdom, Daily Inspirational, Review

120. Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold Cookbook, Cookbook, Review

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