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Authors Groups for a year

Author's Groups for a year.

We will build a Group, for an author, and then we will add up to 12 discussions a year, to promote up to 12 titles a year to our Readers Group and all of our networks. 

This will be mentioned in our chat, each month that something new is promoted. We will direct readers to join the author groups and give links to the discussions, to consider requesting the books for review. Any messages the author sends to that group will be received by the members.

Author will collect addresses from readers and send the books (or eBooks) to the readers.

Readers will be in direct contact with the authors. Once there are enough reviewers (say you want 10-20) we will close the request and ask the readers who were assigned to email the author their addresses or email addresses directly to the author or publisher.

You can build a platform here at Book Fun.

Now closed. We have the maximimum number now at the $300 annual fee level (That is not a month, that is for the entire year)

If you want to sign up, email

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