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Gripping Sophomore Novel from a Rising Historical Romance Talent

With Britain caught up in WWI, Jack Benningham, heir to the Earl of Stonebrooke, has declared himself a conscientious objector. Instead, he secretly works for the Crown by tracking down German spies on British soil, his wild reputation and society status serving as a foolproof cover. Blinded by patriotism and concern for her brother on the front lines, wealthy suffragette Grace Mabry will do whatever it takes to assist her country's cause. When she sneaks into a posh London masquerade ball to hand out white feathers of cowardice, she never imagines the chain of events she'll set off when she hands a feather to Jack.
And neither of them could anticipate the extent of the danger and betrayal that follows them--or the faith they'll need to maintain hope.


A Florida girl who migrated to the Pacific Northwest, Kate Breslin was a bookseller for many years. She is the author of For Such a Time and lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington. Find her online at www.katebreslin.com.

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Thanks, Kate, Bethany House, & Fred ~ here is my review:

Not by Sight

“I felt I was aiding my country and Colin. I didn’t know Jack would be at the ball, but he was a known pacifist who had dodged the conscription,” Grace confesses in Kate Breslin’s novel,  Not by Sight.

Complete review: https://connywithay.wordpress.com/2015/08/09/not-by-sight/

This review will be posted on the Book Club Network, Baker Publishing, DeeperShopping, and Amazon with links on Bookfun.org, LinkedIn, Godinterest, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Thank you for the privilege of reading and reviewing this wonderful book!

Here is the link to my review on goodreads.com:


I will also post it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and christianbook.com.

It's not often that a book will pull me in and even wrench an emotional response from me. It's even tougher if the book is a historical novel, which isn't at the top of my list in genres.

Kate Breslin does more than a wonderful job at telling the story of Grace and Jack. Set in 1917 during WWI, the main character, who is a suffragette, is determined to do her duty for God, King, and Country. A young nobleman, who seems more of a rake than a gentleman, plays a dangerous game of intrigue to apprehend spies for Germany. In this book, these two well developed, and perfectly flawed characters, are entwined. Their lives collide, first through an act of shaming, then through an act of Grace.

I loved how Grace Mabry discovered her pride was her downfall and grew stronger from it. Jack Benningham learned that his lack of faith in God didn't not keep God's blessings from falling upon him, no matter the long and tough road it led him on.

Although the insertion of two other characters' point of views threw me out the of story a couple of times by actually having to back up and reread the start of the scene to figure out whose head I was in, this story still had an impact. It isn't a story about WWI or a story about German spies and those who were blackmailed to do their bidding. This was a story of God's redemptive love and amazing grace. The faith was strong throughout, but not overbearing. The title alone gives insight to the major theme of the book.

The writing was tight and flowed from scene to scene, chapter to chapter. The words stirred pity, anger, frustration, and happiness. It was a true whirlwind of a read.

I could envision the scenery, the landscape, the clothing style, and motorcars. Not By Sight will truly sweep you away to another time period. This is a highly recommended book.

Not by Sight

By Kate Breslin



London: April, 1917


Grace Mabry is a firm believer in and supporter of women’s suffrage.  She also is firm in her belief that any able bodied man that did not enlist in the British army is a coward; that belief gets her into trouble she never could have imagined. 


Grace joins the Women’s Forage Corp to  harvest and bale hay for the cavalry horses overseas and to hopefully promote the cause dear to her heart, women’s suffrage.  She finds there is far more work to do than baling hay as the women of the Corp are  assigned jobs on Roxwood Farm men normally would have performed but for joining the war effort.  Being ill-suited for such labor, Grace is given the job of chauffeuring Jack Benningham, Lord Roxwood who was blinded by an explosion while working undercover for the British government. 


Much intrigue, suspense, courage and love are intertwined in the lives of the women of the Corp as the novel brings home to the reader the heart ache and betrayal that are products of war time.  Yet the human spirit prevails as faith in the Lord is strong. 


This is a must read for all those interested in historic novels. 








Rich historical story filled with mystery, romance and intrigue. Heart-warming story!

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Nora St Laurent
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I did not know what to expect when I agreed to review Kate Breslin's second novel "Not by Sight". All I knew is that her first novel had created a storm of hate and controversy, most of which was most likely undeserved. I will find that out for myself because after reading "Not by Sight" I absolutely must read "For Such a Time". If Breslin's skill is as pronounced in it as in "Not by Sight", it simply must be superb.

The story itself is wonderful with captivating characters who inhabit England during the course of World War 1. The pages abound with drama, espionage, courage, friendship, and romantic tension that work together so well that I didn't want to put my copy down to attend to the mundane demands of real life. Much of the story is described in beautiful and poetic prose that captivated my imagination. The title itself is a clue to what is inside the covers as both Jack and Grace must learn for themselves what it means to walk by faith and not by sight.

I cannot recommend this book enough. It is definitely in the running for my favorite of the year.

Reviews have been posted:

On my blog - http://www.daysongreflections.com/?p=19309

On Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/review/R1UN794J278VT2/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm

On Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1314210297

"Not By Sight" is a historical novel with a mystery, humor and a bit of romance, written by Kate Breslin. The story takes place during World War I, in Britain. With most young men away fighting for their country the women were left to do the work men used to do. Enter the Women's Forage Corps, aka WFC,(which was a real group) where volunteers would work in groups of six baling hay, work with steam balers, provide transportation and many other tasks.

Main character, Grace, joins the WFC in order to do her part for her country. She is a strong patriot and she believes everyone should be helping the war effort. She doesn't always go about getting others to help in proper ways, occasionally causing trouble. Grace is a strong young woman who encourages most folks she meets. She has a very positive outlook on life. But, she has never done a hard day of physical labor until she joins the WFC. I enjoyed her character and watching her grow and learn from others while also showing compassion and love.

The other main character is Jack. Grace doesn't think Jack is doing his part and this does not sit well with her! Jack is dealing with a serious injury and is hiding out on his family's country estate, staying away from society. As they spend time together Jack is trying to decide if Grace is a real patriot, or a spy! As their relationship develops he struggles to figure out the truth.

"Not By Sight" is an enjoyable story with real characters. It is easy to read and clean. Some of the main themes are war, faithfulness, PTSD, and honesty. I received this book from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review. This review is posted at Goodreads, Deepershopping, CBD, Facebook and Amazon.

I haven't received a copy of this book. I see that others have received their copies. I'm wondering if mine was somehow lost in the mail.

I posted my review on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, DeeperShopping and Goodreads.

Outstanding book!  I found myself reading into the wee hours of the morning to determine the fates of Grace, Jack and the girls of the Women’s Forage Group!

The year is 1917 and the Great War is raging in Europe.  Grace is trying to do her part, first by shaming young men into fighting for England as her brother Colin is doing.  When that doesn’t end well she joins the Women’s Forage Corps.  They do farm work in place of the men who have gone to battle.  Unfortunately, Grace has never really worked before – on arrival at the farm one of the other workers asks to see her hands – “’Just as I thought.  Those hands have never seen a day’s work.’  ‘Well, I’m no aristocrat.’ Grace turned back to Clare Danner, a mere co-worker after all.  ‘And I have worked at my father’s business.’  She left off the fact she’d only done paper work, occasionally greeted Da’s more affluent customers…”

Alas, things do not go well for Grace.  Would her time in the WFC come to an early end?  She envisioned “after the others made her a laughingstock she’d be forced to resign, and return to London. Da would follow through on his threat and send for Aunt Florence until Clarence Fowler could return from America to wed her.”
Yet, not all is as it appears to be.  Who is the Tin Man at the manor house?  Why would Jack Benningham, “a playboy, a gambler, and (one who) stays out all night,” be hiding away there?  It seems each character has a secret to be uncovered as Grace continues to promote women’s suffrage and patriotism – “For King, for Country, For Freedom.”

Not by Sight is filled with intrigue, romance, and history.  I found it fascinating and enjoyable to read and I highly recommend it!   I received this book from bookfun.org in return for my honest opinion.

Grace Mabry is an outspoken and opinionated woman in 1917. This trait consistently gets her into trouble; but nothing she can’t fix. Until, that is, she meets Jack Benningham, whom she mistakes for a pacifist and gives the white feather of cowardice.  A man she couldn’t be more wrong about. Jack is undercover with the war effort. Grace’s twin brother is in France and she is highly motivated to get him home—to end the war.  

Jack and his friend, Marcus, are hunting down traitors within Britain. Could Grace or one of her friends be framed as a German spy?  What is Grace to do when Jack’s deep blue eyes and dashing smile vie for a place in her heart; and from a man she is beginning to respect?

I so enjoyed reading Kate Breslin for the first time. War stories are not my favorite genre, but Not by Sight could be a game changer giving faces to the women who stayed in England and sacrificed to aid the war effort and their boys on the front. Of course, hay was needed for the calvary horses. Grace is hired by the Women’s Forage Corps to bail hay and gives a new view on a well known time in history.

I received a complimentary book from Bethany House Publishers and The Book Club Network at bookfun.org in exchange for my honest review.


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This was a very entertaining book. I did not want to put it down. I loved the characters and the storyline. I love Ms Kate Breslin play on the title of this book. When I read the title I thought of the scripture in Hebrews.

This was a significant point in the storyline among the characters. I liked that the hero was blinded. It really pointed out that when we cannot see we have to trust the people around us to guide us.

Jack Benningham experience with blindness provided a vulnerability to the hero. A lot of times we read about these alpha males and they almost seem too perfect.

Grace Mabry is loyal to her country. She will do whatever it takes She does not anticipate how one act of from her will affect the life of Jack Benningham. Grace is someone you want to have on your side. Even though she is impulsive, you understand that her heart is in the right place. I admire her for her honesty, determination and grit. She is a woman beyond her times.

This reminded me of how we are called to not trust what we see because what we see is temporary. Jack helped us to see how much we are aware of when our sight is taken from us. Grace and Jack both teach us about faith and allowing God to take us where he needs for us to go.

I received this book for free from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review. I also posted this review on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Goodreads, Deepershopper, etc.)”
I received a copy of this book from book fun.org for an honest review.

I love historical fiction. They sweep you away to another era as you learn about how the culture was during that time. This book is set in 1917 when WWl was being fought. We are introduced to Jack Bennington , who happens to be heir to Earl of Stonebrooke. It seems he has quite a reputation as being a bit wild but since he is an heir, his status in society is upstanding. Now the plot thickens. If you want to be a spy, what better cover then a high society man with a flare for being wild? Who would suspect someone like Jack as a spy? Jack is secretly working for the Crown tracking German spies who are operating on British soil.

Grace is a wealthy suffragette who is willing to do anything to help her country. She gets all dressed up in a fancy gown and enters a well to do London Masquerade ball. What is her mission there? Will her presence set off a wave of danger for Jack? Why does she assume he is a coward?

I love a book with great character development and this books does not disappoint. The story has intrigue, deception, overcoming obstacles and did I mention a patriotic theme? There is evil in the world, and this book touches on that with characters that have a strong belief in faith.

Jack will experience a life changing event that will have him angry at times, and despondent at other times. Will Grace become the person to reach him? I love reading about strong women and Grace is definitely a strong fiercely driven young woman. I was captivated by the story as it weaved through history and drew readers to a powerful ending.
My review is posted on Librarything, Goodreads, Amazon, CBD, Deepershopping , bookfun.org and my blog
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