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ABOUT THE BOOK (368 pages):  Lady Miranda Hawthorne acts every inch the lady, but inside she longs to be bold and carefree. Entering her fourth Season and approaching spinsterhood in the eyes of society, she pours her innermost feelings out not in a diary but in letters to her brother's old school friend, a duke--with no intention of ever sending these private thoughts to a man she's heard stories about but never met. Meanwhile, she also finds herself intrigued by Marlow, her brother's new valet, and although she may wish to break free of the strictures that bind her, falling in love with a servant is more of a rebellion than she planned.

When Marlow accidentally discovers and mails one of the letters to her unwitting confidant, Miranda is beyond mortified. And even more shocked when the duke returns her note with one of his own that initiates a courtship-by-mail. Insecurity about her lack of suitors shifts into confusion at her growing feelings for two men--one she's never met but whose words deeply resonate with her heart, and one she has come to depend on but whose behavior is more and more suspicious. When it becomes apparent state secrets are at risk and Marlow is right in the thick of the conflict, one thing is certain: Miranda's heart is far from all that's at risk for the Hawthornes and those they love.


Kristi Ann Hunter graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Computer Science but always knew she wanted to write. Kristi is an RWA Golden Heart contest winner, an ACFW Genesis contest winner, and a Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award for Excellence winner. She is a founding member and the coordinator of the Regency Reflections blog and lives with her husband and three children in Georgia. Find her online at www.kristiannhunter.com.

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A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Ann Hunter is a an amazing book.  I absolutely LOVED it!  It is an excellent Regency romance filled with mystery and intrigue, well developed and loveable characters, and adventures that draw you into the story.

Miranda is a free spirit who has been brought up to be a proper lady by her mother.  She is the daughter of a Duke, and lives in the highest levels of Regency society.  For years she has been writing to her brother's friend Marsh, a duke.  However, she has never actually sent a letter, as they are more like personal journal entries.  She has never met the Duke or had any contact with him until one day he answers a letter sent by her brother's mysterious valet .  The adventures that ensue take place in the country and in London. 

I  loved the whole book and enjoyed watching the story unfold!  The writing is excellent!  I Facebooked the author and she told me this is the beginning of a series.  I was so thrilled, and can't wait until the next book comes out.  Hopefully some of the characters will appear again.  I need to know what happens to them!   I highly recommend this book!

I gratefully received this book from bookfun.org in exchange for an honest review

I published this review on Amazon, CBD, Goodreads, BooksaMillion, &   Barnes and Noble. 

I loved this book! I’m not sure what I was expecting but what I got was laugh out loud humor and adventure. Set in England in the early 1800s, this Season for Lady Miranda Hawthorne brings more than she ever imagined. It is her third or fourth Season, and she has resolved that spinsterhood would be a better choice than marrying someone as a business transaction versus marrying for love. Miranda has been lectured since childhood of the proper dos and don’ts of a lady. Oh, she knows the rules, she just has a difficult time reigning in her emotions and following them. It is what makes her character so loveable.

I don’t want to spoil the story. So, let’s just say there is a Duke, Marshington. Marshington went to the same boarding school as Miranda’s older brother, Griffith. Miranda enjoyed all the stories in the letters to home from Griffith about the adventures at school that involved Marshington. As a way to vent pent up emotions growing up, she wrote letters to Marshington, but never mailed them. The letters were her way of journaling and she wrote many of them. Unfortunately (actually fortunately), her brother’s new valet found one of the letters and mailed it. Of course, Miranda was mortified and the story takes off. The correspondence that ensues is hilarious – to the reader, maybe not so much for Lady Miranda.

I absolutely cannot recommend this book highly enough. If not my favorite of 2015, it is certainly within the top 3. I’ve read over 100 books this year, so top 3 is big! All of the characters are simply amazing. This is one book you won’t want to miss. I guarantee it.

I left this review at Amazon, Deeper Shopping, Christianbook.com, Barnes and Nobel, and Goodreads.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to read and review such a quality book.


Miranda Hawthorne and Duke of Marshington/Marlowe interactions with each other were hilarious. I liked Miranda. She was a woman bound by the rules of her time. She describes her inner most feelings in letters to her brother’s friend the Duke of Marshington. She feels secure in these letters because she know that he will never see them. Unfortunately one of her letters were mailed by the new valet Marlow and sets off a chain of events that had to me clued to what would happen next.

Marlowe was a man complicated by his dual life. He had no idea how posting one letter would further make his life difficult. I appreciated how the author wrote about the conflict he faced. The author helped the reader to see and understand that the life of a spy is not an easy one . The lines are not clear cut as you would like to believe.

The secondary characters added a lot to Miranda and Marsh storyline. It was great to see the interaction between the siblings and the friendship that resulted from that.

I received this book for free from The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review. I also posted this review on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Goodreads, Deepershopper, etc.)”

A Noble Masquerade was a good book.  I liked the romance, the historical parts, and the mystery that was in there.  Reading historical books that are interesting and tell me about God are really nice.


I received this book for free from the author and The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.  I have posted my review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Deeper Shopping (if it is there).



It is the 1812 in England.  The country is at war with France.  Miranda Hawthorne has been trained to act like a lady for the purpose of marrying well and keeping up her family traditions.  Unfortunately, during her two seasons, she has met no one who will love her for herself and not for her brother’s title and land.  It looks like this third season will not prove successful as her beautiful younger sister is making her debut and Miranda is very much in her shadow.  As the family is preparing for the upcoming social season in London from their country estate, a new valet comes on the scene.  Unknown to Miranda he is not a regular valet at all, but a man on a secret mission looking for traitors to the crown who are reputed to be living or working on the estate.  Despite his apparent status as a valet, Miranda finds Ryland fascinating.  When he “accidentally” mails letters to her brother’s boyhood friend, Miranda is mortified and fears she is ruined.  She has been writing these letters to the Duke of Marshington for years, but she never mails them.  They are a type of diary in which she pours out her heart about her life.  When the Duke answers her letters, she is sure she will be banished from society.  But, the Duke seems interested in getting to know her better.  As the mystery of traitor to England seems to be solved, the mystery of Ryland may be the mortification of Miranda.

This was a fine Regency novel.  It didn’t just have a story filled with English society ,  London parties and matchmaking mamas.  It also had a mystery to be solved and lives to be protected.  The true villain remains hidden until the last chapters. 

I received this from The Book Club Network in exchange for my opinion.

I posted this on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, CBD, DeeperShopping, and GoodReads.

Thank you!

A Noble Masquerade written by Kristi Ann Hunter was a very interesting story, but most of all I liked the writing style.  I am a huge fan of Jen Turano and when I heard that Hunter’s writing style was similar to Turano’s I knew I just had to read this book.  I can assure you I was not disappointed Hunter had the dramatic, humorous flare of Turano but also a way of writing that was decidedly her own.  I enjoyed the story and the plot line greatly and found myself on the edge of my seat- unable to put the book down- on more than one occasion.  The story starts off when Miranda, the heroine, is eight years old and begins writing for journalistic purposes to her brother’s friend, the Duke of Marshington, a man she has never met and certainly has no intention of ever mailing those letters to.  It picks up when Marlow, Miranda’s brother’s new valet mails one of her letters to the Duke of Marshington… can I just say oh, boy...  Even though I knew that it was going to happen from what I read on the back of the book I was still horrified that it happened.  The book picks up even more when… and then… and oh I was holding my breath when- well I suppose I’ll just let you read it and find out for yourself what a decidedly captivating book A Noble Masquerade is.  I received a copy for an honest review from The Book Club Network, Inc. and the opinions are my own.

I posted my review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Christianbook, Deeper Shopping, and my personal blog:  http://pausefortales.blogspot.com/2015/09/review-noble-masquerade-b...

A Noble Masquerade wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but my...it was so much fun! Miranda Hawthorne is a lady and is constantly being reprimanded by her mother that she isn't acting like one. Yet, no matter how hard she tries, acting like a lady just isn't in the cards for Miranda.

The Duke of Marshington is an intriguing character in more ways than one. He brings out the oh so horrid displays of not being lady like.

This book was just plain fun and enjoyable! It had mystery and romance, but unlike most regency books, it had an interesting twist of humor all its own. I love books that surprise me, and I love reads with humor. The author did a wonderful job of weaving a great mystery tale with the elements of surprise and intrigue to keep the reader engaged. The comical scenes add much to the book and easily flow in the plot. I truly loved the mixture of suspense, romance and comedy in this read!

I received this book through bookfun.org for my honest opinion which I have given.

Links to review to follow.

This was an entertaining view of the early 1800's England. As must as I despise social conventions and pompousness of the elite, Kristi Ann Hunter uses this to her advantage in creating a delightful character in Miranda. Ryland was a joy to read, also. His thumbing at his peers and their ways made for a truly logical match with Miranda--but many happenstances keep them apart much throughout the book. Plus there were quite a few comical situations. A little plot conveniences popped up toward the end, but despite this there was a happily ever after ending. A Noble Masquerade will delight many readers who are fans of historical romances.

I haven’t read many Regency Romances, but the beautiful cover to A Noble Masquerade, by Kristi Ann Hunter, beckoned me. The story takes place in 1800s England, and the main character, Miranda Hawthorne, is free, plucky, and not what I expected. I enjoy the unexpected.

Delving into the time period is exciting—like time traveling between my laundry, housecleaning, and errands. The nuances and expectancies of this era make the setting so fun and unique, and Ms. Hunter has done a wonderful job of making the cast of characters believable, flawed, and easy to sympathize with.

This is a well-written tale infused with love, friendships, family, wit, and mystery.

I received this book in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

I posted my review on Amazon, B&N, DeeperShopping and Goodreads.

From the first page I was hooked!  “A lady never…” which lead me to believe in this book I’d discover a lady doing lots of things she shouldn’t!

Lady Miranda Hawthorne began writing to her brother's friend, the Duke of Marshington when she was just a lass - but never mailed the letters.  No journals for her!  But what does a lady do when a letter is inadvertently mailed?  This book had mystery and intrigue and scandal yet through it all not only did the lady continue to be herself, she prayed and sought God.  This book thoroughly charmed me with its clean romance and regency style villain chasing.  I received this book from bookfun.org in return for my honest opinion.



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